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Chapter 108 - Wait for Me to Return Obediently

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 108: Wait for Me to Return Obediently

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    “You’re quite naive. That’s cute.” Crocodile laughed.

    Lightning could not help but snicker at them. “When did you two become a couple? Why do I not know about this?”

    Both Crocodile and Feng Yi were speechless.

    “Get lost!”

    “Get lost!”

    The two people who were initially speechless then said in unison.

    Lightning smiled slyly. “You make quite a good match given how you understand each other.”

    Crocodile and Feng Yi looked at each other disdainfully and moved away from each other naturally.

    Lightning touched his chin and said calmly. “It seems that I need to prepare double wedding gifts!”

    “Get lost!”

    “Get lost!”

    Compared to the situation here that was open and blatant, the dangerous aura exuded by Tang Jinyu was reserved and quiet.

    He suppressed his emotions but his powerful aura made him even more dangerous.

    However, that girl remained calm and released her arms with a smile.

    “Little Tang Tang, wait for me to return obediently…”

    Jian Qi turned and left immediately before Tang Jinyu could get angry at her.

    The way she turned and left seemed so calm and natural. She seemed not at all nervous or scared, like she was going shopping in the building.

    Tang Jinyu puckered his lips. He turned to look at the others who were standing beside him. “Follow our military protocol and get ready for any crisis. Lightning, you stay and take control of the situation!”

    “Yes!” The others replied in unison. They came to their senses and became serious once more.

    The others left. Lightning was stunned when he saw Tang Jinyu leave with a gun.

    The others hid themselves in different corners around the building within five minutes.

    Lightning received the signal and turned to speak to the police officer. “We’re ready.”

    Jian Qi walked toward the entrance of the building under the accompaniment of a police officer.

    Two men who were covered in face masks walked out of the building. They were holding guns in their hands. In a two-metre close combat, they could kill an enemy wearing a bulletproof vest with that kind of gun.

    Jian Qi was slightly shocked to see the kidnappers having different types of guns.

    They were no ordinary kidnappers!

    One of the kidnappers aimed his gun at Jian Qi and said coldly to the police officer, “You can leave now!”

    The police officer threw a worried look at Jian Qi before leaving her with them.

    “Get in!” The kidnapper said to her.

    Jian Qi held the medical kit in her hand nervously. She seemed very frightened. Then, she walked into the lobby with the gun pointed at her back.

    There was a hostage in the lobby. The kidnapper was aiming his gun at the hostage.

    “Stop!” Another kidnapper who followed behind her said.

    Jian Qi felt scared and stopped walking.

    Another kidnapper took the medical kit from her hand and opened it to check its contents. There was nothing but medical supplies.

    He closed the kit and turned around to frisk her.

    Jian Qi could not help but was annoyed by what he did to her. ‘How dare he take advantage of me!’

    She would surely beat him to death later on.

    The frisk search ended and the kidnapper said to her, “All clear. Let her in!”

    Jian Qi walked into the building with the gun aiming at her.

    It was a totally enclosed room and the window was being covered by cloth.

    It was clearly impossible for the people on the outside to utilize a sniper in this case.

    There were five kidnappers in the room. Three of them were on guard and one of them was lying on the ground. Another kidnapper was taking care of the kidnapper on the floor.

    There were thirteen hostages in the room and two of them were kids who were around five to six years old.

    A man who appeared to be the leader said to them when he saw her entering the room, “Anything unusual going on outside?”

    The kidnapper who frisked her just now shook his head. “Nothing unusual. The police officers are rather cooperative. They don’t dare to do anything else!”

    “Continue to keep an eye on them. Something might go wrong when it becomes too quiet.”

    Jian Qi stood there quietly. She trembled slightly but she understood what was going on clearly. He was no fool!

    “Why are you still standing there like an idiot? Bandage his wound!” The man who frisked her voiced out sternly and shoved her harshly.

    Jian Qi sneered in the bottom of her heart. She walked over with a frightened look.