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Chapter 88 - Tasted Bitter

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 88: Tasted Bitter

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    Although this was not the first time they were kissing, Jiang Yao was still as clumsy as a bear. She grabbed onto the collar of his shirt with both of her hands anxiously.

    Their eyes met and she could see her reflection in his eyes.

    After quite some time, Lu Xingzhi ended the kiss. He seemed to be happy and raised his hand to ruffle her hair. He laughed softly. “Next time, remember to keep breathing and don’t keep holding your breath. If I were to kiss you for an hour, are you going to suffocate yourself?”

    Jiang Yao’s face flushed red and she gave him a light push as she was shamed into anger. “You didn’t brush your teeth! I was suffocated by your stinky breath!”

    “Ha…” Lu Xingzhi curved up his lips and laughed. “I brushed my teeth, you’re the one who didn’t.”

    He stopped for a while and added, “Hmm, you tasted bitter,”

    “Did I let you kiss me? Did I give you permission to kiss me?” Jiang Yao actually went mad. That guy still made fun of her after he took advantage of her. That b*stard, hmph!

    The smile on Lu Xingzhi’s face became even obvious. “I’m fine with that.” It seemed as if he wanted to explain and comfort her with that sentence. However, with the smile that he rarely put on his face, it only gave Jiang Yao an impression that he was making fun of her instead of comforting her.

    “Let’s eat.” It seemed like Lu Xingzhi did not notice that Jiang Yao was mad. He ushered Jiang Yao after he was done arranging the breakfast that Mrs. Lu brought. “Go brush your teeth and wash your face, then have your meal.”

    Jiang Yao glared at Lu Xingzhi. “I know that I need to brush my teeth and wash my face before a meal without needing you to remind me!” Then, she got off the bed.

    After getting enough rest for a night, Jiang Yao was feeling a lot better and her body felt more relaxed. The pain on her back was not that severe compared to the previous day.

    Jiang Yao had been a doctor in her last life. She knew very well deep in her heart that the wounds on her back were only flesh wounds that looked terrible. She should be able to get discharged today. She was only uncertain whether the wounds on her face could heal before school reopened. Otherwise, it would be quite embarrassing for her to attend school with wounds on her face.

    When Jiang Yao was back after she was done washing up, Lu Xingzhi was still sitting at the same spot as if he had never budged, except for his eyes that were looking in her direction. Breakfast was neatly arranged on the table. He had not touched it, and it seemed like he was waiting to enjoy the meal with her.

    Although Mrs. Lu was uncertain about what Lu Xingzi would arrive, she could guess that Lu Xingzhi would head straight for the hospital once he was back. That was why she had prepared an extra set for Lu Xingzhi.

    There was porridge, some side dishes, and the buns made by Lu Haixing’s caretaker. Jiang Yao gained her appetite just by taking a sniff.

    Lu Xingzhi could tell from Jiang Yao’s eyes that this little girl would like to eat the buns on the table. Therefore, he gave Jiang Yao a bun right away after she sat down. His eyes were locked on Jiang Yao as she held the bun with both her hands and ate the bun bit by bit like a little hamster. When she noticed that he was looking at her, she even gave him a stare and made a cocky “hmph!” sound before she looked away.

    At that very moment, Lu Xingzhi felt that his heart was filled with something, or in other words, his heart was suddenly overwhelmed with a blessing called happiness.

    Jiang Yao lowered her head and finished half a bowl of porridge that Lu Xingzhi gave her. A bun, half a bowl of porridge, and a few bites of side dishes—that was her portion of breakfast. After she finished her meal, she stretched herself with satisfaction and regained all of her energy.

    She saw that there was another bun laid in front of her. Jiang Yao pushed it straight towards Lu Xingzhi while asking, “How many days are you going to stay for this time?”

    Lu Xingzhi grabbed the bun that Jiang Yao had pushed towards him and took a bite. He only replied after he glanced at Jiang Yao, “I will return to my troop after I send you back to school. Remember to let both your brothers know later.”