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Chapter 115 - A Little Cute

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 115: A Little Cute

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Xiao Luo followed Gu Qianlin back to the police station. After they finished with the inquisition and making a record, Xiao Luo stood up and bid her farewell.

    “Xiao Luo, who are you exactly?” Gu Qianlin stared at Xiao Luo with her big eyes as she asked him the same question as Red Scorpion had.

    Xiao Luo smiled then replied, “I’m a law-abiding citizen.”

    “You know that’s not that I’m asking.”

    With pursed lips, Gu Qianlin said solemnly, “According to the records of Fang Chongqiang and others, you were also present that day when Chu Yue was assaulted and the 17 Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps were killed. You did that, right?”

    As soon as she said that, the cops nearby gaped at them with shocked faces. Did the 17 Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps really perish at this kid’s hands? How was such a thing possible? He looked ordinary, and his body was not even sculpted. How could he have possibly killed 17 monsters with specialized training?


    Xiao Luo made sure that his answer was clear-cut. He wasn’t obligated to confess everything.

    “But you’re the prime suspect. You know Chu Yunxiong, Chongshan House’s boss. And, coincidently, you were there that day. I have my reasons to suspect that you’re the bodyguard whom Chu Yunxiong hired to protect Chu Yue and ensure her safety,” said Gu Qianlin.

    Xiao Luo replied with a playful smile, “That’s all just speculation. You don’t have any actual proof. Besides, Miss. Gu, why must you find out who did it? Knowing that those mercenaries are dead should be enough, shouldn’t it?”

    “It is my responsibility and obligation as a police officer. I have to get to the bottom of this.”

    “So what if you get to the bottom of things and find out who did it? Do you intend to put him behind bars?” Xiao Luo asked, his tone tinged with coldness.

    Gu Qianlin was slightly startled. Then, she replied loudly, “I would not send him to jail. The truth is all I seek.”

    “The truth is that this suspect guy helped you clean up a group of mercenaries who came into our country illegally,” Xiao Luo said faintly then changed the topic. “Oh yeah, your convicts almost got my friend and me killed. My friend’s car is also trashed. Maybe you should be figuring out how much we compensation we will receive. I think that’s all from me. I still have things to do, so I’ll be going now.”

    When he finished his sentence, he waved and left.

    Gu Qianlin shouted to his back, “Xiao Luo! One day, I will find out who you really are.”

    Xiao Luo didn’t look back.

    As far as he was concerned, everything would be fine so long as the things he did lived up to his conscience. Why should he care what others thought of him, even if that person was a cop?

    Outside the police station, Zhang Dashan was sitting in his car with his soul amiss. He had not recovered from the incident where Xiao Luo had shot Red Scorpion. Although his behavior was ruthless and aggressive, he had never killed anyone. His best pal had, however, pulled the trigger, killing someone who had been very much alive, right before his very own eyes. The scene of the bullet piercing Red Scorpion’s skull looped in his mind like a movie.

    The car door opened. Xiao Luo snuck in and sat down in the front passenger seat.

    Zhang Dashan looked at him without saying a single word. He had the sincere, honest look of a child.

    “I’m giving you a few days off. Get that brain of yours moving,” Xiao Luo said.

    He knew how Zhang Dashan was feeling right now—just like how he felt after he’d killed someone for the first time. It would take some time to process.

    “Are you really Xiao Luo?” Zhang Dashan stuttered while looking his friend up and down.


    “But I suddenly find you very unfamiliar.”

    Hearing him, Xiao Luo shook his head and laughed bitterly. He sighed and said, “I’m still me, your good old brother. Same as always.”

    Once, Xiao Luo suspected that the system had altered him. But ultimately, he’d discovered that the system had left his personality intact. The truth was, he’d already had all of these traits concealed deep within him. The system had merely given him strength, which, in return, had given him the power to decide his enemies’ fates.


    Zhang Dashan needed time to process, so Xiao Luo would give him ample time to do so.

    However, he would still be better off with a partner to help him find the reporter sabotaging Luo’s Workshop’s reputation. After giving it much thought, he decided that Li Zimeng, head of the Sales and Marketing department, was more fitting. Li Zimeng was familiar with the various storefronts. Most importantly, after the news had first broken, she had followed the thread for some time and was aware of the reporter’s identity.

    “Mr. Xiao, this is the reporter’s information.”

    Li Zimeng came into Xiao Luo’s office and placed a dossier on the desk. She was wearing a black suit and a white shirt with a lace collar. The cuffs were rolled up, revealing her arms and a fair complexion. On her left wrist, she wore a delicate white watch.

    Her hair was shoulder-length with slightly curled ends. She had an hourglass figure and facial features with photogenic dignity, and generally gave off the air of a capable and experienced professional young woman.

    Xiao Luo didn’t know the identity of the Taste Buds spy implanted at his company. For the time being, he did not fix his suspicions on anyone.

    Xiao Luo went through the document under his eyes. There was a picture of a man with tiny eyes and little flesh on his face. He looked somewhat scrawny. The black wool hat he was wearing, however, was rather fashionable.

    “Miss Li, you’ve been in contact with Chen Jianbai. What do you think of him?” Xiao Luo inquired.

    Li Zimeng thought about it seriously and replied, “He’s an unreasonable man. When he heard that I was from Luo’s Workshop, he immediately issued an order to lock me out.”

    “Is that so? I’d like to meet him right now.”

    Xiao Luo grinned. He really wanted to know how unreasonable Chen Jianbai was.


    A Tango Red Audi zoomed out of the parking garage. Li Zimeng was driving with Xiao Luo in the backseat.

    In all honesty, chauffeuring her boss stressed Li Zimeng out. Most importantly, Xiao Luo had not uttered a single word since getting into the car, which made the atmosphere during their journey very awkward. She felt like she was sitting on pins and needles as she drove.

    At last, she attempted to break the silence. “Mr. Xiao, how do you intend to deal with Chen Jianbai?”

    Xiao Luo answered her directly, “I’m going to ask him why he is slandering Luo’s Workshop.”

    “He will never admit to that. He’ll only say that something is wrong with our product and that it caused someone’s death. He’ll insist that he was only reporting the truth. Besides, I heard that he considers himself to be brothers with some ruffians. I’m afraid that if we go to him just like that…”

    “It’ll be fine. I’m just going to chat with him.”

    Xiao Luo smiled and redirected the conversation, “This car of yours cost at least 300 to 400 thousand, am I right? It’s really comfy and quiet.”

    Li Zimeng laughed a little unnaturally. It was a little strange that her boss was praising her car. “Mr. Xiao, I bet your car cost somewhere in the millions?”

    “My car? I don’t have a car,” replied Xiao Luo.

    No car?

    Li Zimeng looked surprised.

    “Don’t doubt what I say. I don’t have a car.” Xiao Luo knew what she was thinking. He mocked himself, “I have no car, no chauffeur, not even a bicycle.”

    “Mr. Xiao, why don’t you get one?”

    “Given the straights that Luo’s Workshop is in now, do you think I’m in a position to buy a vehicle?”

    Xiao Luo’s line of questioning rendered Li Zimeng speechless. She didn’t know what to say, and thought to herself: This can’t be right, can it? He’s the boss of a company, and he can’t even afford a car? Ugh, this is so awkward!”

    She stole a covert glance at Xiao Luo in the rearview mirror. Out of the blue, she thought that he was kind of cute.

    Yes, cute!