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Chapter 113 - He is a Newbie Driver

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 113: He is a Newbie Driver

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    Chapter 113 – He Is a Newbie Driver

    The man dressed in black’s explosive force was immensely powerful!

    The other policeman had a quicker reaction time. He retreated as soon as he saw the opponent charge at him, preparing to fire from a distance.

    The man in black did not give the officer a chance to take the shot. He pounced on him like a tiger, then he swept his leg out and kicked with unstoppable force. The color drained slightly from the policeman’s face as he hastily reached up to parry the blow.


    Arm and leg collided with a dull thud. The policeman felt the full violent force of the kick surging through his body. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and tumbled to the ground with his gun. The man in black snickered then rolled forward on the ground toward the cop, grabbing him to use as a human shield.

    Several more policemen stormed onto the scene with their guns pointed at the man in black. They yelled angrily, “Put down the gun!”

    “Shoot me. If you have the balls, then fire. Hehehe!” laughed the man in black cruelly. Bloodlust permeated his stiff-sounding Chinese, and his face contorted into a demented grin. He obviously believed that they would not dare fire on him with their fellow policeman in the way.

    The situation proceeded according to his predictions. The seven or eight policemen who arrived as reinforcements wanted to save their ally and kill their enemy. They were conflicted and unable to take action. They only continued nervously, taking aim at the man in black while maintaining their positions. A layer of cold sweat covered their palms.

    Seizing the opportunity, the man in black pulled a policeman’s sidearm on the ground toward him with his heel. He flamboyantly spun the gun in his hand. It made two full revolutions before it stopped with its pitch-black muzzle pointed directly at the policemen.


    With a hideous sneer, the man in black mercilessly squeezed the trigger.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    A stream of flames shot out from the muzzle. The policemen sensed the danger but were too slow to return fire. They only managed to get down on the ground or take cover behind the vehicles closest to them. Even then, they were still too late. Bullets tore through the air toward them. In the blink of an eye, five men were brought down, and three vehicles were blown to pieces. Shards of glass and other debris went flying, and clouds of dust billowed. It was a powerful attack.

    Having shot down almost half of the policemen, the man in black kicked away his human shield and made a dash for Zhang Dashan’s white Corolla.

    Zhang Dashan swore under his breath and moved his foot to the accelerator, ready to make a getaway. However, the silhouette of a small child flashed in front of the car, and he had no choice but to take his foot off the gas.

    In that brief period, the man in black caught up. He opened the door and slid into the back seat. Pressing his gun to Zhang Dashan’s head, he shouted harshly in stiff Chinese, “Drive, or I will shoot you!”

    Xiao Luo thought of making a move. However, he noticed that, aside from the gun, which the man wielded in his right hand, he was armed with a hand grenade in his left, so he abandoned the idea.

    Zhang Dashan, in all his many years of life, had never had a gun to his head before, and he nearly wet himself in fear. His voice quivered as he asked, “B-b-Big brother, where to?”

    “Go straight! Go straight quickly!”

    The man in black kept close tabs on the police’s movements, looking to the left and right. He barked a warning, “If I get caught by the police, then I’ll kill the two of you first!”

    With his left hand firmly gripping the grenade, he fired two shots from the gun in his right. A policeman giving chase at a distance flipped over. The man’s aim was impeccable.

    The shots fired caused the rest of the policemen instinctively to get down on the ground, slowing down their advance. The man in black turned back to Zhang Dashan and shouted, “Why aren’t you driving? do you want to die?”

    “Big Brother, don’t be hasty. I’m driving. I’m driving.”

    Zhang Dashan started up the car in a hurry, stepped on the pedal, and the vehicle sped off.

    “Faster! You need to go faster!” With the gun to Zhang Dashan’s head, the man in black continued to roar at him, “Go as fast as you possibly can. You absolutely cannot let the police catch me, or you will be the first one I kill.”

    “I understand! I understand!”

    Terrified, Zhang Dashan was pale as a ghost, but he hurriedly followed the man’s orders, driving faster and faster. He sensed an intense bloodlust emanating from the man. Since he didn’t seem to think twice about killing policemen, the man would have no qualms about killing a small fry like Zhang Dashan.

    At that moment, Zhang Dashan’s mind was racing as he considered whether he was really going to lose his life here. There would be consequences if he did as he was the only remaining son of the Zhang family’s long line. If he expired, there would be no one left to pass down the family name. However, Xiao Luo was next to him in the front passenger seat, so his nervousness began to subside slightly.

    “My friend here just got his driving license,” Xiao Luo suddenly spoke up. “He is a newbie and not psychologically prepared to drive. With you pointing a gun at his head, he’ll be even more afraid, and it’s highly likely we will end up in an accident. How about this, let me take the wheel. I’m a racecar driver, and I guarantee that we will shake off the police with my driving.”

    The man in black squinted at Xiao Luo. “You guarantee it?”

    Xiao Luo replied confidently, “Of course. If I can’t, you can kill me first.”

    “Ok, I will believe you this once. You two change seats now, quickly!”

    The man in black did not want any careless slip-ups, and he had indeed noticed that Zhang Dashan’s driving skills were not up to par. The car was unstable, and it felt like they might flip over at any moment.

    Xiao Luo steadied the steering wheel. He snuck a look at Zhang Dashan, who vacated the driver’s seat.

    “Ding, Congratulations! You’ve received ‘Crazy Driving Skills’ and used up five hundred points!”

    In his head, the sound of the system notification sounded, but Xiao Luo was not bothered by it. When Xiao Luo put the pedal to the metal, Zhang Dashan had just sat down in the front passenger seat. The white Corolla roared like a wild beast, speeding down the congested road with small sharp turns left and right like a white phantom.

    Zhang Dashan was on the verge of throwing up. He was trying to buckle his seatbelt and feeling sorry for what his car was being put through.

    In the back seat, the man in black was gleeful. “Not bad. This is how you do it, hahaha…”

    After a couple of miles, police sirens sounded behind them. The reinforcements had caught up.

    Three police cars with their ear-piercing sirens were gaining on them at an insane speed.

    The man in black turned around to see what was happening, and a murderous look filled his eyes. “Sh*t. They’re still chasing us!”

    Leaning out of the window, he fired a shot and burst one of the van’s tires. With a loud bang, the entire vehicle flipped over sideways, blocking the path of one of the police cars.

    Then, he pointed his gun at a tank truck carrying oil and sneered ferociously, “You can all go to hell.”

    If his shot landed, it would cause a massive explosion and probably destroy more than half of the road.

    Xiao Luo realized what he was trying to do, and abruptly accelerated. They raced forward more than ten yards. The man’s aim, which had previously tracked the oil tank, was thrown off in an instant. He lost sight of the target and hit something else.

    Looking again at the police cars chasing behind them, the man in black was enraged. “What the f*ck are you driving so fast for?”

    “Didn’t you ask me to drive fast?” Xiao Luo frowned with his eyebrows in a knot. He asked, deliberately provoking, “So, do you want me to drive faster or slower?”

    The man in black was despondent, shouting, “Of course I want you to drive faster!”

    Xiao Luo nodded. He unleashed his driving skills and immediately pulled almost fifty yards ahead of the trailing police cars.

    “Hey, kid, your driving skills are not too bad. Do you want to come to work for me?” Seeing that there was some distance between them and the police, the man in black let out a sigh of relief.

    “No, thank you, I have a job.”

    “A job?”

    The man in black laughed mockingly then said, “How can a man live like cows and sheep? A man should go to battle and discover the joy of conquering the world, walking the thin line between life and death. Go wherever you want to go and do whatever you want to do.”

    “Big Brother, what kind of work do you do?” Zhang Dashan asked curiously.

    “For a fee, I can either kill someone or save someone. I have no religion, no nationality…”

    “You’re a mercenary?”

    Xiao Luo’s eyes narrowed as he cut short the man’s speech.