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Chapter 183 - Adding Hail to Snow: The D*uchebag Father Arrives

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 183: Adding Hail to Snow: The D*uchebag Father Arrives

    The person who had arrived was Ye Yuxuan.

    He was wearing the long blue robe that Alchemists usually wore. Behind him stood Ye Shanshan, Captain Pan, and the rest of the guards who had escorted Ye Jiuge to the Medicine Refinery City.

    When the Crown Prince saw Ye Yuxuan, his eyes lit up immediately. Hurriedly, he greeted, “Great Master Ye, you have arrived!”

    “Yes!” Ye Yuxuan came to the Crown Prince’s side. He glanced at Ouyang Sen and said, “Alchemist Ouyang, I heard that you killed a Sorcerer outside the city?”

    “That is correct.” Ouyang Sen nodded. He was very respectful.

    As an Alchemist, he could look down on the Crown Prince, but he could not do the same to Ye Yuxuan, a Rank Five Spiritual Alchemist.

    “Alchemist Ouyang, will you allow me to handle the Sorcerer’s corpse? As you know, my daughter, Ye Jiuge, was bewitched by the Sorcerers and willfully slaughtered the innocent. In practicing Black Magic, she made a huge mistake. I have been searching for her, and this Sorcerer’s corpse may give me some clues.” With a dignified demeanor, Ye Yuxuan spoke with a devotion to righteousness that inspired reverence.

    However, in front of everyone, he had declared Ye Jiuge to be a Sorcerer and made her a scapegoat.

    Ouyang Sen was silent.

    However, Ye Yu and the rest were so mad that their livers hurt.

    Ye Jiuge almost exploded on the spot.

    Earlier, she had wanted to give Su Junqing two slaps. Now, she wanted badly to stab Ye Yuxuan with a knife.

    Her d*uchebag Father was beyond obnoxious.

    “Great Master Ye, you don’t have to watch what you eat, but you do have to watch what you say. You keep insisting that your daughter, Ye Jiuge, practices Black Magic. However, do you have any evidence of this?” asked Ye Jiuge, controlling her anger.

    “Hmph. Even at my age, I have never seen anyone so eager to proclaim that his daughter is a Sorcerer. Do you really treat Ye Jiuge like a daughter?” Bai Songling’s words were even sharper.

    Great Master Ye frowned. However, he did not turn agitated and angry, as he would have done in the past.

    To maintain his dignified demeanor, he said calmly, “It’s because Ye Jiuge is my daughter that I cannot overlook her repeating her mistakes.

    “In fact, when she returned from the Wanzhang Depths some time ago, I realized that something was already amiss with her.

    “However, out of my affection for her, I was not willing to investigate it. I did not think that she had such crazed cruelty in her to lay murderous hands on Spiritual Alchemists during the Pill Production Tournament. Her actions are intolerable.”

    As Ye Yuxuan spoke, he seemed devoured by pain and regret. He looked as though he could collapse at any time due to his emotional state.

    “Indeed. Because of my Eldest Sister, Father cannot sleep at all. Ignoring the danger posed by the Sorcerers, he has rushed to the Medicine Refinery City through the night. He hopes that he can find my Eldest Sister and persuade her to turn herself in to give everyone closure.”

    As she supported Ye Yuxuan with her arms, Ye Shanshan’s delicate expression was filled with sorrow.

    Witnessing the father-daughter pair’s acting, the commoners around them could not help but reprimand Ye Jiuge for going completely crazy and acting worse than dogs or pigs.

    Ye Jiuge clenched her fists.

    She thought: I will tolerate this! I must endure this! When the truth comes to light, Ye Yuxuan will regret his actions today.

    Ye Yuxuan was still unaware that Ye Jiuge, the eldest daughter whom he was thinking of, was standing in front of him.

    Seizing the opportunity once the crowd was agitated, he said to Ouyang Sen, “Alchemist Ouyang, we acknowledge your painstaking efforts. However, please empathize and leave the Sorcerer’s corpse to me!”

    “Yes. Alchemist Ouyang, Father and I wish to find Eldest Sister as soon as possible so that she will not make any more mistakes,” Ye Shanshan chimed in.


    Ouyang Sen was trapped in an impossible situation.

    As he was working with Ye Yu and the rest, he had already guessed that they were chasing down the Sorcerer to prove Ye Jiuge’s innocence.

    However, he found it challenging to decide what to do when Ye Jiuge’s own Father announced that he would deal with Ye Jiuge himself.

    “Alchemist Ouyang, you need not overthink this. I only wish to borrow the corpse to take a look. I will not snatch your meritorious service from you.” Having said so, Ye Yuxuan signaled with a look to Captain Pan.

    Captain Pan nodded knowingly. He led the other guards, and they stepped forward to snatch Jiang Shengjie’s corpse away from Bai Songling.

    As if a formidable enemy was confronting them, Bai Songling, Jun Yichen, Luo Tian, Ye Yu, and the rest moved closer to each other.

    They had not obtained Jiang Shengjie’s corpse easily, and they were not willing to give it to anyone.

    Just as Captain Pan was about to act, a bright and pleasant voice suddenly rang out: “Wait!”

    Captain Pan hesitated momentarily. Unfathomably, he felt that the voice was familiar.

    However, when he stared toward the source of the sound, he saw an ordinary-looking, skinny teenager.

    “Eldest, Eldest Sir!” Bai Songling shouted hurriedly.

    It was not yet time to reveal her identity!

    Ye Jiuge took a step forward. Standing in front of Ye Yuxuan and Ye Shanshan, she said viciously, “This blind father and daughter pair distorted the truth deliberately in front of me. I can’t tolerate it anymore.”

    She thought: If I can tolerate this, then I am a Ninja Turtle.

    “You? You are Eldest Sister?!” Ye Shanshan had finally realized that it was Ye Jiuge’s voice.

    “That’s right!” Ye Jiuge wiped her face with her hand and revealed her exquisite and attractive appearance.

    The crowd was in an uproar immediately. They had not expected that Ye Jiuge, a Sorcerer boss they were screaming to kill, would dare to appear in front of everyone.

    Furthermore, they had not expected the ruthless female monster to be such a delicate and exquisitely cute teenage girl.

    “Unfilial daughter, you dare to appear here?” Ye Yuxuan pointed at Ye Jiuge and reprimanded.

    “Why can’t I appear here?”

    Ye Jiuge sneered and said, “To prove my innocence, I have killed a Sorcerer with great difficulty.

    “However, refusing to distinguish between right and wrong, my dear Father has announced publicly in the capital that he has severed all ties between us. Now, he has even traveled a great distance to kill me. I really want to know what the Sorcerers have given you that you willingly push me away to be their scapegoat.”

    “What nonsense are you spouting? You were clearly the one who colluded with the Sorcerers. How dare you try to throw dirt at me?” Ye Yuxuan was indignant.

    “If I were to collude with the Sorcerers, why would I kill one of them?” Ye Jiuge asked incisively.

    “Hmph, who knows what dirty tricks you are playing again?” Ye Yuxuan’s expression had turned unpleasant.

    Ye Jiuge’s chest heaved, and she felt as though something was blocking her air passage.

    She closed her eyes and forcefully calmed herself down. Then, in a hoarse voice, she said to Ye Yuxuan, “Father, this is the last time I will address you as such. I know that you don’t like me, but I did not realize that you hated me so much.

    “Such a huge incident has taken place, and yet you have not given me any chance to explain myself. You immediately believed that I am a vicious murderer and even helped outsiders harm me. Will you only be satisfied after you have hounded me to death?”

    Ye Jiuge’s tears flowed quietly down her pale cheeks as she spoke hoarsely.

    Her speech was sharp, like a hedgehog rolling itself into a ball of quills. She refused to show any weakness or delicateness.

    However, precisely because of this, her tears were authentic and sorrowful. They broke the hearts of everyone watching.