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Chapter 115 - We Are Not That Distan

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 115: We Are Not That Distant

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    Although the two of them had done more intimate stuff than this in her previous life, she still felt full of warmth at the moment. The burning sensation was even stronger, especially when she sensed his gaze land on her.

    Wait a minute, this taste. Could it be…

    Qianmo took another sip and confirmed it was his best concoction, green plum juice.

    Qianmo liked this green plum juice a lot. When she was studying in high school, there was a little store that sold this near her school entrance. It was not blended with concentrates but made by adding real plums and sugar, specially sealed and fermented later.

    Its taste was exceptionally refreshing. The fragrance of the fruits was being released by the rock sugar, and one could taste the natural fruit aroma in every sip. Qianmo drank it every day back then.

    She was a 24K pure glutton. It was rare to find people with similar tastes to hers.

    That shop closed down soon after due to low sales. This was because the drink was difficult to make, and the ingredients were not cheap either. Besides, the normal students were unwilling to spend extra money to buy this since they couldn’t tell the difference between home-brewed juice and those blended from concentrates. Qianmo was troubled over this for a while.

    That was until she was released from prison in her previous life and met Black. When she took a sip of that drink from him, it felt like she had been reborn.

    At that time, she didn’t know why he could concoct the drink she liked. But Qianmo seemed to have understood something now as she savored the taste from her memory, reminiscing about the past.

    She shook the bottle. It was full.

    He should have prepared this for her in advance and was only waiting for a chance to give it to her since he met her.

    He was like the umbrellas for rent in front of the convenience store. He could be sitting there idly for 365 days in a year, but he would wait patiently for the day that he would be of use.

    He was the ultimate “nice guy”. He didn’t need her to reciprocate or know, only wanting to be there for her whenever she needed him. She couldn’t think of a reason for her to hesitate or reject a man like him.

    Qianmo was relieved after she thought of this.

    “What do I like to eat?”

    “…Meat?” he answered after being quiet for a while.

    She liked plenty of food, and a large majority was meat products.

    “What can you make?”

    “What do you… like to eat?”

    Both of them were speaking as if they were in an interview, with one of them asking and the other answering.

    “Will you make everything I want to eat?”


    Qianmo twisted the bottle cap tight and set it aside.

    This series of actions had shocked Yu Changmo into taking a few steps backward. He didn’t understand what she wanted to do.

    “You, come here!” She flexed her finger.

    Yu Changmo walked with much difficulty, as if he was heading to a guillotine…

    The two of them only had half a meter distance in between. Qianmo stood up, and her intense presence affected him instantly. He found it difficult to breathe, and the world seemed to be spinning.

    Qianmo took a deep breath and looked up to the sky. The rosy clouds had blocked the moon, plunging the surroundings into darkness.

    Great, the moon was blocked, and the land was dark. It was time to bring out the big guns!

    Yu Changmo’s eyes could see clearly in the moonless night. He didn’t know why the goddess opposite him suddenly started behaving unusually.

    “Black, I am not someone who likes to express her feelings in words.” Her voice sounded deeper than usual in the darkness. It was slightly hoarse but sounded very sexy.


    “Therefore, I…” She stopped for a moment and took a deep breath.

    She should demonstrate since she couldn’t express in words! Go!

    Objective: Hug Black.

    Qianmo was shrewd in many things, but she had never confessed her feelings to a person before in this life, nor in her previous one.

    It had always been the men making the first move to pursue her. As a result, she lacked experience in that particular department.

    The scent of the green plums mixed with her own swept over him. It seemed that she had almost achieved her target.

    At this moment, she was his Moonlight Goddess. This mountain, this moon, and everything here was bestowed with a different meaning by her proactiveness.

    The camouflage makeup on Yu Changmo’s face hid the crimson bliss he felt.

    It didn’t matter even if the phobia, which would suffocate him until he almost blacked out, washed over him again now. However, it seemed a little different than the usual. He couldn’t differentiate whether this uncontrollable reaction was due to pain or ecstasy.

    Or the phobia was acting up.

    Or maybe, it would hurt when one liked a person to the extreme.

    But it didn’t matter at all. He only knew the walls that locked him within his lonely world were shattered for a brief moment by her initiative.

    Just as he was ready to reach out to hold the sweet woman that he had pined for such a long time, a slight sound coming from behind broke Yu Changmo’s happiness. To top off his disappointment, her hands were only one arm’s length away from his waist.

    Qianmo was already at the point of no return and about to get what she wanted. But she saw him reach out, grab her shoulders, and push lightly. Qianmo was gently pressed back to her original position.


    He did that with a special technique. There was no pain on her physical body, but it felt like her pride was rubbed against the floor…

    If another person dared to do this to her, Qianmo could think of tens of thousands of methods to torture him. But this was him… so it was a whole different matter entirely.

    Qianmo’s anger dissipated after looking at him, and then she began to feel sorry for him.

    He definitely didn’t want to push her away. He stood against the light and clenched his fists tightly. She couldn’t see his expression, but she could guess that the world’s most confident pair of eyes must be filled with frustration and regret.

    Qianmo had mistaken it spectacularly.

    In fact, the reason why Black pushed her away was… there were many people there. He didn’t have to think too hard to know that all of them were staring at the couple, waiting to witness the latest gossip.

    Their brainwaves were definitely on different frequencies. Qianmo was thinking that he was being tortured by his phobia. His suffering was a harsh verdict on her. Why wasn’t she strong enough to cure him?

    It looked like today wasn’t a good time to make things clear.

    “I have to go now. Senior will panic if he doesn’t find me.” She stood up and shook the bottle in her hand.

    Her back was getting further away gradually, like the countless times previously. He could only protect her secretly. At this moment, this irresistible back view made Yu Changmo feel even more desperate.

    She must be angry and would never talk to him again in the future.

    Suddenly, she stopped, turned around, looked into his eyes, and said seriously, “Yu Changmo, please call me by my name.” The maiden under the moonlight was extremely solemn, as if their future relationship depended on this.

    “Chen Qianmo.” He had always obliged to her demands. He would act immediately whenever she asked for something.

    But she wasn’t satisfied with just this. She frowned a little and tilted her head slightly to the side. Only one action and she looked cuter and less serious.



    She had changed her name?

    What should he call her by?

    Goddess? Goddess Mo?

    Yu Changmo was grappling. The way he looked when he pondered hard seemed to have pleased her and also mollified her frustration of being pushed away after making the first move.

    He must have cared a lot to be thinking so hard. His insecurity now was enough to prove her status in his heart. There was no need for her to care about the finer details.

    “Don’t call me by my full name. We are… not that distant”.