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Chapter 114 - Shadow Under The Moonligh

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 114: Shadow Under The Moonlight

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    Xuanyuan Xu was truly a wild child. He traveled around the country with his parents, who were archaeologists since he was five years old and had been to all the big mausoleums. He had never paid attention to his studies, and even though he had a high IQ, he didn’t use it in the proper areas.

    It was already too late when the two professors finally discovered that their son was getting more and more difficult to discipline, which meant he had become a spoiled brat. After racking their minds, they could only enroll him in the police academy.

    They hoped to find a place to rein him in.

    They had considered the military academy first, but they heard that it was stricter than the police academy. The students would be court-martialled if they committed a big mistake as they would have a military status the moment they registered in the school. However, they would not be official police officers when they enrolled in the police academy. So, they would, at most, be expelled if they made a blunder…

    The old professor happily congratulated her spouse on the bed, who just had a surgery done, after she thought of that.

    “It’s great. Our brat is not kicked out. According to his senior, although he is categorized as a naughty student, the academy is still willing to give him a chance to turn over a new leaf…”

    No wonder she was a professor; she got the gist immediately.

    The professor, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes after coming out of the critical period. He exchanged a look with his old partner with tears in his eyes as they clutched each others’ hands. Everything he wanted to say became one sentence.

    “Thank you so much, Country… Thank you so much, Academy…”

    Somebody was going to discipline that boy!

    After Ma Jingtian hung up the phone, Xuanyuan Xu smiled brightly.

    “Senior, I can see you are still as handsome as ever. What a coincidence that we meet each other here again.”

    Ma Jingtian said without any expression, “Nope, I was beaten into a pulp.”

    He pressed Xuanyuan Xu onto the ground and gave him a punch. “But I still feel even if I became a potato, I would have no problem beating you up, kid. How dare you talk nonsense! How dare you pull such a stunt!”

    Xuanyuan Xu was exceptional at making gadgets, but as an intellectual talent, he really wasn’t good at fighting. He was whacked till his screams echoed in the valley.

    “Hey! Is there anyone? Senior is hitting me…”

    Under the night sky, his yells alarmed the birds sleeping on the trees, and they flew away in a hurry. If Qianmo was free, she would definitely watch this punching session with a smile. Then she would say in a mature tone of voice, ‘When these two teenagers recall this “ghost catching” incident decades later, they would be feeling exasperated and funny at the same time. It would be a memorable night for both of them.’

    Too bad, Qianmo didn’t have the time to think about that now. She looked at the man who had appeared behind her quietly.

    If someone suddenly appeared behind one’s back in the middle of the night, a normal person would be terrified. So why wasn’t Qianmo afraid?

    That was because this person deliberately made some noise before he came here to alert Qianmo. He even called her name softly after he was sure she had heard his footsteps.

    He was afraid to startle her, so he made sure she was mentally well-prepared. Besides, Qianmo’s defense system wasn’t activated when she heard that familiar voice. Fully relaxed, she wasn’t scared even a bit when she saw the man as handsome as the moon and stars in the sky.

    A man about 180-185cm tall was wearing a camouflage uniform and makeup under the moonlight. He also had a backpack on his back. Qianmo couldn’t see his face instantly in the dark, but she would never mistake his gaze.

    To Qianmo, this one and only pair of eyes had the confidence to accept the entire world, yet so small that only she alone existed in his vast world.

    This was unmistakable and fated.


    He put his index finger over his lips. Qianmo got his meaning immediately. She lowered her gaze to look at Ma Jingtian teaching that kid a lesson and estimated they would be taking a while. Thus, she followed Black into a deeper part of the forest.

    There was nobody there. He took out his handkerchief, laid it under a tree, and gestured to her to sit down. He then took out a water bottle from his backpack and passed it to her.

    “Why are you here?” Qianmo looked at his dressing. He seemed to be on some kind of mission.

    But, what about his wound that had not fully healed yet?

    “Our unit has a drill for the recruits. We borrowed this mountain, and I am the examiner.”

    Qianmo observed a moment of silence for Big Potato Xuanyuan.

    “How long are you all here for?”

    “Two days.”

    “So… that kid was always under your gaze?”

    Yu Changmo nodded. Yup…

    Therefore, Although Big Potato Xuanyuan thought he had avoided the academy’s surveillance and traps, he was always within Black and his mates’ visions. Qianmo could even imagine these soldiers hiding in the dark and looking at this little brother jumping around like a monkey indulgently.

    To this kid, a beating wouldn’t have caused a huge psychological trauma. However, how huge was this going to impact a kid who came from a (legal) tomb raider family was the real question. One wondered if he would ever have the courage to wander around in the dark again.

    However, these were not the problems for Qianmo and Black to consider.

    “Your body has not fully recovered. Why are you not resting properly?” Qianmo wanted to look at his wound, but he turned his head to the other side and looked at the mountain afar.

    She understood: He had not overcome his phobia yet. In order not to disrupt his mission, she suppressed the urge to check his wound.

    The rosy clouds pursued the moon in the sky, while Black was feeling lonely on the ground.

    He had been missing her and looking forward to this meeting for a long time. His heart almost flew to the heavens when Xiaoyu informed him that she was coming. He had so much to tell her but had no idea where to start.

    How could he tell her his feelings without acting up? The task felt as difficult as scaling the heavens.

    Qianmo almost felt the same.

    She wished to find a day to talk things out with him after the training was over. Since there was no issue with her physical report, the only problem between them was his phobia. And she didn’t care…

    She was confident that she would be able to cure him and was also willing to make that historical first move.

    However, why would the usually sharp-tongued her unable to find suitable words to say? The surroundings were silent, and even the birds on the trees had stopped chirping. There came only one or two howls from afar occasionally.

    Qianmo thought hard but still didn’t know how to tell him. Her brain was stuck in a loop.

    It was rare for her brain to “short circuit” in her life.

    Even in her previous life when she took a knife to hack that jerk Lin, her mind was clear, and she knew exactly what she was doing.

    But now, her brain had shorted out. She actually didn’t know how to give voice to her feelings at that moment.

    Exactly like the diagnosis that Chen Meng and President Qian had given her, there was an extreme sense of pride in successful women. This pride made it very hard for her to blush and hand over a love letter, or say “I love you” to the person she liked. It was just her character and couldn’t be forced.

    Although Yu Changmo couldn’t look straight at her, he was still paying attention to her every move. He was also getting nervous when he saw her sitting under the tree without saying a word.

    Was his appearance too abrupt? It was already so late; would she find him frivolous?

    “Drink this.” He pushed the water bottle in his hands.

    Qianmo was also feeling a little thirsty, so she took this opportunity to open the water bottle and drink. She stopped after taking a sip.

    This was his bottle, and she just drank directly from it. Was it…

    …indirect kissing?