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Chapter 181 - Setting Off: Returning to the City to Acquit Ye Jiuge

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 181: Setting Off: Returning to the City to Acquit Ye Jiuge

    “Bloodthirsty Patriarch must have spent a lot of money to give him a Magical Bottomless Bag,” Luo Tian said with envy, jealousy, and a hint of hatred.

    Even during the golden age of the Blood-clad Miao people, they had been unable to obtain such things.

    Not because they lacked money, but because they had no way of buying them. Magical Bottomless Bags could only be found in larger Spiritual Cities.

    “Liu Yunfei has a Magical Bottomless Bag too,” Ye Yu added.

    He had been tracking Liu Yunfei for a long time, and he had seen her use it frequently.

    “This Bloodthirsty Patriarch is not simple,” Ye Jiuge said solemnly.

    To be able to give his subordinates Magical Bottomless Bags, apart from being extremely wealthy, he must have some connections.

    “Who cares if he is simple or not? As long as he is on the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s Kill List, he will end up dead, sooner or later.” As Bai Songling spoke, he forcefully removed Jiang Shengjie’s mark from the Magical Bottomless Bag and poured out its contents.

    Human skin!

    Pile after pile of human hides.

    The skins emitted a faint blood stench. The hollow eyes seemed to be recounting the pain and suffering they’d experienced before their deaths.

    “D*mn this Bloodthirsty Sect.” Bai Songling could not help but kick Jiang Shengjie’s leg again.

    “Alright, alright. You should be satisfied now. Don’t kill him, or all our efforts will go to waste.” Ye Yu immediately stopped Bai Songling.

    “Indeed. With these things, we will be able to bring Jiang Shengjie to justice. The Eldest Miss will also be acquitted of the crimes.” Luo Tian nodded.

    Bai Songling’s color improved slightly. Extending the Magical Bottomless Bag toward Ye Jiuge, he said, “Eldest Miss, although this Magical Bottomless Bag is not exactly spacious, it is still quite useful.”

    “You can keep it. I don’t need it.” Ye Jiuge shook her head resolutely.

    Whenever she thought of how the bag had been retrieved from inside the crotch of Jiang Shengjie’s pants, she felt disgusted.

    “Liu Yunfei has another one.” Ye Yu agreed that it wasn’t appropriate for Ye Jiuge to use Jiang Shengjie’s bag. It would be more suitable to snatch Liu Yunfei’s for Ye Jiuge.

    “Sure. Then, I will keep it for now. We’ll discuss how we should handle this Magical Bottomless Bag after we have returned home.” Bai Songling stowed the Magical Bottomless Bag.

    “Make sure that Ouyang Sen and the rest are safe first,” Ye Jiuge said.

    They were essential eyewitnesses.

    Ye Jiuge thought: I am still a fugitive, and it is unsuitable for me to show myself. Ouyang Sen and the rest can handle the matter of proving my innocence.

    Ye Yu placed Ouyang Sen, Xia Chenfeng, and Hu Lin on the ground then woke them up using Antidote Pills.

    “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” Hu Lin screamed immediately after opening his eyes.

    “Brother Hu, please, calm down. We have already captured the Sorcerer.” Ye Yu hurriedly restrained him.

    “What Sorcerer? Are you saying that Jiang Shengjie is a Sorcerer?” Hu Lin was confused.

    He had been the first to fall unconscious, so he had not seen Jiang Shengjie unmasked.

    “That’s right!” Just as Ye Yu finished speaking, Ouyang Sen and Xia Chenfeng woke up.

    “The Sorcerer has been captured?” Ouyang Sen asked Ye Yu excitedly.

    “Yes.” Ye Yu nodded.

    “Exactly what is happening?” Xia Chenfeng frowned. He felt that Ouyang Sen and the man with the last name ‘Feng’ were keeping something secret from him.

    “Brother Xia, is this how you treat the person who has just saved your life?” Although his suspicions of Xia Chenfeng had been cleared, Ye Yu did not have a favorable impression of him.

    “Hmph, the person who saved my life?” Xia Chenfeng’s eyes swept past Bai Songling and the rest. He sneered, “I think it’s more like the person who made monkeys out of us.”

    Clearly, he’d realized that Ye Yu was using Ouyang Sen to fish out the Sorcerer.

    “These Sorcerers have gravely breached societal norms. Everyone has the right to kill them. Brother Xia, please don’t fuss over minor matters. Once we’ve sent this Sorcerer to Pharmacist Dongfang, you’ll be credited as well,” Ye Jiuge said to help resolve the dispute.

    “You will make sure to credit us?” Taking in Xia Chenfeng’s words, Hu Lin was ready to make a scene. However, hearing Ye Jiuge, his expression changed immediately.

    “Of course. Without everyone’s help, how could we possibly capture such a vicious ruffian?” Ye Jiuge spoke with a devotion to righteousness that inspired reverence—as though she really meant it.

    Her main objective was to acquit herself, and there was no harm giving credit to Xia Chenfeng and the rest.

    Furthermore, Liu Yunfei and Su Junqing, the two bosses, had yet to be caught. It would be a much more significant contribution to capture them.

    “Hmph!” Xia Chenfeng harrumphed grumpily, but he did not continue to cause a fuss.

    “This fellow killed my senior! I want him to taste the feeling of a painful life.” Ouyang Sen stared viciously at the unconscious Jiang Shengjie. He pounced on Jiang Shengjie and was about to give him a few punches to vent his anger.

    “Brother Ouyang, please, calm down.” Ye Yu hurriedly rushed forward to stop him.

    However, Ouyang Sen’s fists had already landed on Jiang Shengjie.

    Ouyang Sen immediately realized that something was wrong as he struck Jiang Shengjie. The icy sensation was like a dead person.

    Ouyang Sen reached out to check Jiang Shengjie’s breath. Immediately, he cried, “How did he die?”

    “What?” Bai Song hurriedly pushed Ouyang Sen away and squatted down to check Jiang Shengjie’s pulse. He found that Jiang Shengjie was indeed dead.

    “It wasn’t me. I only punched him once, and I did not even use much force.” Ouyang Sen shook his head repeatedly.

    “He committed suicide.” With a single gaze, Ye Jiuge was able to discern that Jiang Shengjie had severed his meridians.

    Ye Jiuge thought to herself: I miscalculated in thinking that everything would be alright since he’d fallen unconscious. I did not expect him to commit suicide in this way. This will be troublesome.

    “Even if he is dead, he is still a Sorcerer. We can still drag him to the Medicine Refinery City.” Bai Songling rose and said with a darkened expression. “Let’s not waste any time. We will head back now!”

    It was already very late at night. If they rushed back in the dark, they should be able to reach back to the Medicine Refinery City at dawn.

    “Go, go, go! Let’s go now!” Hu Lin displayed a high fighting spirit. He would be silly not to want to be credited with this free meritorious service.

    Xia Chenfeng and Ouyang Sen agreed as well. A long night would be fraught with dreams, and they nodded one after the other.

    Ye Jiuge and the rest lifted Jiang Shengjie’s corpse and hurriedly headed toward the Medicine Refinery City.

    On the journey, Jun Yichen ordered the venomous snakes and hornets to open up a path. Without the harassment of demonic beasts, they successfully reached the Medicine Refinery City.

    The sky was already bright.

    The gates of the Medicine Refinery City were open, and the soldiers were inspecting the people entering and exiting the city.

    Seeing that Ye Jiuge and the rest were covered in dust and carrying a black sack behind them, the soldiers on duty were immediately wary.

    “Stay right there. What do you have inside the sack?” One of the soldiers raised his pike and aimed it at Bai Songling, who was standing in front.

    “It contains a Sorcerer’s corpse,” Bai Songling said proudly.

    “What?” The soldiers on duty thought that they had misheard him.

    “We are the guards of the Rank Two Alchemist, Ouyang Sen. A Sorcerer attacked Alchemist Ouyang outside the city. After doing everything we could to resist him, we finally killed him.”

    Although Bai Songling’s voice was not loud, it caused a ruckus among the soldiers on duty. The captain walked out and carefully examined Bai Songling, Ouyang Sen, and the rest. Cautiously, he said, “Alchemist Ouyang, the matter regarding Sorcerers is not of the everyday sort, and I have no authority to make decisions. Please wait for a moment while I consult my superiors.”

    Having said so, the captain instructed the soldiers to protect Ouyang Sen and the others. He, on the other hand, rushed to the Medicine Refinery Complex.

    “Brother Bai, what are you doing? What if something goes wrong?” Ye Yu disagreed in a low voice.

    “You know as well I that the Eldest Miss is now famous. If we don’t cause a large scene, how are we going to acquit her?” Bai Songling had given this a lot of thought.