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Chapter 83 - My Woman Should be as Beautiful as a Flower (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 83: My Woman Should be as Beautiful as a Flower (1)

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    The man before her stood still and his black eyes looked her up and down. As if he looked around her, or perhaps he didn’t, his eyebrows scrunched back up together.

    Once again, a familiar coldness appeared behind those eyes, and the words that came out of his mouth were back to being harsh and uncaring. “How long do you plan on standing here like an embarrassment?”

    That single sentence smashed the daydream that had risen in Xu Weilai’s head earlier. She bit down on her lip and lowered her head.

    Even if he had stood up for her before, there were countless reasons he would have done that, none of which could possibly be the one she’d come up with in her head…

    Why was she getting ahead of herself again?

    It was about time for dinner, so Grandpa Gu had asked Mrs. Lin to retrieve Xu Weilai. When she walked over, she first saw Xu Weilai, fully drenched, and then she noticed an upset-looking Master Gu Yu. She was dumbstruck!

    When did the young master arrive? What was going on? Perhaps… perhaps the two of them had gotten into another fight?

    Gu Yu’s gaze fell onto Mrs. Lin, and he ordered her without any emotion in his voice, “Take her back in for a change of clothes in case grandfather sees her and makes a big deal again!”

    He turned and left immediately after speaking.

    Mrs. Lin watched him walk away then turned to look at Xu Weilai, who was still standing in the same spot, dazed. Her face wasn’t displaying much emotion—it was calm, but strange and slightly upsetting to look at.

    When other members of the Gu family humiliated her in public, she could easily remain collected and unaffected. But from the young master, all it took was a single line, or even just a cold glance, to hurt her.

    It was because she cared about him, that he was able to hurt her so much.

    Mrs. Lin let out a deep sigh in her mind and said sympathetically, “Young Madam, please follow me.”

    Xu Weilai had stayed at the Gu household before and had left some of her clothing behind. Mrs. Lin went through the closet in Gu Yu’s room and was able to find her a change of clothes, crumpled in the corner of the closet.

    She took them out, turned to Xu Weilai, and smiled as she said, “Young Madam, look—the Young Master didn’t throw away all your old clothes. This is proof that he isn’t completely heartless towards you.”

    Knowing that Mrs. Lin was trying to console her, Xu Weilai smiled a little and accepted the kind gesture. However, she was reluctant to consider what she’d said and didn’t think any more about what those words might have meant.

    Xu Weilai took a quick shower to clean up, blew her hair slightly dry, and changed into the clothes Mrs. Lin had laid out for her. She then swiftly made her way downstairs, afraid of making everyone else wait for dinner.

    Everyone was already in their seats in the dining room, but Gu Xue and Gu Shuang were not present; perhaps they hadn’t finished changing their clothes yet.

    Grandpa Gu was wearing a bright smile from seeing that Gu Yu had arrived. When he saw Xu Weilai enter the room, he waved her in eagerly. “Little Weilai, come here.”

    Xu Weilai nodded and slowly made her way over.

    Grandpa Gu sat at the head of the table, with Gu Yu to his left and the second master of the house, Gu Xiong, to his right. Gu Xiong was Gu Yu’s uncle. Next in the family hierarchy was Gu Xiong’s wife, Rong Fanghua, and the rest were below her, as they were younger members of the family.

    There was an empty space beside Gu Yu, which was most likely her seat.

    No matter what her relationship with Gu Yu was at the moment, his appearance at the gathering seemed like confirmation that he’d accepted her proposal to act like a loving couple in front of his grandfather.

    She drew in a deep breath, lifted her head with a smile, and walked over. She sat beside Gu Yu, looking as natural as she could, and apologetically said, “Sorry for making everyone wait.”

    A variety of different expressions appeared on the faces at the dinner table: Grandpa Gu was grinning, Gu Yu looked emotionless, and everyone else looked to be confused, deep in thought, or judgmental.

    They had all come originally to watch Xu Weilei embarrass herself, but then, Gu Yu had suddenly arrived. On top of that, he had told off Gu Xue and Gu Shuang for bullying Xu Weilai and didn’t even let them stay for dinner. He’d sent them off directly after the incident at the pond!

    Hadn’t they said that those two had a bad relationship?