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Chapter 100 - I’ve Never Passed The Security Screenings

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 100: I’ve Never Passed The Security Screenings

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    Su Tiantian had been insulted almost to the point of passing out and yet, Ning Meng still said she could have “unleashed her anger more effectively”? Was she planning on pissing Su Tiantian off until she died of anger?

    Ning Wentao rolled an eye at his daughter.


    Huo Beichen, on the other hand, could not hold in his laughter anymore and let out a snigger.

    Seeing that his son-in-law was finally at ease, Ning Wentao let out a sigh of relief.

    “Dear son-in-law, let’s play chess.”

    5 minutes later.

    Ning Wentao looked at the chessboard with a conflicted smile. “Umm, dear son-in-law, are you sure that you’ve never played chess before?”

    “Yes, I’m sure. This is my first time playing it.”


    Then how was he able to beat him so effortlessly?!

    If he lost this game, how could he maintain his reputation as the man’s father-in-law?

    Looking at the chessboard, Ning Wentao took a glance at Huo Beichen and opened his mouth.

    “Ah, my dear son-in-law… I think I got it wrong earlier. That’s not how you move the knight piece. The movement isn’t L-shaped.”

    “Then how should we move them?”

    “Diagonally by one square.”

    “Oh. I see.”

    Ning Wentao let out a sigh of relief.

    However, Ning Meng, who had been watching the game all this while, opened her mouth.

    “Dad… are you sure?”

    Raising his head, Ning Wentao saw the inquisitive glare from his daughter’s eyes.

    He let out a fake cough and said, “Oh, I’m not sure. I’m old now. Not good with my memory! Alright, let’s stop. We should head to the dining table now!”


    Ning Meng was speechless at how shameless her father was. Meanwhile, Huo Beichen stood up casually, not paying much attention to them. It seemed that to him, winning the chess game was none of his concern at all.

    After having their meal, Huo Beichen bid his farewells and prepared to head to the airport.

    Ning Wentao stood proudly as the father-in-law and said, “Alright, you may go. Do visit often in the future. Oh, and one more thing. Do treat Meng Meng properly or else…”

    Before continuing on, he took a glance at Huo Beichen. Seeing that his son-in-law was not upset, he resumed his words, “or else I’ll weep in front of you!”


    Ning Meng looked at her father speechlessly.

    “Okay, go. Meng Meng, go see our beloved guest to the airport.”


    Ning Meng was puzzled. What? He was just heading to the airport… was there really a need to see him there? He would be back in a few days, it was not as though they would not be seeing him again!

    While she was having an inner monologue with herself, she saw that Huo Beichen had opened his car door for her like a gentleman and then winked an eye at her.

    Ning Meng was stunned.

    What? He actually wanted her to see him off?!

    Not having a choice, she stepped into the car. Huo Beichen walked over to the other side of the car and got in. Before getting into the car, he politely said to Ning Wentao, “I’ll visit next time for another round of chess, sir.”

    Ning Wentao responded anxiously, “Oh no. You don’t have to!”


    After the car left the Ning Mansion, there was an unnerving silence swirling around the car. Huo Beichen was sitting quietly, not uttering a single word.

    Qi Shan, who was the driver in front, said, “Boss, you should check your luggage. If there is a bottle of liquid that is more than 100 milliliters, you would not be allowed to pass the security screening at the airport.”


    Huo Beichen gave a curt response before noticing that Ning Meng was glancing at him. He then turned his face toward her inquisitively.

    Seeing him turning his face her way, Ning Meng anxiously said, “I’ve never passed the security screenings at the airport.”

    Qi Shan asked in confusion, “Why?”

    Ning Meng gazed flirtatiously at Huo Beichen and said, “Because you’re inside my heart.”


    Her old flirty self was back.

    Meanwhile, a flush of red clouded over Ning Meng’s face. That was odd. Usually, she could say these flirty-sweet nothings effortlessly, and yet today… she felt that her ears were burning red.

    Geez. She should refrain from saying more of these embarrassing things in the future!

    It did not take long for them to reach the airport. After seeing Huo Beichen and Qi Shan off, Ning Meng took a taxi back to the Ning Mansion to get her car.

    When she reached home, Ning Meng received a phone call from Lin Qingbei’s manager.

    “Ms. Ning, ‘Throne of Songs’ is starting a new season and they’ve sent Lin Qingbei an invitation to participate in their program. There are many strong contenders in the show… it’s quite difficult for us to get a slot in. Do you think we should participate?”

    Ning Meng was puzzled. What a weird question that was!

    “Of course we should participate!”

    The manager then cleared his throat before replying.

    “But Lin Qingbei refused… he said… it’s because Su Tiantian is in the show as well.”