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Chapter 110 - Refuse to Use This Treatment Method Even if I Die

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 110: Refuse to Use This Treatment Method Even if I Die

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    “The only way to break this deadlock is for Chen Qianmo to take the initiative. However, according to the current analysis of her personality, it’s impossible for her to take the initiative. Director Chen, you should know the method to help your second son overcome his phobia,” President Qian said professionally.

    Chen Meng nodded and let out a deep sigh.

    The therapy for his phobia could be said to be difficult, yet it could also be considered very simple, as with the case of little Black’s condition.

    He was philophobic.

    The most direct remedy was for Qianmo to touch him a little at a time, taking the initiative to kiss him, touch him, and all sorts of… umm.

    President Qian casually offered her opinion, “A few nights should just about do the trick.”

    Simply put, it was the desensitization treatment. With her personality type, this method was unimaginable for Chen Qianmo.

    At the same time, the image of Qianmo tying Black up and then pouncing on him with a sinister smile on her face popped into the heads of the two bosses…

    Chen Meng shook her head to quickly rid herself of that image. “I won’t use this method.”

    She and her father were both experts. They had long known that this method might be effective, but none of them had been willing to use it. Instead, they would rather find the most complicated treatment methods and try them out one at a time.

    Everyone in their family knew how to perform hypnosis. It would not be difficult to achieve their purpose by bringing Qianmo over and hypnotizing her.

    However, this was something that Chen Meng refused to employ even if she died, as it was equivalent to destroying the two youngsters.

    As such, it was not that Chen Meng could not cure Black’s illness. She just could not bring herself to adopt this desensitization treatment.

    “I figured you won’t adopt this method. First off, you like this girl and admire her talents, so you won’t want to go against her will and get her to do something she hates, and you certainly won’t want to ruin her. Secondly, your son is so deeply in love with her and would not bear to cause her any grief. If she does something like that against her own will, your second son’s condition may get even worse … ”

    President Qian felt a tad of sympathy for Chen Meng. She felt pity for all mothers around the world… For the sake of her son’s happiness, she had to worry and consider so much.

    Chen Meng nodded. What President Qian said was exactly what she was thinking.

    “I care about my son, but I can’t harm someone else’s daughter just to save him.”

    President Qian proposed a solution, “How about this. Why don’t you try talking to Qianmo about it? If she is willing to cooperate, won’t that be better?”

    Chen Meng shook her head.

    “If I ask her to compromise, she may be willing to help me, but it won’t be because they’re in love with each other… Even if she forces herself on my son and strips him naked, it would not achieve the desired therapeutic effect.”

    Strip him naked… President Qian blinked, pretending not to understand what Chen Meng was saying.

    “True, the principle of the treatment is her willingness, whether she likes—that’s not right, I mean… loves him.”

    Once she was whole-heartedly in love with him, it would all be okay.

    Such a complicated disease, yet the treatment was so simple and straightforward.

    Under the premise of Chen Qianmo loving Yu Changmo, she would tie Black up and start the desensitization treatment… Ahem, perhaps it would not have to be so intense at the start, but after a while, to strengthen the treatment, they could have a physical relationship.

    It was the same reasoning as motion sickness. When one continually felt dizzy, after a while, they would no longer feel the dizziness.

    How did people treat new sailors with seasickness on board a boat? They simply tied them up and let them vomit until there was nothing more to spit out. By then, their seasickness would naturally get better.

    “Judging from Qianmo’s character, does she look like the type who will… take the initiative to love someone?”

    President Qian admitted frankly, “She doesn’t seem like the sort.” Well, doctors were all straightforward.

    “My son’s condition prevents him from taking the initiative, so…”

    Chen Meng was in despair. There was no solution to this problem.

    “How about I meet Qianmo and try to promote your second son’s good qualities to her?” As friends of many years, President Qian was willing to be a matchmaker just this once.

    Chen Meng thought about it before shaking her head. “My son is docile and obedient towards Qianmo, but he is too stubborn at the same time. He will not accept outsiders interfering in his relationship.”

    He would rather quietly stay by her side until the end of time than to let her be bothered even the tiniest bit.

    “…So, who does your son’s awkward and stubborn character take after?”

    President Qian had treated so many people. Nonetheless, it was the first time she was seeing so many problems concentrated on one person. If Qianmo and Yu Changmo ended up together, it could be considered one of life’s miracles.

    “His dad,” Chen Meng spat out expressionlessly. “One hundred percent after his dad. Obstinate, devoted, and stubbornly insisting on their ideas and refusing to give up on insoluble problems. Although there are people who may persist on their ideas, when they run into a brick wall, they will eventually turn around.

    “But with this father and son, even if they run into a wall and injure themselves, they will still refuse to stop and turn around. If this condition were on anybody else, it would not be as difficult to treat as it is for him.”

    Due to him inheriting his father’s warped personality, it had turned an uncomplicated illness into a world-class incurable disease.

    President Qian smiled and asked, “Does he know what you say about him behind his back?”

    Chen Meng linked arms with President Qian and said, “Don’t let the men know about these things we talk about between us women. Let me treat you to a spa.”

    President Qian was speechless.

    As for the two children …

    Chen Meng sighed. Qianmo was still young. There was no need to hurry the matter about her tying her son up—no, treating her son.

    “After the military training is over, Qianmo will return to Q city to settle the issue with Ma Jingtian’s younger cousin. There’s no harm in creating some opportunities for the two youngsters to interact with each other then. Although your son has some difficulties in expressing himself, many a little makes a mickle. The more he tries, perhaps he’ll still have a chance.”

    President Qian saw the clarity and insight in Chen Meng’s eyes and instantly understood.

    Director Chen was on the same page as her. Great minds indeed think alike.

    With Chen Meng’s status, it was not difficult to get any girl to be her daughter-in-law. However, their family would rather wait along with Yu Changmo for his flower of love to bloom, than to force Qianmo. They respected both Yu Changmo and Qianmo.

    President Qian felt that Yu Changmo was very lucky to have such an understanding mother. Many parents in the country would forcefully interfere in their children’s marriage affairs under the pretext of it being “for the good of their child”. However, the real way to show that it was “for the good of their child” was very simple: respect their children’s choices.

    Chen Meng sighed. “Hah, what you said about many a little makes a mickle, I wonder how many years that’s going to take. Will I be even able to see it happening in my lifetime…”

    The cause of the pessimism of the two experts was the extreme personalities of the Mo duo. No matter how they looked at it, the Mo duo did not seem like they could become a couple.

    One was an outstanding goddess who loved only herself. At the same time, the other was a god who could not take the initiative due to his illness. It would take a miracle for both of them to join together.

    What the two bosses did not consider was that Qianmo was cheating in this lifetime of hers as she had brought along her memories from her past life, which was a miracle in itself.

    Life had always been like this. After pushing someone into a valley thinking that they would fall into an abyss, they might actually find a paradise at the end of the road.

    At this moment, Chen Meng would never have expected that what she thought could never happen was about to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    It was night time.

    And time for “ghost catching” again. The same four teams as the day before were once again scattered at different points, continuing their unfinished tasks from yesterday.

    As Luo Duoduo kept clamoring about being scared, the four groups drew their lots again to determine the location where they had to lie in wait. As a result, Qianmo and Ma Jingtian’s team changed to Group A.

    After raining the whole day, the weather finally cleared up in the evening. The path was still wet, and the air was full of the smell of water vapors. A full moon was hanging in the sky. Fortunately, the sky was not overcast. Otherwise, it would be quite frightening to be out in such weather conditions.

    Qianmo and Ma Jingtian paid close attention to their surroundings. Recalling Luo Duoduo’s description from last night, Qianmo placed her entire focus on the fifth floor.

    At precisely eleven o’clock at night, through the moonlight, she spotted a dark shadow appearing on the fifth floor of the male dormitory, which already had its lights turned off!