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Chapter 464 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 40)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 464: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 40)

    To be honest, this wedding dress was just too big! But after she put it on, it really was quite cute.

    It was like a princess wrapped up in a rabbit castle, sweet and blissful!

    “Qing’er, are you really not changing wedding dresses?” Di Luo Feng saw her staggering and was afraid that she would fall over soon.

    Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and pulled down the hat, covering her face. She giggled as she said, “I don’t want it, I want to wear this one!”

    Di Luo Feng had no other choice, he could only tightly hold her and carefully move with each step.

    The bridesmaid voice came slowly, she was actually a bit nervous.

    First bow to the Hundred Beast Continent.

    “Wow!” Everyone called out.

    Second bow to the patriarchs.

    “Wow!” Everyone called out again.

    Third bow to each other.

    “Enter the nuptial chamber!” Everyone called out.

    After that, with a flash of azure light, everyone was blocked out and there was azure light that covered the doors of the Di Manor.

    Luo Qing Chen felt herself enter a warm embrace.

    Un, a very warm embrace…...

    “So, mister Di, did I succeed?” Luo Qing Chen smiled as she looked at him.

    “Un, very successful.” He gently carried her to the room covered in plush blankets, moving very softly and gently.

    But when Luo Qing Chen saw the room, her eyes teared up.

    The room filled with carrots and vegetables, it was that familiar.

    She was still a rabbit then, raising her ears when she was happy and stomping her foot when she was angry.

    She liked leaning against him with her heavy body, she liked watching him knit his brows when he seemed like he couldn’t hold it anymore.

    In short, everything had been beautiful.

    “What are you thinking?” Di Luo Feng asked in a concerned voice when he saw her looking dazed.

    “Wu.” She touched her fake ears and said with a smile, “I’m thinking about that fat rabbit.”

    “Then do you want to go see it?” Di Luo Feng gently stroked her hair and said, “I can bring you over tomorrow to see it.”

    “Why tomorrow?” She narrowed her eyes and said, “Why can’t it be now?”

    Di Luo Feng said in a very decisive voice, “Not now.”

    He raised his hand and his slender fingers slid across her rabbit dress, untying the stain belt.

    “Wu.” Her face turned red and she slightly pursed her red lips, “I, I, I……”

    “Un? Could it be that miss Luo isn’t willing to take responsibility after stealing the bride?” With a soft laugh, he said with eyes filled with endless pampering, “Or perhaps that she is shy?”

    Shy, who was shy! This Di Luo Feng was blatantly teasing her.

    No! Definitely now!

    “Ke, ke.” She cleared her throat and her lips curled into a smile, “Sir husband, have you prepared the nuptial chambers?”

    Di Luo Feng was stunned, he never thought that she would tease him back. He felt his heart beating faster as his face turned completely red.

    “I’m prepared, but you…..”

    “Dong.” Luo Qing Chen pushed him down and having the aura of someone who wasn’t willing to lose, she slightly raised Di Luo Feng’s chin and kissed him without another word.

    Her mind went back to that day in the ice room, when he kissed the other her.

    That gentle and delicate kiss that was filled with affection…..

    But in the end, she paid the price for her boldness!

    As a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master who had never been with a woman, when he really touched the one he loved…..

    He completely lost control…...