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Chapter 97 - She Held Her Ches

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 97: She Held Her Chest

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    Just as she was about to step out, the maid came in with a gift box. “The mister needs a few more people to help bring the rest of the gifts in.”

    Cao Xuehua smiled more intensely and said, “If you wanted to come, just come! Why did you need to bring in so many gifts?”

    Su Tiantian relaxed a little, threw Ning Meng a cold glare, and gleefully chided, “This is the first time he is coming, of course he has to be a bit more serious.”

    Ning Wentao was deep in his thoughts, but Cao Xuehua interrupted his thought process and continued, “Meng Meng, Mr. Huo has not come over yet, right? It’s OK that your relationship was not so good in the past, but let bygones be bygones. Now that you’ve reconciled, don’t you think he should come over at least once?”

    As she finished saying this, Ning Wentao looked over and she quickly tried to explain. “Wentao, I’m correct, right? As a son-in-law, you should pay some respect to your father-in-law.”


    When Ning Meng had gotten married, she had merely taken the certificate and moved out. Huo Beichen had never visited even once. Ning Wentao’s face darkened and became restless. If it were not for his admiration for Li Yichen, he would have kicked Su Tiantian out. So what if you wanted to show off your son-in-law!

    He coldly remarked, “He could have just come in person. Why did he need to bring so many gifts? Is he trying to say that we are so poor that we cannot afford all these?”


    She knew that he was jealous and purposely ordered the people around loudly. “Quickly go and help out! Don’t make Mr. Li wait for so long!”

    The maid was stunned. “Mr. Li?”

    Before she could say anything else, Cao Xuehua pushed her aside. “Why are you just standing there? Quickly bring the gifts down!”

    The maid blankly went away to help.

    Cao Xuehua then turned toward Su Tiantian. “Why are you still standing here? Go and welcome him!”

    Su Tiantian had stayed there on purpose. She wanted to see Ning Meng’s dissatisfaction but she could not see any, so eventually, she yielded and went out.

    Ning Meng could only purse her lips looking at them showing off.

    Ning Meng quickly shook her head. He had mentioned that he would be on a business trip today and would most definitely be out of town by now.

    While still in her thoughts, she was interrupted by Su Tiantian’s shocked voice from outside. “Why… Why is it you?”


    That did not sound right. Cao Xuehua stood frozen.

    “Huo… Mr. Huo?”

    Ning Meng was dumbfounded. Ning Wentao leaped up from the sofa and rushed out. With his broken hoarse voice, he called out, “Son-in-law? What are you doing here?”

    As he said this, Huo Beichen walked in. Ning Meng was still in a daze and could not believe her eyes.

    Huo Beichen was wearing a black suit. He had long limbs and walked elegantly. Every step he took exuded a charming aura. He wore a purple necktie that matched his perfectly crafted facial features and made him look gentler than usual. Even the dimly lit living room was brightened up when his muscular body walked through the door.

    He turned toward Ning Wentao, and with his husky voice, he warmly answered, “Paying my respects.”

    He then laid his eyes on her. Ning Meng subconsciously held her chest as her heart was thumping out loud.