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Chapter 101 - A Secret Weibo Accoun

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 101: A Secret Weibo Account

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    Ning Meng raised an eyebrow and asked, “What? Is he scared?”

    Suddenly, Lin Qingbei snatched the manager’s phone and said, “No. I just don’t want to be in the same TV show as her. I mean… you hate her, don’t you?”


    Ning Meng’s mouth was twitching after hearing this.

    “I do hate her, however, she’s one of the most popular and famous idols in the country. She’s practically everywhere. Are you saying that you’re going to evade her wherever she goes?”

    Lin Qingbei went silent after hearing this.

    Recalling what Su Tiantian had done at the Ning Mansion earlier, a sharp glower flashed up in her eyes.

    She then ordered, “We will participate. Not only that, but we will also win the first prize. We’ll beat Su Tiantian so bad at her own game that she’d need to crawl down from the stage weeping!”

    The manager was surprised to hear this. “But there are many seasoned singers participating! Even Su Tiantian herself isn’t confident in winning the first prize! It would be a miracle for Qingbei to last until the final round, what more, winning the first prize!”

    Ning Meng replied, “Then we’ll go ahead and achieve the impossible!”


    Not giving a chance for the manager to retort, she forcefully hung up.

    Seeing that his boss’s decision was final, the manager e-mailed the show’s rules and regulations to Ning Meng’s phone.

    Each round of the show had 7 participants, and every round, there would be an extra challenger thrown in half-way to shake things up. The participants had to acquire enough votes to enter the next round otherwise they would be eliminated from the show. This would continue until the final round which would pit only 2 participants against another with no other extra challengers, and the last person standing would win the first prize.

    As for the voting system, it was opened to the public. Anyone could register for an account to vote for their favorite singers online—for idols, their popularity was also part of their strengths. Thus, the seasoned singers who had been in the industry for years might not have as much advantage as the newcomers like Su Tiantian. Plus, Su Tiantian was currently one of the most popular idol that was loved by the public at the moment.

    In other words, it almost felt like this TV Show was made entirely for Su Tiantian.

    Realizing this, Ning Meng let out a cold snigger.

    Then, she went and opened up the Sina Weibo app—the app that she had not used since she had entered this world. She wanted to check just how many fans Lin Qingbei had at the moment.

    Yet, after logging in, she saw that there were two accounts—other than the account “Comic Artist Lemon”, one that she used for her comic drawing career, she also had a secondary account that she never knew she had before.


    Curious by what it was, Ning Meng logged into the unknown account.

    Could this be a secret account that the “Original Ning Meng” had used to follow lewd contents online?

    Hmm? the account’s name was “sourandsweet”.

    … what a stupid name.

    Wait. This account had over 700,000 followers? What??

    Just as Ning Meng was puzzling over what she was seeing, several private messages came in.

    [sour, my dear, it’s been a long time since you last logged in. Have you gone missing?]

    [soursweet! If you don’t log in anymore, I’m going to unfollow you! Have you seen ‘The Hero’?]

    [sour! I’m following Su Tiantian all because of you! If you don’t come out and maintain the fans, I’ll unfollow you soon!]


    Reading these messages, it took some time for Ning Meng to understand what this account was.

    This account was actually a Su Tiantian’s fan account! And not only that, this was a super fan account!!

    It was normal for idols to have thousands of fans, and so, to manage these fans’ letters and organize events to meet the fans, the idol usually employed the aid of “super fans”.

    As it turned out, this “sourandsweet” was a superfan with 700,000 followers! One who was quite influential and a leader figure!

    Surprised at what she saw, Ning Meng quickly checked the account’s history.

    “sourandsweet” was quite loyal, managing the fans’ letters every day, spending billions to help Su Tiantian organize events for years.

    Suddenly, Ning Meng was hit by a massive realization.

    The “Original Ning Meng” was not Su Tiantian’s hater. Sure, she was not friendly in front of Su Tiantian, often belittling her orally to various degrees. Yet, she had never really done any actual harm to Su Tiantian. In fact, she was the person who had been secretly supporting Su Tiantian’s idol career from the start.

    Aww, what a foolishly sweet sister she was.

    While Ning Meng was still being moved by what she was seeing, Su Tiantian’s official Weibo had sent her a private message.

    [Dear sour, you’ve finally logged on! Thank God. It’s been so long. Are you alright? What happened to you? We were all worried about you.]

    … well, this was a reasonable response from them. If they lost the support of a super fan, this would have had a really adverse effect on their fanbase—like a massive tsunami!