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Chapter 112 - La La La They’re No Match for Me

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 112: La La La They’re No Match for Me

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    “Ah!” Ma Jingtian was caught off guard and covered his mouth as he let out a muffled yelp. His heart immediately started palpitating!

    Fortunately, he was trained and could suppress his instinctive scream. Had it been an ordinary person, they might have fainted out of fear.

    Successfully pranking plus taking revenge on him, Qianmo happily walked on ahead. Ma Jingtian took a few seconds to recover and realize… He had been fooled!

    “Junior, you went too far!” Luckily, he did not have any heart disease. If not, he would have had a heart attack from that scare.

    Shaking her head, Qianmo said, “Senior, superstitions are unsubstantiated. You can’t possibly be afraid?”

    After seeing how Qianmo put into practice the saying of ‘never leave your grudges overnight and don’t wait to take your revenge’, realization finally dawned on Ma Jingtian. In the future, he should never offend this woman.

    This minor episode calmed both their uneasy hearts.

    To be more precise, it was Ma Jingtian who calmed down. Junior had really scared him with that story. However, after composing himself and pondering over it, he realized that all the so-called superstitions and supernatural existences were simply humans playing tricks. Ordinary folks might be afraid of such things, but as police officers that were supposed to be protective umbrellas for the citizens, they should not be frightened by such pranks.

    Qianmo’s emotions were different from Ma Jingtian’s. Right from the start, she had never been bothered about the “ghost” at all. In fact, when she climbed over the wall, she had noticed a few dents on the surface. Then and there, she knew what was going on.

    There was no ghost. It was just a person acting as one.

    Hence, Qianmo was able to remain calm and collected, not fearful or anything. Her only uneasiness came from the inexplicable creepy feeling she felt from behind her.

    Although the mountain was not big, it was not easy to find a person. Both of them did not find any clues along the way. The remaining three groups made their way up the mountain from different directions, but they too discovered nothing.

    After expending so much effort, was it a wasted night, again?

    Suddenly, something caught Qianmo’s eyes, and she squinted to see clearly. Ma Jingtian, who was back facing her, did not see it.

    Tugging on Ma Jingtian, she made a hand gesture for him to advance. Both of them went towards their target noiselessly. There was a valley just ahead, and they approached it quietly, the air around them growing tenser.

    There was a crunching sound coming from underneath them, and the closer they got, the louder it was.

    Both their imaginations started roaming.

    At this moment, Ma Jingtian thought about the various ghost stories and films that he had read and watched during his childhood.

    One was about some old lady squatting in a pit, nibbling on the fingers of the dead, or another one about digging and digging till they found a skeleton.

    Qianmo’s thoughts were not as mysterious and fantastical. Her professional habits made her subconsciously try to trace everything that had happened to the root of the problem.

    Finally, they arrived at their destination amidst their varying deliberation!

    Carefully, they squatted down and looked towards the valley.

    There, they saw a dark shadow that was half-squatting in a weird posture and holding an unknown object in his hand. Immediately, it made the dark mountain valley even more horrifying.

    Qianmo could feel her heart in her throat. Gathering all her energy and focus, she looked down. Using the moonlight, she was able to see clearly.

    It was a person, and the unidentified object in his hand was a hoe. His weird posture was not a mysterious, evil, religious ritual at all. He was just… digging.

    Could it be that there was a huge tomb in this mountain, and he was here to raid it?

    At that moment, many thoughts ran across Qianmo’s mind. The man continued digging until he finally unearthed something. They could only hear the rustling of a plastic bag coming from below. It turned out that the figure had excavated a plastic bag.

    Ma Jingtian’s heart almost jumped out of his chest. Could it be that there was something dangerous in the plastic bag? For example, poison… or something!!!

    In the middle of the night, this person had used such a strange way to get out of the school before running into the mountain to dig a pit. It was hard for others not to think in the direction of a major case taking place.

    They watched as the figure took out a palm-sized object from the plastic bag and held it in his hand. With one hand lifted towards the moon and the other on his hips, he pointed at the moon and laughed his head off.

    “Hahaha! F*ck you!”

    Ma Jingtian narrowed his eyes.

    Just then, in the dark of night, the valley suddenly lit up, accompanied by a burst of crisp music. The Sailor Moon transformation! No, the phone was turned on!

    “Ding Ding Dang Dang Dang~”

    The familiar melody of the phone being turned on resounded in the quiet valley. It turned out that this dude, who was gouging out a pit, was not pulling up some contraband item. Rather, he had buried a mobile phone here.

    After the start-up music ended, the man sat cross-legged on the ground and started dialing a number. Ten seconds later, they heard his energetic voice.

    “Mom, it’s me. How’s dad’s illness? Oh, his operation is over already? That’s good. How did I get out? Hehe, can this lousy school stop your son, the machine expert? I simply made a flying claw and came out. Get caught? That’s impossible. How can I, Xuanyuan Xu, the only male heir of the third-generation of archaeologists who are legally licensed to dig graves, get caught?”

    After going through so much trouble and sending so many people on a chase, it was merely a brat, who had just entered the school and was unwilling to follow the rules, running out in the middle of the night to call home?

    “This b*stard…” Ma Jingtian cursed under his breath.

    He had an urge to kill someone.

    The moment he heard the arrogant laughter coming from the valley, he recognized it. The idiot below, who had scared everyone to death, was also a freshman.

    During the past few days of military training, he had caused quite a bit of trouble.

    In colleges and universities, there were always all kinds of talents. Especially in an elite school, which gathered the elites from the national college entrance examination, there was no lack of geniuses.

    However, unlike ordinary people, geniuses usually had their oddities.

    The school’s task was to polish these talents to become the pillars of the country. If the school was going to make a promotional video, Ma Jingtian felt that they should choose a few of these brats that were particularly representative.

    For example, this buddy who dug a pit.

    First, they should film how much of a rascal he was upon entering school—like his behavior now: creating a machine to “fly” out of the school and causing chaos, and yet, still being so pleased with himself.

    Next, they should film him after he received professional training in the police school. He would have developed a dedication to his country, learned how to distinguish right from wrong, and become an upright police officer.

    The before and after comparison would not only exhibit the school’s mission and vision but also show ordinary people how a brat was molded into a true man!

    Not all students were full of righteousness when they first entered school. Most of them were like the brat in the mountain, Xuanyuan Xu, with all kinds of faults and shortcomings. It was the strict training and the environment in the school that polished the child into a heroic man!

    However… Before being molded, he was still just a brat. Furthermore, he was a brat with the skills to escape the molding furnace and run out to cause trouble!