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Chapter 468 - Little theater side story

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 468: Little theater side story

    I’m not willing to separate from her.  If we must separate, I would rather say goodbye to this world.


    [The system is a bit nervous because the system has many questions to ask.]

    “Then properly think it over.”

    [Pu, humph!]  The system gave a proud snort.

    However, Di Luo Feng didn’t care at all…..

    [No introduction, no prelude, no opening, the system is about to ask the questions!]

    “Un, system, ask!”

    [“First question: Three lives of love, which one did you like the most?”]

    “I liked them all.”

    [......]  So simple and concise!

    [“Second question: When she turned into a rabbit, why didn’t you immediately notice?”]

    “.....This, it’s very hard to notice!  A dead person had turned into a rabbit, I never would believe something like this, alright?”

    [Oh!  Alright, the system feels the same!]  The system helplessly nodded its non-existent head.

    [“Third question: Why did you kiss a dead person and a dead rabbit?”]

    “System, do you really want to keep living?  Do you know the next world?”

    [Ah, ah, ah, the system knows, don’t scare this system!]

    “Fourth question: If you could go back in time, where would you want to stop?”]

    “Other Shore Forgotten River.”

    [Is that place really that good?]

    “At least I would never lose her.”

    [“Fifth question: Who do you think is stronger, the Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master you or her?”

    “Of course she is!  I was an example of a henpecked husband!  After getting married, I never tamed a spirit beast other than the rabbit!”

    [Wa, the host is so strong!]

    [“Sixth question: How did you know that the person who came out of the ice coffin wasn’t the host?”]

    “I think that I have always loved her.  Even if the appearance of that face could surprise me for a bit, it still can’t stop the rejection that comes from my heart…..”

    [“This system feels that you all quite like to say mushy stuff, it feels like it’s too much.]  The system was still a baby, it didn’t like eating dog food.

    [“Seventh question: What was the warmest moment for you?”]

    “Playing with the rabbit!”

    [“Why does young master Di like playing with the rabbit?”]

    “Because it was fat, ugly, and cute!”


    [“Eighth question: What did you feel when you first saw her?  Don’t tell the system it was love at first sight, the affection proves that it definitely wasn’t!]

    “I was thinking that this person was starting something!  However, I couldn’t compare to her even using all my strength and my unwillingness to lose came up.”

    [Oh!  The system knows, so you reduced your affection for the host!  Too far!]

    “Sorry!  Deeply sorry!  If I knew that I would be inseparable from her, I would have given her a hundred at first sight and wouldn’t let her feel aggrieved!”

    [“Ninth question: What was the most incredible thing for you in this world?”]

    “Un…..I still married the Luo Family’s third young miss in the end.  Going in a circle, everything was destined from the beginning.  I had three lifetimes of love with her and it was just a reincarnation to test my love.  Although I don’t like this kind of reincarnation, as long as she can return to my side, it was all good.”

    [“Tenth question: Ke, ke…..Why couldn’t the two of you combined take care of the Emperor Contract!  You already said you would keep the peace of the continent, where’s the protagonist aura!”]

    “The protagonist aura only exists in novels, reality is very cruel!  Not all light exists forever and when darkness swallows everything, you can only hug the person by your side.  You are helpless in everything else.”

    [The system seems to understand a bit…..]

    [Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 9/100]