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Chapter 99 - Being Ugly Is Not Your Faul

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 99: Being Ugly Is Not Your Fault

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    Ning Meng, who had been watching both her father and husband play chess became confused. Huo Beichen raised his beautiful brow and lifted his head. Ning Wentao berated, “Su Tiantian, what are you blabbering about?”

    Su Tiantian continued sobbing.

    “Only she knows whether I am blabbering or not! When I mentioned Li Yichen the last time, didn’t she ask me to introduce him to her?”


    Ning Meng looked toward Wentao. He had a glint in his eyes when he heard this. He was sure that there was something amiss.

    “Me again?”

    She face-palmed and looked at Huo Beichen. His expression seemed to be frozen. It was clear that he was thinking about the Hermès that Li Yichen had gifted her.

    But surely this did not prove anything?

    Ning Wentao became anxious and let out a cough.

    “But you did not introduce them, right?”

    Su Tiantian’s face was filled with guilt, but she continued to condemn Ning Meng.

    “The day Li Yichen was supposed to buy the copyright to ‘The Seductress”, he bumped into Meng Meng in the basement. After that mysterious conversation, Li Yichen’s attitude toward me changed! Ning Meng, you’ve settled down, right? Why do you need to disturb other people’s relationships?”


    At that time, she had felt guilty for robbing Li Yichen of ‘Shifting to Mars’, so she had just given him some advice. She had completely forgotten about him after that!

    Seeing that she was only talking nonsense, Ning Meng rebuked, “Su Tiantian, you have just been struck by lightning, so now you want to strike other people too?”

    She folded her arms and continued, “Did you think that other people will stoop down to your level just because you’re stupid? I’m sorry, we’re not of the same kind. Is your Mr. Li more handsome than my husband? Or richer than my husband? I would be crazy to let go of my husband just to steal your Mr. Li. What joke are you trying to pull?”

    “Why you…”

    Ning Meng chuckled.

    “So you want to know why Mr. Li has given up on you? Sure, I will tell you why, then!”

    Su Tiantian’s face changed slightly.

    “Since you know the reason, you must be behind all of this!”

    Ning Meng pursed her lips.

    “Isn’t it obvious? Please turn left and take two steps forward. Do you see that full-length mirror? Have a good look at yourself. Then you will know the reason why!”


    Ning Meng continued to fan the flames.

    “It’s not your fault that you’re ugly. God was just throwing a tantrum when he made you!”

    Su Tiantian was trembling with anger when she heard this. She was about to retort when Ning Meng cut in first.

    “Oh, dear. If you’re going to be angry, you will look even uglier. If your ugliness can generate electricity, all the generators in the country would have to stop their business!”


    It was then that Ning Wentao noticed his son-in-law’s face darkening, and he immediately exclaimed, “Chase Su Tiantian out! She is not allowed to come into our house anymore!”

    Cao Xuehua shouted back in disbelief, “Wentao?!”

    Ning Wentao waved his hand, irritated.

    “If you do not want her to leave, you can leave with her!”

    Cao Xuehua’s eyes turned red. She could not imagine that he would be this heartless.

    They had been married for a few years. Every time Ning Meng bullied Su Tiantian, Ning Wentao would only scold her privately, but if Su Tiantian touched Ning Meng, he would turn ruthless!

    “I’ll send Tiantian home and come back.”

    After both of them had left, Ning Meng sat on the sofa and let out a heavy sigh.

    “Why? Have they made you mad?”

    “Nah. I just feel that I could have unleashed my anger even more effectively earlier.”