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Chapter 467 - Di Luo Feng’s side story

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 467: Di Luo Feng’s side story

    Three lives, the dreams are still there.  I am willing to stay with you for a lifetime.  ——Di Luo Feng.

    I knew my future path since I was born.  I knew my own power and I knew that I had to become the most outstanding person of the Hundred Beast Continent.

    However, the heavens didn’t help me.  I was beaten by a little girl of the north faction.

    After seeing her at the age of ten, I only saw her again in a mortal market.

    I clearly knew that she was strong enough to tame the Black Bear, but I still took out the Azure Ink Orb to compete with her.

    But with a wave of her right hand and a flash of golden light, the white light suddenly charged forward and tamed the spirit beast in front of me.

    I was stunned at that moment, she really deserved her title as a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master.

    I had different emotions for her when we were at the Other Shore Forgotten River!  The Snow Qilin’s dream was quite beautiful, so beautiful that I had forgotten myself and forgotten my life’s path.

    I only thought that it really was good being with her.

    But god seemed to be playing a joke on me as I witnessed her…..dying in front of me.

    I thought that without witnessing life and death, I would never understand what kind of feeling despair was.

    I brought her corpse back and placed it in an ice room.  I would go see her every day and tidy up her face.

    She was still that good looking, never getting tired of it…...

    Then I randomly bought a rabbit, a small rabbit.

    I didn’t know why either.  I had only bought a rabbit, but it filled my life of despair with colours.

    Time passed quickly and the little rabbit turned into a big rabbit.  It kept getting bigger and bigger, it was especially fat…..

    Occasionally, I would see it standing in front of the mirror looking over itself before its ears drooped down, looking very depressed.

    I walked over to softly pat its head.  It really liked to jump into my embrace which was especially cute.

    It was a very strange rabbit, it could understand the human language, but it couldn’t awaken any skills.

    I had the Snow Mastiff help it raise its skills, but the number one divine beast was acting cute in front of a fat rabbit!

    I simply couldn’t believe it, but facts proved this to me.

    Until I took it to share my secret.

    Then I learned its secret.

    So the love had never really left, he just didn’t know it was there.

    After I learned that she had turned into a rabbit, I didn’t even know how happy I was.

    I thought about things that I could do for her all day, like building a room for her or custom ordering clothes for her.

    When I thought that I would be in this happy cycle, the heavens brutally hurt me again.

    A despair that was like an endless cycle.

    However, she appeared again.  It was her body, but it wasn’t her.

    I knew, but I didn’t reveal it.

    I was waiting the whole time, creating a chance for that person to reveal themself.

    At the same time, I selfishly did a thing, waiting for her to come steal me.

    We had made a promise and even if the chances were slim, I was filled with hope as I waited for her to come.

    She didn’t know how much my heart had trembled when she called out that fake.

    My mind was blank at that time like someone who had lost their soul, using all their strength.

    But it was a good thing she was back, it was good she was back.

    There is only a single thing you need to do in this life, be with me, be with me…..