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Chapter 437 - One Wave After Another

Medical Master

    When the other two men rushed toward him, Fang Qiu gripped the Mongolian’s neck with his right hand and held him high up mid-air. Then, his left hand quickly curled into a fist and he smashed it hard against the Mongolian’s lower abdomen. The impact was so great that the Mongolian immediately threw up blood which landed on the face of the fifth-class Martial Superior who stood behind him.

    Then, Fang Qiu released his grip on the man.

    The moment he let the Mongolian go, he swiftly turned to his left and threw out a punch.

    He didn’t even look carefully at his opponent.

    He stooped down slightly and barely dodged his opponent’s blow before his fist landed squarely against the second man’s lower abdomen.

    He sent the man flying in one punch.

    In a few moments, there was only one Mongolian man left whose face was covered in blood as he stared at him in utter shock.

    He was so terrified that he could’ve peed in his pants when he saw how this Huaxia man had easily stripped his two comrades of their kungfu skills.

    Fang Qiu could even see his legs shaking.

    “Ah!!” the Mongolian man quickly withdrew and screamed in horror.

    He didn’t even want to spend a second longer in Fang Qiu’s presence and fled immediately.

    This was a stark contrast to his earlier arrogant attitude.

    “Are you trying to run away?” Fang Qiu said with a cold snort.

    He quickly followed after that Mongolian in pursuit and grabbed hold of that man’s shoulder.

    He kicked that man’s calves and sent him to his knees.

    Then, he threw a punch at the man’s lower abdomen.


    In a matter of two or three minutes, three fifth-class Martial Superiors had been stripped of their kungfu skills!

    Meanwhile, the young man who had led his comrades here after his kungfu skills had been stripped by Fang Qiu earlier looked at the scene, his face ashen.

    He was terrified by what he had witnessed.

    Those three Mongolian men had been fifth-class Martial Superiors!

    Yet, they were all stripped of their kungfu skills in a matter of two or three minutes.

    They didn’t even manage to land a single blow on this Huaxia man before it was all over for them.

    “He’s a monster, monster…” the young man shrieked in horror.

    “You’ll have to bring over the most powerful Martial Superiors in your camp if you wish to kill him!” Guisha yelled.

    “What did you just say?” Fang Qiu asked, his eyes narrowing.

    “He said that you were a monster, so I was just agreeing with his words,” Guisha said.

    “Tell them to get lost,” Fang Qiu said.

    Those four men immediately fled even before Guisha could interpret his words.

    Fang Qiu returned to the Earth Bead, sat cross-legged, and continued to recuperate and cultivate.


    He hadn’t spent a long time cultivating before he noticed that his third-class Martial Superior’s strength had stabilized, so he could now start cultivating to become a fourth-class Martial Superior.

    Strangely, as he concentrated on recuperating after his earlier battles, he vaguely sensed that the Earth Bead gave off unique energy that could merge with the energy of Heaven and Earth and be absorbed by himself.

    After he noticed this fact, he carefully sensed for any change in his body but he didn’t detect any form of unique energy in his body at all.

    “That’s strange,” he muttered. He was curious about this strange energy but he wasn’t too bothered by it.

    He continued to cultivate and soon, it was a new day.

    He woke up when the first rays of daylight had just broken over the endless plains.

    He opened his eyes and glanced at the Earth Bead, and at Guisha and Zu Liancheng who slept with their arms wrapped around each other for warmth, before he rose to his feet.

    He wanted to do some simple warm-up exercises because he had been sitting cross-legged the entire night.

    However, the moment he stood up, he caught sight of several figures who were rapidly heading toward him.

    He took a closer look and counted six men in total.

    “These people just don’t know when to stop,” he said as he muttered to himself. “Then again, there’s a precious treasure here, so there will be many highly-skilled experts wanting to battle even if I don’t go out looking for them.”

    He waved his right hand and as he activated his internal Qi, a breeze blew against Zu Liancheng’s and Guisha’s faces, startling them from their slumber!

    “Who’s that?” Zu Liancheng immediately yelled as he looked around in surprise.

    Guisha was much calmer compared to Zu Liancheng.

    They looked around before their gaze landed on Fang Qiu and looked behind him.

    They immediately spotted the six men who headed toward them.

    Fang Qiu stood with his hands behind his back.

    Soon, those six men stopped when they were five meters away from Fang Qiu.

    Now that they were close enough, Fang Qiu could see that there were two sixth-class Martial Superiors and four fifth-class Martial Superiors.

    They were much stronger than the Martial Superiors from the night before.


    The six men glared at Fang Qiu and said a string of words that were unintelligible to Fang Qiu.

    “What are they saying?” Fang Qiu asked, and his interest was piqued.

    Guisha couldn’t even be bothered to interpret word for word any longer and went straight to the point. “Just like the men who came yesterday, they’re demanding that you pay for what you did to their friends!”

    “Ask them, are their hands stained with the blood of Huaxia people?” Fang Qiu asked with a smile.

    This was a huge taboo for him.

    He would ask this question even if there wasn’t a need to do so.

    This was something Guisha understood as well, so he immediately interpreted for Fang Qiu.

    The six men immediately exchanged a glance and smiled coldly after they heard Guisha’s question.

    “I doubt you’ll need me to interpret that, right?” Guisha asked as he pursed his lips. “You should be able to read the answer from the smiles on their faces. Just as I said yesterday, all the martial arts practitioners here have killed Huaxia people. There’s no need to ask them that question because they have to resort to such tactics in order to improve their standards of living!”

    Fang Qiu arched his brow and said, “Since that’s the case, then I have no reason to show them mercy.”

    Then, he immediately moved to attack.

    Those six men were terribly unlucky to have met Fang Qiu bright and early in the morning when he needed to warm up.

    Weren’t they just asking for it?

    However, this time, those people seemed to have come prepared.

    The moment Fang Qiu moved, they immediately attacked and charged at him from all sides.

    “Humph,” Fang Qiu scoffed coldly.

    Those men had clearly come prepared.

    Just as he had expected, the man who headed toward Fang Qiu suddenly stopped and a burly man immediately took his place. He charged at Fang Qiu with his fists out.

    This burly man had a pelt made of leopard skin slung around him and his right shoulder was left completely exposed.

    He looked exactly like a wrestler from the plains at first sight.

    More importantly, he was a sixth-class Martial Superior.

    “You came at the right time,” Fang Qiu said.

    Fang Qiu had originally intended to dodge the blow and quickly work at getting rid of the rest of the Mongolians but he suddenly changed his mind after he saw the sixth-class Martial Superior.

    He wanted to know how powerful the wrestlers who lived on the plains were!

    These wrestlers did not rely on kungfu but they relied purely on their wrestling skills to become martial arts practitioners.

    Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate. He immediately curled his hand into a fist and charged at his opponent.

    In an instant, the two fists clashed against each other.


    The next moment, the burly man took two steps backward.

    “He’s really strong,” Fang Qiu thought.

    Although he hadn’t budged, the top half of his body couldn’t help but sway for a brief moment.

    He clearly sensed that the power from the burly man’s fist far surpassed the rest of the martial arts practitioners.

    This was pure, brute strength that had nothing to do with internal Qi!

    Zu Liancheng and Guisha wouldn’t be this person’s match either if they were to compare with him based on strength alone instead of internal Qi.

    It was worth a mention that Fang Qiu could be able to crush Guisha on strength alone even when Guisha had the upper hand.

    Yet, this burly Mongolian had only taken two steps back after the initial clash with Fang Qiu.

    Even Yin Laoguai who was a seventh-class Martial Superior with one meridian was not even able to handle one punch from Fang Qiu, and his subordinate, a sixth-class Martial Superior had been sent flying after one punch from Fang Qiu.

    Yet, this man had been able to handle his punch. This showed how powerful the strength of a wrestler was.

    “What a pity,” Fang Qiu shook his head as he attacked again.

    He swiftly dodged the burly man’s counterattack and immediately attacked the four fifth-class Martial Superiors instead.

    These fifth-class Martial Superiors were of no threat to him.

    After less than ten moves, he quickly found the opportunity in the midst of the intense battle to strip all the four fifth-class Martial Superiors of their powers.

    Then, there were two.

    There was another middle-aged man who was on the slim side in addition to the wrestler.

    The two sixth-class Martial Superiors continued to attack Fang Qiu.

    Soon, the thinner man was sent flying by Fang Qiu.

    Ultimately, Fang Qiu faced off against the angry and shocked wrestler one-on-one and they started a fierce battle.

    He would provide for the battle by battling and do the same with his strength!

    They exchanged close to a hundred moves.

    Fang Qiu noticed that this burly man didn’t know any kungfu techniques and all he knew were the most practical wrestling moves of tugging, throwing, and tripping.

    After he memorized his opponent’s moves, he acted at the right moment and threw his opponent over his shoulder to subdue his larger opponent.

    Then, he slammed his fist down and stripped his opponent of his kungfu.

    Frankly, he felt a little bad for stripping his opponent of his kungfu.

    However, when he looked at his opponent’s savage face and thought of the Huaxia people this burly man had killed, he decided that he had to take such drastic measures.

    He stripped all six people of their kungfu skills in one battle.

    Zu Liancheng was completely flabbergasted while Guisha didn’t know how to react.

    He had told them on more than one occasion to bring here the strongest people in their team. Yet, these people kept bringing men who were stronger than the last batch but who were not the most powerful people in their team.

    Would it be a good idea to attack Fang Qiu in waves?

    “Phew,” Fang Qiu exhaled softly after he finished battling his opponents.

    He felt refreshed after he had completed his warm-up.

    He also noticed that after the battle from the night before, his strength had increased significantly. He was now a peak third-class Martial Superior and he had made huge strides to becoming a fourth-class Martial Superior!

    “The effects of this battle are pretty good,” he said as he chuckled to himself.

    If he continued this momentum, he would be able to break through to the fourth class if two more groups of Mongolians were to attack him.

    “Tell them to get lost,” he said to Guisha as he glanced at the six Mongolians. Then, he sat crossed-legged on the ground.

    “He asked you guys to get lost. You’re too weak and you should bring someone who is more powerful next time,” Guisha said.

    These six martial arts practitioners held each other for support and left.