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Chapter 85 - Let’s Divorce (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 85: Let’s Divorce (1)

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    While insulting his uncle, he had also underhandedly praised his new wife; he’d called Xu Weilai beautiful! This skillful dressing down had not only stopped the man in his tracks, but had also left him with no legs to stand on in this conversation!

    Gu Xiong’s eldest son, Gu Feng, already had a grudge against Gu Yu because his precious little sister was practically smitten with him. Now, his father had been harshly humiliated in front of him, and his expression became cross. He stopped hiding his hostility and said, “Yu, a wife is supposed to be chosen based on her virtuosity, but you married a woman with such an infamous reputation, instead! If everyone else found out that the two of you got married, our Gu family would become a laughingstock!”

    His disdain and disrespect shone through clearly when he didn’t even bother using Xu Weilai’s name, straight up calling her a “thing.”

    Gu Yu smiled and the corners of his lips lifted. But there was no smile in his eyes as he said calmly, “Then you can leave the Gu family immediately and found your own household. That way, nobody will make fun of you.”

    There was a short pause. Then, he looked at Gu Feng and said, “The Gu Corporation’s legal team is on call twenty-four-seven; it wouldn’t even take more than a minute for you to make an official request!”

    Gu Feng had still been full of aggression a second before, but he quickly backed down and grinned nervously. “Yu, you know your brother was just joking. P-please don’t mind me.”

    Gu Yu leaned back on the sofa lazily and said, “My mother and father only have one son, and that is me!”


    Gu Feng was flustered and paused for a minute. Cold sweat rolled down his back. “Yu, your cousin was wrong. I didn’t control my mouth, so I apologize. I’m sorry little brother and sister, I’ve had quite a bit to drink, and I started speaking nonsense. I’ll punish myself with three more shots!”

    Without hesitation, he frantically picked up his wine glass and guzzled down three shots worth of wine. His face turned red.

    Grandpa Gu, who had been watching quietly from the side, finally spoke up to mediate the situation. “Alright, alright. We’ve had our dinner and our wine already. New members, now you have all seen that Little Weilai is here now as a member of the Gu family. She will be the mistress of the Gu family from now on, understood?”

    “From now on, anyone that disrespects her will also be disrespecting me. And then, I will be mad, okay?”

    Despite speaking in a playful tone, his words had a strong and indisputable message to the family. Even if anyone else was dissatisfied, they were only allowed to smile and nod their heads in acceptance.

    The night grew dark and people began to leave. Grandpa Gu was very pleased to see Gu Yu protecting Xu Weilai like that and drank a few extra glasses of wine, becoming tipsy.

    Xu Weilai walked with him back to his room and carefully helped him to his bed.

    The old man held her hand with a pleased expression on his face. “Little Weilai, I knew that you could walk in Yu’s heart once again. I was right, I was definitely right…”

    “Little Weilai, you have to work hard now; hurry up and bear a child with Gu Yu. No—not just one—it’s best if you have more. Grandpa can raise them! Yu is too lonely, and I’m afraid I won’t be with him for too much longer. I don’t want him to be alone when I’m gone—I worry about that…”

    Grandpa Gu’s optimistic rambling gripped Xu Weilai’s heart with sorrow, and a trace of tears surfaced in her eyes.

    She’d broken Grandpa’s trust. She couldn’t walk into Gu Yu’s heart. Everything today had just been an act that Gu Yu had played alongside her…

    She didn’t want the old man to see her tears, so she quickly turned her head down, took a breath in, and said softly, “Get some rest, grandfather.”

    Grandpa Gu nodded obediently. “Okay, I’ll go find my son in my dreams. I’ll tell him that I found a good wife for Yu, so I’m better than him!”

    Xu Weilai walked out of the room to see Gu Yu with his back turned to her, his hand resting on the handle in the hallway as he looked out towards the night sky.

    The mansion had suddenly quieted down and become empty. His silhouette looked strangely lonely, and it almost made her want to walk up and give him a hug.

    As she watched him, she slowly walked towards him as if enchanted.