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Chapter 96 - Cheap Tricks

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 96: Cheap Tricks

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    Su Tiantian tried very hard to carve a smile on her face as she entered, but suddenly, it collapsed.

    It had been agreed on since six months ago that Li Yichen would come and visit her parents. She had woken up early that morning and had put on her best makeup to blow Ning Meng away.

    Just as she was about to leave, Li Yichen had called her and she confidently picked up. “Have you arrived? I’m downstairs now.” However, what she heard was a cold voice. “I don’t think it’s time.”

    Su Tiantian was stunned. “Why?”

    “I need time to reconsider.”

    Su Tiantian was visibly distraught and held her phone tight as she recalled what had happened. She understood what he meant.

    “He has some urgent matters to deal with.” She looked down, feeling restless, but forced a convincing smile onto her face.

    Cao Xuehua bought it. “Mr. Li’s matters are of top priority, it is understandable that he needs to attend to them. Don’t worry, we’re not in a rush here.”

    As they both walked in, Ning Wentao gave a cold smirk. “Didn’t you say that Mr. Li treats her especially well? Yet now, he’s not coming to meet us for the first time even though we’ve already made an appointment? I’m telling you, men who say that they are busy are just giving excuses! Only a silly woman like you, Aunt Cao, would believe this kind of nonsense!”

    Ning Meng smiled. “Dad, have you heard of this idiom?”


    “Honest fools have their bliss, but sly fools have none.”


    This statement turned the tables against her stepfamily.

    Cao Xuehua frowned with seething resentment upon hearing this but held her anger in. She then pushed Su Tiantian to stand in front of Ning Wentao. Su Tiantian acted as though she was a capable heroine and wiped her tears. “Uncle, I’m sorry that I angered you because of the shares previously.”

    Before Ning Wentao could say anything, Ning Meng quipped, “Dad, let’s play ‘Finish the Sentence”. As trees would die without their barks…”

    Ning Wentao exclaimed with his hoarse voice in response, “So reputation would die for shameless people!”


    After she said this, Ning Meng quickly turned toward Su Tiantian to explain. “Hey, don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that you are shameless, I’m saying that those who are shameless are just like you.”


    This father-daughter combo was really annoying!

    Su Tiantian was about to burst out in anger, but she held back. Cao Xuehua was embarrassed and signaled for her to sit on the sofa. As Su Tiantian sat down, Ning Wentao stood up.

    “Hmph! Meng Meng, follow me.”

    They both went upstairs ignoring the other two.

    Su Tiantian’s eyes started to well up with tears. “Mum, look at them…”

    Cao Xuehua patted her shoulders and comforted her. “They would not dare to treat you this way if Mr. Li were to come. Try and ask how busy is he? He can take his time. He can even just come and pick you up after he has dealt with his matters.”

    Su Tiantian lit up. “I’ll text him.”

    Cao Xuehua nodded in agreement.

    Half an hour later, it was finally time to start their meal. As Ning Meng and Ning Wentao went downstairs and were about to enter the dining hall, another car arrived.

    Cao Xuehua was delighted and looked out. “That must be Mr. Li! I knew he cared for Su Tiantian this much, he immediately came right after his work!”

    Su Tiantian was surprised and cheerfully walked out. She knew that he loved her. Hadn’t he finally arrived?