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Chapter 107 - Sister Qi is Very Overbearing

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 107: Sister Qi is Very Overbearing

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    “I thought that you wanted to see the result of my three-month training since you brought me here.” Jian Qi smiled mischievously. She seemed rather relaxed.

    Jian Qi smiled and looked at him when she saw his frown. “Instructor, are you worried about me?”

    Tang Jinyu wanted to scold her but was interrupted by Jian Qi. “Time is life, Instructor. The people inside the building are still waiting to be rescued.”

    Tang Jinyu frowned and stared at her for a long time. Then, he seemed to have made his decision.

    “Go and change your clothes!”

    “Copy that!” Jian Qi raised her hand, smiled and left immediately.

    Feng Yi and the others were puzzled as they looked at Tang Jinyu. “Boss, Jian Qi…”

    “I will take sole responsibility for this!”

    Tang Jinyu interrupted Feng Yi. Then, he said to Lightning, “You stay here and take control of the whole affair.”

    The others raised their eyebrows.

    ‘Didn’t the boss always take control of how things went?’

    Since that particular event, the boss seemed to be less stern now. He focused more on being in the background and resolved issues at hand using his intelligence.

    He used to be a man who stood on the top, being admired by the others.

    He was a ferocious man who had excellent skills and intelligence.

    He always captured other people’s attention wherever he went. However, he had become rather withdrawn and quiet after that event.

    However, the others were curious as to what Tang Jinyu was going to do later on.

    Jian Qi changed into a doctor’s coat swiftly. She held a medical kit in her hand and she was wearing a wig. The long hair hung loosely behind her and she seemed rather gentle and wise.

    Her every smile made her even more friendly, making people feel comfortable in a soothing way.

    Tang Jinyu walked toward her and fixed his gaze on her.

    She was right. She was indeed a professional actress. She could impersonate anybody!

    She was just like a doctor now, even more believable than a real doctor!

    Her gentle and soft appearance seemed weak and it made others want to protect her.

    “Am I beautiful?” Jian Qi smiled and blinked her eyes at Tang Jinyu. She smiled seductively at him. “Do you want to play a game of role-play in uniform?”

    Tang Jinyu frowned, he raised his hand and wanted to hit her. Yet, when he put his hand on her head, it was rather gentle.

    “Be careful and look around you when you’re in there. If anything goes wrong, try to hide yourself or move near the windows…”

    Jian Qi smiled and said, “Instructor, you seem to really like me. Why do you tell me to be careful so often?”

    Tang Jinyu puckered his lips and moved his hand to her cheek. Then, exerting great force, he pinched her cheek.

    “It hurts…” Jian Qi frowned.

    “Then, behave yourself!” Tang Jinyu said coldly. Then, he let go of her cheek.

    Jian Qi pouted. He would totally be alone for the rest of his life if he behaved like that!


    Tang Jinyu said emotionlessly.

    Jian Qi looked at him. Then, she stretched her hands out and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled him closer and stood on tiptoes. She planted a kiss on his forehead.

    She did the series of actions rather smoothly. She seemed so overbearing and strong. She did not hesitate even for a second!

    “Wow…” The others could not help but were shocked.

    “Sister Qi, how overbearing!” Lightning wondered out loud.

    “You have the guts to kiss the boss. You’re such a strong and brave girl! I salute you!” Crocodile said soon after.

    Feng Yi was rather displeased. “Tell me, am I any lesser than the boss?”

    They turned to look at Feng Yi but they could not bring it upon themselves to hurt his feelings.

    Lightning replied weakly, “Aside from your appearance, intelligence, background, skills and your talent, the rest of you is quite decent.”

    “For example?”