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Chapter 79 - The Wonderful Gentlemen of the Lu Family

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 79: The Wonderful Gentlemen of the Lu Family

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    Jiang Yao sighed upon Lu Xiaoxiao’s comments. Lu Yuqing was very earnest and nice to Zhao Zhuangzong and hence, she fulfilled his and his family’s every need. However, the Zhao family became greedy. They took her kindness for granted and felt entitled to Lu Yuqing’s generosity.

    Jiang Yao supposed that it was partially due to Lu Yuqing’s endless and humble generosity that the Zhao family had failed to distinguish their own status and identity in the situation. If Lu Yuqing had taken up the attitude of the esteemed missus from the wealthy Lu family and treated the Zhao family as equals, she doubted that they would have treated her the same way they did now.

    It was rather ungrateful for Zhao Zhuangzong to have Lu Yuqing by the short hairs. Not only was he was disrespectful to Lu Yuqing, but he also took her as the ATM with endless funds. He only needed to reach out his hand and demand when he needed money.

    Right now, their mischief had incurred Lu Yuqing’s wrath. She was done with Zhao Zhuangzong for good and had brought the marriage to an end. Now that the Zhao family’s luxurious lifestyle was shattered and they were even poorer than before the marriage had happened, they had the nerve to come and make a scene at the Lu family house.

    They had failed to reflect that all they used to have were courtesy of Lu Yuqing, and they had never respected her or been the least grateful of her in any way.

    Perhaps Jiang Yao was silent for a little too long that attracted Lu Xiaoxiao’s attention. She glanced at her peculiarly while recalling what she had just said. She gaped her mouth frantically and blurted out relentlessly, “Jiang Yao, don’t worry, I can guarantee that Brother Xingzhi is nothing like Zhao Zhuangzong, not even a bit! Brother Xingzhi is a great guy, the most precious great guy you can ever find! The men in the Lu family are all wonderful gentlemen. Look at my uncle and dad—they are all great, aren’t they? Please rest assured that Brother Xingzhi is also a gentleman. Don’t you start overthinking about what I just said, please.”

    Lu Xiaoxiao was absolutely certain that Lu Xingzhi would go after her if Jiang Yao made an unnecessary assumption because of her remarks.

    “I know that. You’re right, the men of the Lu family are the finest gentlemen. Too bad you’re from the Lu family and can’t marry one,” Jiang Yao chuckled gently.

    She had complete assurance about Lu Xingzhi, the man who would go beyond the extra mile for her before her rebirth. Now that she had presented her love to him, she doubted that he would do something harmful to himself now.

    Nonetheless, Lu Xiaoxiao was right. The men of the Lu family were indeed fine gentlemen. Her parents-in-law were still very much in love after all these years. Uncle Lu was wealthy enough to have a comfortable life but he focused mainly on his business and building his fortune instead of fooling around. Lu Haitian had even persuaded Lu Haixing to find a companion to no avail.

    Lu Haixing cared for Lu Xiaoxiao very much. He was afraid that his new partner would not take Lu Xiaoxiao as her own and would make Lu Xiaoxiao sad, so much so that he was willing to be single.

    “Great, awesome.” Lu Xiaoxiao giggled gleefully. “As for me, I have my dad, and my dad will find me the perfect Mr. Right for me who will be better than Brother Xingzhi!”

    Jiang Yao chuckled delightedly at Lu Xiaoxiao’s happy-go-lucky attitude. She was right, Lu Haixing was totally capable of doing so.

    “Jiang Yao, it’s quite boring here. College is about to start for you, isn’t it? Why don’t we go to the movies again? Let’s watch an old comedy! I never tire of it, and in fact, it’s more fun than staying at home.” Lu Xiaoxiao got excited whenever a companion came along. Before Jiang Yao could even reply her, she called for the adults who were talking downstairs, went downstairs with Jiang Yao, and left the house through the side gate.