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Chapter 113 - Just that Amazing

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 113: Just that Amazing

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    Xuanyuan Xu, who was engrossed in his activities, did not realize that there were many pairs of eyes on him. He just continued sitting in the pit and chattered on.

    “Mom, don’t worry. Your son has been digging graves and tombs with your husband since I was five years old. The flying claw I made is foolproof. No one will find out.

    “Why not apply for leave? Umm… The school doesn’t pass them so easily. They won’t let me take leave. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in such a pitiful situation—concerned about my father who just had surgery and having to run out in the middle of the night to make a call…”

    He spoke with such guilt that Qianmo found something amiss when she heard it. She turned her head to ask Ma Jingtian, who was gnashing his teeth together.

    “Is the school that unreasonable? His father just had an operation for god’s sake. Even if he’s not allowed to go home, shouldn’t they at least allow him to make a phone call?”

    Ma Jingtian spat in contempt. “Bullsh*t! Do you know how much of an a*shole this guy is? If he had not lied so many times before, how could he not be able to apply for leave?”

    The truth of the matter was this: This guy, named Xuanyuan Xu, had applied for leave as soon as he entered school. There was always some part of his body that was not feeling well every day. Although the school was strict, they were not that cruel to deny a student medical leave.

    Coupled with the fact that this guy was able to produce medical certificates issued by a first-class hospital, his application was approved.

    That night, an instructor, who was working out of the office, caught this guy sitting at a barbecue stall not far from the school. Holding a skewer in one hand and a bottle of beer in another, Xuanyuan Xu nonchalantly sauntered towards an Internet cafe. The instructor was so furious, his veins almost popped out.

    What was even more hateful was that when the instructor went over and caught him, this kid pulled out an infusion bag from his pocket. Yes, an infusion bag…

    Immediately, he stuck it in his pants and threw away the bottle of beer. Just like that, he became a pitiful person who was lifting an infusion bag and having difficulty eating skewered food.

    How did he look like a police school’s student? Wasn’t he behaving just like a hoodlum?

    Had the school doctor not examined him and diagnosed that he was indeed running a fever, he would have been kicked out and expelled from the school.

    Their military training lasted for ten days. Out of the few days he was there, he had already applied for leave for all sorts of reasons. He had just started school but was already causing so much trouble.

    Due to his antics, he soon became notorious in the school. As a result, when he applied for leave due to a family emergency two days ago, claiming that his father was undergoing an operation, nobody believed him.

    He was like the boy who cried wolf, destroying his escape route with his own hands. Who would have thought that his father really underwent an operation? Worried for his father and after being warned that he would be expelled if he were to cause more trouble, in a moment of desperation, he made a reckless decision.

    No problem. He simply made his own machine and got out of school. He was just that amazing.

    When Qianmo climbed over the wall and had seen the few scratches on the surface, she had immediately associated them with the scene of him “flying” out from the building. She figured that the culprit probably had on him a retractable flying claw that was like a spring. Using a tool to fly and walk on walls was not considered too difficult.

    In fact, some special combat units could also do the same. It was just that the tools they used were different from this kid’s.

    Qianmo understood then that the school was not being negligent by sending only a few people to handle this issue. It was on purpose.

    If the school took action, this matter would blow up and become an even bigger deal.

    The boy’s deeds in the mountain, although absurd, did not have serious consequences. It violated discipline but was not reprehensible.

    This matter could be considered big enough to meet the expulsion requirement. However, it could also be small enough, such that it would be enough by punishing him to read out his own self-reflection in front of the whole school.

    The reason the school had instructed the students to deal with the issue carefully and make allowances pertinent to the situation was likely because they were interested in the kid’s talent.

    He had just entered school yet displayed a unique talent that made him stand out from the rest. At a young age, he could already create such gadgets and bypass the layers of security barriers to escape from the school. This boy was no doubt a genius, and if guided well, he would definitely achieve great things.

    If there was a real family emergency, it would be possible to downplay this huge issue and end up punishing him leniently, giving him a chance. However, if Xuanyuan Xu had run out for a ridiculous reason, the school would just shed tears of pity as they immediately expelled him.

    The school leaders probably also wanted to observe the personal abilities of the elite students who were about to compete. Hence, they asked Ma Jingtian to bring along the four freshmen into the mountain. This was a two-pronged assessment, which meant that the school knew from the beginning that there was no ghost and that it was just Xuanyuan Xu being up to no good.

    Hence, they went with the flow and carried out the assessment. The school leaders were not to be reckoned with, and they played their cards well. It was only because Qianmo had a high IQ and ample experience that she realized this. The other freshmen would not think that much.

    It seemed that the school did not just have a cold and ruthless side. However, not everyone would realize their appreciation of talents.

    Ma Jingtian did not realize it, either. All he knew was that the brat in the valley deserved a good spanking.

    “What ‘one of the top three police schools and is filled with talents’? Mom, you don’t know. The handsome men here all have stern faces and are all serious and firm, but they’re not that capable. I can still come and go as I please… Oh right, let me share something interesting with you.”

    Xuanyuan Xu continued gossiping over the phone, “Two days ago, the bronze medalist of the school’s martial arts competition was beaten up and sent flying back and forth in the air. Hahaha!”

    Unable to listen on anymore, the man who was sent flying, Ma Jingtian, flexed his arm. Lowering his voice, he reported their current position into the walkie-talkie to inform their other teammates to come over and wallop the shameless brat. Qianmo remained on the spot while he headed down to the valley.

    Without waiting for his teammates to arrive, Ma Jingtian decided to go down first to beat this Xuanyuan kid up and knock him to the ground like a potato.

    The tense situation instantly developed into a hilarious one, making Qianmo laugh.

    Suddenly, Qianmo heard a slight noise coming from behind her and someone whispering her name. Turning her head around, she saw a person standing under the moonlight.

    A person who did not make her feel scared and even made her feel warm and fuzzy.

    While Qianmo was looking into the eyes of the other party, down in the valley, Xuanyuan Xu, who was boasting non-stop on the phone, suddenly felt a chill run down his spine before his phone disappeared from his hand.

    He looked up.

    Holding the phone, Ma Jingtian said politely, “Hello, Auntie, I am the potato that Xuanyuan told you about. I mean, I am Xuanyuan Xu’s senior. On behalf of the school, I would like to ask how is Uncle’s condition?”

    Xuanyuan Xu’s mother was stunned for a while, before she snapped out of it and replied, “Thank you for asking. He got out of danger today. Thanks for the school’s concern. Please help me tell Xu to concentrate on his studies and not apply for leave to come back. I’ll take care of his father.

    “Also, ask him to properly complete his courses so that he can quickly achieve his dream of being a policeman. My child has been naughty since childhood, and the school is allowed to punish and educate him. As long as you don’t expel him, feel free to straighten him up.”

    “Auntie, please rest assured that for the past 60 years since the establishment of our school, the school has been committed to cultivating talents to produce high-quality police personnel. No matter how stubborn and mischievous a person is, once he enters our school, after being nurtured in a strict atmosphere, they will definitely become serious about their life and job. Please tell Uncle not to worry and just focus on recuperating.”

    Ma Jingtian earnestly said into the phone, “I wish Uncle a speedy recovery. Goodbye, Auntie!”

    Xuanyuan Xu’s mother hung up the phone and remained silent for a while as she listened to the beeping sound that signaled the end of the call. Then, she sighed and murmured to herself, “What trouble did this rascal cause? That man on the phone said, ‘No matter how stubborn and mischievous’… It shouldn’t be Xu, right?”