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Chapter 102 - An Aloof Super Fan

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 102: An Aloof Super Fan

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    Meanwhile, at Tianxin Entertainment.

    After sending the message, Su Tiantian tossed her phone aside and pouted in annoyance. “It’s just a super fan. What’s the big deal?”

    Her manager anxiously explained, “This super fan is different. He has been following you since you first started as an amateur idol. He has been supporting you for many years. Today, there are many fan groups who look up to him as their leader.”

    Su Tiantian’s head was still spinning from all the fiery roasts that Ning Meng had thrown her way in the day. Rubbing her forehead, Su Tiantian responded in frustration, “If he’s going to go and disappear on us, we could just replace him with other management. He only has 700,000 followers, do I not have a much bigger fanbase than that?”

    The manager sighed. “sourandsweet is quite influential among your fans, not only that, he is a leading figure in the entire fanbase. If he left the fanbase, everyone would think that you’ve wronged him.”

    Seeing that Su Tiantian was still not paying much attention to this, the manager continued explaining, “Besides, he’s quite rich! Do you want to know why your fans have never done any crowdfunding for your events? It’s all because he was the one who covered all the expenses!”

    Hearing this, Su Tiantian’s interest was piqued.

    The manager continued with his proposal, “Now that you’re about to participate in the ‘Throne of Songs’… if he could help you fund a fan campaign…”

    Raising her phone, Su Tiantian asked, “So, it’s a ‘he’?”

    The manager let out a sigh of relief before replying, “I don’t know, however, he might be a millionaire’s son. He’s quite rich after all.”

    Nodding her head, Su Tiantian sent another message: [sour, are you there?]


    Ning Meng stared at the two messages from the Su Tiantian’s official Weibo.

    Of course she was going to leave the fanbase. However, she had to pick a proper time to do it.

    In the original plot, after the “Original Ning Meng” had died, “sourandsweet” had probably become an inactive account, vanishing into thin air. Su Tiantian would only take a small blow from the lack of influence, not suffering any long-term effects.

    Not only that, but she also would never find out how much her step-sister, the “Original Ning Meng”, had done for her.

    However, this time, it would be different. This time, she would be using this account to avenge the “Original Ning Meng”.

    Letting out a smug grin, Ning Meng replied: [Yes, I’m here.]

    If she was going to be a super fan, she would become an aloof super fan.

    Su Tiantian: [I’ll be participating in ‘Throne of Songs’. I’m giving you a few tickets, are you coming?]

    Rubbing her nose, Ning Meng replied: [Sure.]


    A few tickets were transferred over via Weibo QR codes.

    It was quite clear what Su Tiantian wanted—she wanted “sourandsweet” to continue supporting her and managing her fans for her. Of course, “sourandsweet” was still expected to pay everything out of her own pocket for the campaign.


    Ning Meng: [Then pay me all the costs for the support banners. Now.]

    Su Tiantian was stunned. She had not expected “sourandsweet”, the one who had been spending billions of yuan for her events, to suddenly ask for these monetary claims.

    Su Tiantian: [?]

    Meanwhile, Su Tiantian Studio’s Weibo, being handled by her manager, also joined in the discussion: [sour, could you please handle the costs first? We’ll help you to claim the cost later.]

    Ning Meng replied: [Sure. Then, I’ll sort out all the expenses I’ve spent on you over all these years and send them over. Please claim those for me too.]

    Ning Meng was not a stingy person. No. She was not stingy! However, that was over billions of yuan spent on Su Tiantian! She hated that. She would not pay anything for that b*tch, not even a dime!

    Su Tiantian Studio: [Weren’t those paid by you voluntarily?]

    Ning Meng: [What do you think I am? An automated teller machine?]

    Su Tiantian Studio: [sour, can we talk about this? Perhaps there’s been some kind of misunderstanding. Did Tiantian do something wrong?]

    Ning Meng: [Sure, we can talk. But I can’t say anything good about her.]

    Su Tiantian Studio: […]

    Ning Meng: [I once thought that she was a brave flower standing atop a cliff. And yet… I’ve realized that…]

    Su Tiantian Studio: [You’ve realized that…?]

    Ning Meng: [She was just dung laying in the crowd.]

    Su Tiantian Studio: […]

    Ning Meng: [Gimme back my money or else I’ll leave the fanbase!]