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Chapter 111 - Target Acquired

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 111: Target Acquired

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    Qianmo nudged Ma Jingtian, who had also noticed the dark shadow. Instantly, he became energized as he said in a low voice, “All groups listen up, the target has appeared at Point A!”

    As soon as he finished talking, they saw the shadow flying out of the window!


    Seeing the human-like object “flying” down from the window, even if she had guessed what was going on yesterday, Qianmo was still shocked to see it with her own eyes.

    Only students from the police school would have the courage to watch this scene. Had it been students from other colleges, they might have passed out on the spot.

    “Junior, don’t be afraid. We must be firm Marxism atheists and not believe those feudal superstitions!” Suppressing the fear in his heart, Ma Jingtian clutched the baton in his hand tightly and looked back…

    His junior was calm as always, even advising him instead, “Senior, when you’re promoting your beliefs, the effect would be better if your voice is not trembling. Of course, considering your age, it is good enough that you’ve not fainted.”

    When Qianmo said this, she had already stood up and lowered her body as she quickly chased after the object.

    Ma Jingtian blushed in shame. It was fairly embarrassing that he had shown his fear in front of a girl and been found out.

    At the end of the day, was it him being too timid, or was his junior just too daring?

    She was so calm and collected. It was a pity that she was not studying forensics.

    Although Qianmo really wanted to go over to the site where the “flying” took place to find out what the trick was, she did not have time for that right now. Holding onto her baton, she followed beside her senior. Ma Jingtian advanced in an S-shape, and she shadowed closely in his footsteps.

    After flying out of the teaching building, they saw the ghost “flying” over the courtyard wall. This was incredibly amazing as the wall was 2.4metres in height, and yet, the ghost simply leaped over it.

    It was exactly the same as what Luo Duoduo had described the night before.

    By the time Qianmo and Ma Jingtian rushed over, the ghost had already jumped over the wall.

    Ma Jingtian glanced up at the height of the wall. Just a few moments ago, he did not believe that the place was haunted. Yet now, he, a strong supporter of Marxist’s atheism, was trembling slightly.

    At this height, the wall was not too difficult for Ma Jingtian and the other martial arts students to climb over. But even then, they needed to help each other. Usually, the tactic would be to have one person standing underneath and use their hands as support to prop another student up onto the wall. The one on the wall would then haul the other person standing under the wall up. This move required the cooperation of two people.

    Yet, just now…

    He actually flew over!!!!


    “Junior, why don’t you go back? I will chase it myself. If I… unfortunately die with honor, remember to tell my mother…” Ma Jingtian thought that this issue might be more complicated than everyone imagined.

    “What are you thinking about? Hurry and prop me up onto the wall. Any more delay, and we won’t be able to catch up to it.” Qianmo’s behavior at this moment showed that her mental strength was even stronger than that of Ma Jingtian’s.

    The two of them cooperated to climb over the wall and swiftly tracked the “ghost” at their fastest speed. The other three groups were scattered in different directions, so it would take some time for them to catch up.

    Just like yesterday, the ghost headed out of the school and went straight to the back mountain. The two of them, Ma Jingtian and Qianmo, were mentally strong, so there were no problems arising, like Luo Duoduo feigning illness yesterday. The duo chased after the “ghost” and went up the mountain together.

    The mountain breeze caused the tree branches to sway, giving off an eerie feeling.

    The mountain was neither high nor precipitous. There were no places of interest, no local specialties, no tourists, and did not require any entrance tickets. Usually, only students from the police school would come here to train. Rumour had it that the Aviation Special Forces would occasionally come over as well. However, no one had ever seen them. Perhaps they knew how to make themselves invisible.

    The police academy’s weight-carrying cross-country training and outdoor survival lessons were all carried out in this mountain.

    Ma Jingtian had previous experience in training in the mountain at night, but back then, there were many of them together. It was his first time coming into the mountain with just a freshman. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for him to not be nervous.

    However, considering the bravery and IQ of the girl he had brought along, Ma Jingtian forced himself to suppress his instinctive fear and rush into the mountain.

    Hence, being with outstanding people would allow a person to improve themselves. Ma Jingtian broke through his psychological barrier and led Qianmo from the front.

    Later on, the instructors of the school discovered an interesting phenomenon. The team with Qianmo Goddess on it would significantly improve in their overall performance. From this day when they entered the mountain alone to catch ghosts, the story about the person who was destined to be the legendary goddess of war had begun to be written. Of course, this was something to be shared later on.

    Both of them went along the stipulated route. Suddenly, Qianmo had a strange, creepy feeling. Turning around, however, she found nothing.

    Qianmo calmed her mind. She did not know why, but she kept feeling like someone was behind her.

    She had been getting this feeling since the day before.

    After going forward for a while, the creepy sensation came out again. Qianmo turned her head around instantly.

    As both of them were hiking along the mountain path, every step they took generated slight noise. In the forest in the dark of the night, their fear was magnified many times.

    There was no sign of the ghost as of yet. Clutching his baton tightly, Ma Jingtian swallowed his saliva continuously. A spontaneous fear crept up in his heart. Strange bird sounds kept ringing out around them, like a curse from hell’s messengers…

    Seeing that Qianmo kept turning back, Ma Jingtian thought that she was afraid.

    In addition to strict training, the police school also specialized in producing headstrong straight men. To reassure his junior, Ma Jingtian suddenly thought of a joke to lighten the mood that was overcome with fear at the moment.

    “Junior, are you afraid? Don’t be! Let me tell you a funny legend. People in my hometown say that when people walk at night, there will be two lamps on their shoulders. When you turn your head to the left, you’re turning off the lamp on your left. When you turn your head to the right, you’re turning off the lamp on your right. When both lamps are turned on, the ghost will come to snatch your soul.”

    Qianmo’s attention was all on the creepy feeling behind her. When Ma Jingtian told his joke, she so happened to turn her head in the opposite direction.

    “Both lamps on your shoulders have been turned off,” the steadfast straight man said foolishly.

    If Qianmo was able to choose, next time, she would rather go on the mission on her own than to be paired with such a man.

    This was probably what a burdensome teammate was like. Not only did they not assuage your fear, but they might also suddenly make a jab at you out of nowhere. Fortunately, Qianmo was more emotionally and mentally mature. Had it been another girl, they might have kicked him down the mountain. He was truly infuriating.

    A cold wind blew past, and Ma Jingtian probably realized that he had acted stupid, as he laughed awkwardly.

    “Junior, don’t take it seriously. These are just superstitions that are unsubstantiated. They’re just for laughs.”

    “It’s okay. Senior, I also remembered something. A while back in my hometown, there were rumors that a mysterious old lady would appear late at night…”

    While looking for clues, Ma Jingtian listened to Qianmo talk. Although she studied the sciences, she was not weak in writing. She told her story vividly as if it was coming to life. It was filled with details and content, easily capturing the attention of others to listen on.

    “The old lady always walks on the dark road and asks passers-by in a low voice, “What color is my hand?” The passers-by would look at it closely. Her ten fingers were all purple, and they looked sinister and terrifying.”

    As he listened to her story, Ma Jingtian got goosebumps.

    The unique thing about horror stories was that even if people were scared, they would still want to continue listening. When the story reached its climax, Qianmo suddenly paused. Ma Jingtian halted in his tracks and turned to look at her, wanting to ask her why she had stopped telling the story.

    All of a sudden, Qianmo stretched her hands, placed it in front of his eyes, and asked in a high-pitched voice, “What color is my hand!”