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Chapter 184 - Fight with the D*uchebag Father (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 184: Fight with the D*uchebag Father (1)

    In the surrounding crowd, the women’s eyes—whether elderly, married, or very young—brimmed with tears.

    They could not help but think: If I were the one being scolded in the middle of the street by my father who believed that I was a murderer guilty of terrible crimes—and he had even helped outsiders chase me down—how would I be feeling?

    Tears began to stream down the cheeks of those with more delicate minds. They looked at Ye Jiuge with sympathy.

    “What a sin. How can there be such a callous father in this world?”

    “Indeed. This Ye Jiuge does not seem to be over twenty years old. How can she possibly be the Sorcerers’ leader?”

    “I agree. If she really were their leader, she wouldn’t dare appear in front of us so casually.”

    Naturally, differing opinions rang out.

    “You may know a person’s face but not his mind. Who says that someone young cannot be the Sorcerers’ leader?”

    “Even if this Ye Jiuge is really their leader, isn’t her father guilty of an even more terrible crime?”

    “That’s right. To feed without teaching is the father’s fault. The father must be just as bad if his daughter has become so twisted.”

    “No matter what, he struck her down with a single stroke without even giving her a chance to explain. What if he is mistaken?”

    In the crowd, everybody was talking spiritedly at once. No matter whether they thought that Ye Jiuge was the Sorcerers’ leader, they agreed that, if Ye Jiuge were really in the wrong, her Father was definitely worse.

    Hearing the tone of the discussions, Ye Yuxuan’s face changed.

    He had thought that by placing righteousness before family, he would be admired and praised by the crowd. He had not expected that they would declare him guilty based on the saying, “to feed without teaching is the father’s fault.”

    To make things worse, he could not refute their claims. The aggrievance was stifling.

    Hearing the spirited discussions in the crowd, the Crown Prince worried that something would happen if things were to drag on. Hurriedly, he yelled, “Come, put the Sorcerers’ leader, Ye Jiuge, in jail.”

    The soldiers behind him immediately surrounded Ye Jiuge to capture her.

    After Ye Jiuge had revealed her identity, Hu Lin had secretly snuck away.

    Xia Chenfeng did not wish to be involved in the conflict either, and he pulled Ouyang Sen with him to the side.

    Seizing the opportunity, Su Junqing crept noiselessly towards Bai Songling.

    Then, he suddenly reached out to grab the black sack.

    Bai Songling was already on the alert for sneak attacks, and countless green vines appeared on his body. They wrapped around the black sack tightly.

    Luo Tian, who was standing beside him, punched Su Junqing, and they began to tangle.

    It wasn’t suitable for Ye Yu to hide into the shadows. Together with Jun Yichen, they guarded Ye Jiuge to deal with the Crown Prince’s soldiers.

    Ye Yuxuan had already decided to get rid of Ye Jiuge, and he jumped right into the fight to deal with her personally.

    His cultivation was getting close to the Spiritual Master level, which was two levels higher than Ye Jiuge.

    His Wood and Fire Spiritual Powers combined and emerged as a green-red flame. A surging heat wave rushed at Ye Jiuge as he attacked.

    Ye Jiuge knew that her d*uchebag Father would not start his attack leniently.

    At once, she drew out the Lightning Snake Magical Whip from her waist and whipped it toward Ye Yuxuan.

    The violet lightning snake collided with the green-red flame. In the exchange, the violet lightning snake was slightly inferior.

    Although Ye Yuxuan had gained the upper hand, he was not happy at all. In fact, he was stunned.

    He had not expected his useless daughter to be so strong.

    She could even withstand his full-on attack.

    Ye Yuxuan’s gaze landed on the Lightning Snake Magical Whip in Ye Jiuge’s hands. He believed that this was because of the Advanced level Spiritual Weapon. Immediately, covetous thoughts appeared in his mind. He advanced and did not hold back anymore.

    At that moment, Bai Songling and the rest were fighting Su Junqing and his men. The scene was chaotic, and many bystanders who were standing close by had been injured.

    Bai Songling drew back until he reached Ye Jiuge then said, “Eldest Miss, we can’t carry on like this. Let’s retreat as soon as possible!”

    “Let’s go!” Ye Jiuge did not wish to fight Ye Yuxuan any longer.

    If she were to kill him, she would be guilty of patricide. Even if she proved that she was not a Sorcerer, in the future, her reputation would still be sullied.

    Just as Ye Jiuge and the rest were prepared to give up Jiang Shengjie’s corpse and take the opportunity to retreat, an authoritative presence enveloped them. It was accompanied by a loud, furious roar, “Who permitted you to fight in the Medicine Refinery City?”

    Then, a skinny figure appeared. It was Dongfang Yao, lord of the Medicine Refinery City and a Rank Six Alchemist.

    Dongfang Yao grabbed Ye Yuxuan, who was furiously attacking Ye Jiuge, and flung him some distance away.

    Seeing that things had gone wrong, Su Junqing immediately retreated to the Crown Prince’s side.

    “Imperial Uncle, you are finally here,” the Crown Prince hurriedly said. “Ye Jiuge has trespassed in the Medicine Refinery City, and we were about to arrest and bring her to trial. Please, capture her quickly.”

    Dongfang Yao turned and stared coldly at the Crown Prince. He said, “Who gave you the authority to capture anyone?”

    The Crown Prince was stunned. He was in an awkward position. Summoning up courage, he said, “Ye Jiuge is the leader of the Sorcerers, and anyone has the right to kill her. Isn’t it natural for me to capture her?”

    “Who told you that Ye Jiuge was the leader of the Sorcerers?” Dongfang Yao stared at him with wide eyes and asked.

    “Isn’t this something everyone knows?” the Crown Prince asked.

    “Everyone knows? Then why am I unaware?” Dongfang Yao’s expression darkened.

    Discontented, he said, “I seem to recall that there is no warrant for the arrest of Ye Jiuge posted on the Imperial News Board in the Medicine Refinery City!”

    “Imperial Uncle, you have been on a Spiritual Retreat. Naturally, you are unaware of this.” The Crown Prince was beginning to realize that things were going wrong.

    “Are you saying that I am old and foolish?” Dongfang Yao’s expression was extremely hostile.

    “I wouldn’t dare.” The Crown Prince hurriedly shook his head.

    He knew that his Imperial Uncle was partial toward Ye Jiuge, but he had not expected him to be this biased.

    He was prepared to take out the evidence, but Dongfang Yao had already impatiently said, “If you wouldn’t dare, then shut up.”

    “Imperial Uncle!” the Crown Prince cried out angrily.

    He could not understand why his Imperial Uncle was favoring Ye Jiuge. Why did he look down on him even though he was the one with the last name ‘Dongfang’?

    Dongfang Yao could not be bothered to care about his nephew, who was short-sighted, selfish, and full of evil ideas.

    He looked at Ye Jiuge and said, “I heard that you killed a Sorcerer.”

    “That’s right. This Sorcerer is an expert in disguise and he has flayed many people alive. He used the Tissue Regeneration Technique to merge his skin with his victims’ flesh, and this allowed him to trick the Spiritual Practitioners who participated in the Pill Production Tournament.” As Ye Jiuge spoke, she waved at Bai Songling.

    Bai Songling opened up the black sack and poured out Jiang Shengjie’s corpse and all the human skins.

    There was an immediate uproar from the surrounding bystanders.

    Although rumors that Sorcerers enjoyed flaying humans had caused mayhem in the streets, this was the first time that the commoners had seen it with their own eyes.

    Everyone was trembling with fear to see so many human hides.

    The Crown Prince felt his limbs go numb, and he involuntarily looked toward Su Junqing.

    Su Junqing was still somewhat calm. After all, Jiang Shengjie was a dead man, so he could provide any information he needed to about him.

    He took out a gray disk and placed it on Jiang Shengjie’s corpse. He looked like he was scrutinizing the body.

    The gray disk was a magical weapon that the Medicine Refinery City had developed to check for Black Magic. However, at the moment, it did not react at all.

    Su Junqing was secretly delighted. He said hurriedly to the Crown Prince, “Your Highness, there is no hint of Black Magic on this body. He is not a Sorcerer.”