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Chapter 180 - Inspection: Inside the Crotch of His Pants

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 180: Inspection: Inside the Crotch of His Pants

    “Even if they cannot detect his Black Magic, Ouyang Sen and the others’ testimony proves that he is a Sorcerer,” Bai Songling said, unwilling to accept it. “Even if they cannot detect his Black Magic, Ouyang Sen and the others’ testimony proves that he is a Sorcerer,” Bai Songling said, unwilling to accept it.

    “If he insists that he was blinded by greed and attempted to rob us, the most that Li Zijun can do is to lock him up. That is not our objective.” Ye Yu shook his head.

    Their objective was to prove the Eldest Miss’s innocence.

    It would be useless if they could not prove that Jiang Shengjie was a murderous Sorcerer.

    “If we can’t prove anything, then what can we do?” Bai Songling asked, discouraged.

    Ye Yu looked toward Ye Jiuge.

    She had been quiet this whole time. She had already opened her Spiritual Eye and was secretly examining Jiang Shengjie’s body.

    On the surface, he looked like an ordinary Spiritual Practitioner. There was no hint of Black Magic about him.

    However, earlier, she had found something strange.

    Jiang Shengjie had a palm-sized brown wound on his lower back. It looked like an old injury.

    However, oddly, whenever his Spiritual Power traveled through the wound, its speed increased.

    Immediately, a theory formed in Ye Jiuge’s mind. She raised her head and said to Ye Yu and the others, “Turn him over and pin him down.”

    Ye Yu was surprised but quickly recovered. He turned Jiang Shengjie over and tightly held onto the top half of his body.

    Bai Songling and Luo Tian gripped his lower half.

    Jiang Shengjie seemed to have realized something, and he bawled desperately, “I am a Spiritual Practitioner, and you have no right to torture me! I will go to the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance and report you for abusing a prisoner!”

    “Pft. You b*stard, you tried to kill me, and yet you want to report me for abusing you? So what if I abuse you?” Bai Songling sneered.

    Ye Jiuge ignored Jiang Shengjie’s screams.

    She took out the Lightning Fire Needle, infused it with Spiritual Power, and stabbed it into the wound on Jiang Shengjie’s back.

    Before the tip of the needle could even touch Jiang Shengjie, black gas shot out of his body again. His broken limbs were instantly healed.

    Sparing no effort, he began to struggle. Immediately, he shook off Ye Yu and Bai Songling.

    Seeing this, Luo Tian securely gripped Jiang Shengjie’s thighs.

    The Blood-clad Miao people cultivated their bodies in addition to practicing parasite witchcraft.

    Luo Tian’s Body Cultivation Technique was considered to be the best or second-best in their clan. Now, he used all his might to hold down Jiang Shengjie. Fortunately, he prevented Jiang Shengjie from struggling free.

    Ye Yu and Bai Songling immediately got up and held Jiang Shengjie firmly again.

    Jiang Shengjie was struggling desperately like a cornered beast. A large amount of black gas escaped from his body, but Bai Songling’s big-mouthed Parasite swallowed it.

    Summoning his Spiritual Power, Bai Songling created a green-colored net made of vines to hold Jiang Shengjie, but it was no use.

    Finally, Ye Jiuge used her Lightning Spiritual Power to create a blade and struck Jiang Shengjie’s neck.

    Jiang Shengjie’s body twitched, and his hair charred. At last, he fell unconscious.

    “F*ck! This fellow was playing dumb!” Bai Songling wiped away his sweat.

    Since Jiang Shengjie was already crippled, Bai Songling had not expected his counterattack to be so ferocious.

    If Luo Tian had not pinned him down, he would have escaped.

    “Why did this guy suddenly go crazy? Eldest Miss, did you find something?” Ye Yu raised his head and looked at Ye Jiuge.

    Ye Jiuge was squatting beside Jiang Shengjie. She tore open the clothes covering his back and pointed at the old palm-sized wound. “There’s something inside here. If I am right, it should be an advanced magical weapon that can hide his Black Magic.”

    “Something is indeed inside.” As Bai Songling forcefully pressed the wound on Jiang Shengjie’s back, he noticed something.

    It was hard, and roughly the size of a fist.

    “Even if he has a magical weapon that can hide his Black Magic, he shouldn’t be able to disguise himself so perfectly!” Ye Yu was still perplexed.

    Although he was also an expert in disguises, when one put on the skin of another human face, there still ought to be marks.

    However, there were no such marks on Jiang Shengjie.

    “I remember that Spiritual Practitioners with a Water Wood Spiritual Root can practice a Method called the ‘Tissue Regeneration Technique.’ I think that he must have used this technique to merge his skin and victim’s. Look, apart from the wound on his back, the color of his skin is the same tone everywhere. That is abnormal.”

    Boldly, Ye Jiuge tore Jiang Shengjie’s upper garments into pieces.

    Ye Yu, Bai Songling, and the rest were speechless.

    Luo Tian was not affected. The women of the Miao clan were much bolder than Ye Jiuge. Removing a man’s clothes was nothing surprising for him.

    He scrutinized Jiang Shengjie’s exposed skin and realized that his skin color was indeed uniform, as though it had been dyed.

    Although Spiritual Practitioners did not fear heat or cold, their exposed skin was usually a different tone compared to other areas.

    This was especially true for men. Hence, this was indeed a strange sight.

    “I have heard of the Tissue Regeneration Technique. However, this method can only grow new tissue and is mainly used by women to maintain their looks. I did not expect this fellow to be able to combine it with his disguise.”

    Bai Songling was impressed by Jiang Shengjie’s creativity.

    “No matter what, we have finally captured this Sorcerer. Once we deliver him to Li Zijun, we will be able to prove the Eldest Miss’s innocence.” Ye Yu sighed with relief because their efforts did not go to waste.

    “You are right.” As Bai Songling spoke, he reached out to touch Jiang Shengjie’s skin.

    “What are you doing?” Jun Yichen, who had not spoken at all, narrowed his eyes. He looked curiously at Bai Songling, who was reaching for the lower half of Jiang Shengjie’s body.

    “I am looking for the place where he merged their skins. No matter how magical this Tissue Regeneration Technique is, it cannot create something from nothing,” Bai Songling said confidently.

    As a Wood Elemental Spiritual Practitioner, he was inquisitive about the method.

    Ye Jiuge was engrossed in watching Bai Songling inspect Jiang Shengjie. With good intentions, she advised, “Why don’t you remove his pants and take a look? I have a feeling that he must have used the Tissue Regeneration Technique someplace that nobody would want to see.”

    Bai Songling’s face immediately stiffened. It was humiliating for him to touch the crotch of another man’s trousers.

    “Aren’t you a coroner? Just pretend that you’re examining a corpse.” Ye Jiuge grinned as she urged him.

    Bai Songling’s face twitched. He gritted his teeth and said, “Fine. I will do it like I am examining a corpse. But you are not allowed to watch.”

    “Eldest Miss, you must be tired. Why don’t you go and have a rest?” Ye Yu asked suggestively.

    In his heart, Ye Jiuge was like a fairy. Such a vulgar scene should not taint her eyes.

    “Alright!” Ye Jiuge turned regrettably to go. She thought to herself: These guys are so conservative. Before, when I was practicing medicine, I touched more penises than they’ve ever seen.

    Bai Songling made up his mind and removed Jiang Shengjie’s pants. Sure enough, he found the merging point at the man’s private parts.

    “No wonder we were unable to find it. This guy sure knew how to choose the location of his merging point.” As he spoke with disdain, Bai Songling also retrieved a small Magical Bottomless Bag from inside the crotch of Jiang Shengjie’s pants.

    It was the size of a palm and a dark red color. It didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, but it was no doubt a priceless Magical Bottomless Bag.