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Chapter 470 - Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 2)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 470: Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 2)

    There were the final words between here and the system that flashed in her mind.

    She went back to three months before the previous host died.

    She seriously went over the memories this time, even if a person only appeared once, she would firmly remember them.

    She knew that she didn’t have any help from the system this time.

    The previous host was the number one secret agent of the Z Country’s shadow organization, responsible for large scale sniping and explosive operations.

    Her final mission before death was to kill the head of C Country, Du Jiu Sheng.

    However, she didn’t even see Du Jiu Sheng before she was killed by a scum man and a scum woman.

    One was her most trusted partner.

    The other was her most protected little sister.

    The plot was bloody and reality was cruel.

    Her most trusted partner is Zuo Yu Chen and her little sister is Luo Zi Jun.

    Zuo Yu Chen was the second best agent and the best partner of the previous host.

    There wasn’t a single failure for the tasks they completed together and they completed the task very perfectly each time.

    Deeply loved by mister X, this was something that the previous host’s little sister saw.

    She didn’t accept it, she felt that she should be a pair with Zuo Yu Chen. She had this idea that came from a large scale hunting operation.

    Luo Zi Jun wasn’t an agent back then, she had appeared in front of the enemy as a hostage.

    The previous host did everything to save her, but it couldn’t stop her little sister’s personality from changing.

    Just because Zuo Yu Chen took a bullet for her, that bullet changed her entire life.

    But what she didn’t know was that in this operation, the previous host had taken seven bullets and almost lost her life.

    She did everything she could to save her little sister, but what she received was a death plot.

    Luo Zi Jun insisted on joining the shadow agency even against her opposition and although her methods were good, she couldn’t stand with Zuo Yu Chen.

    As time passed, the jealousy in her heart became deeper.

    The previous host never thought that the little sister she pampered since she was young would actually plot to kill her for a man.

    All because she loved that man, she deeply loved him!

    As the number one agent, the previous host was very decisive and careful.

    If it wasn’t her little sister who had set the trap, she never would have been caught in that explosion.

    It was a death banquet where the previous host was ambushed by more than ten assassins. She used her incredible skills to perfectly escape from danger.

    But she never thought that her little sister Luo Zi Jun would use herself as a bait to lead her into a death trap.

    The previous host would never forget the final smile Luo Zi Jun looked at her with, it was like a dark flower that came from the bottom of her heart.

    And Zuo Yu Chen had participated in this plan because he couldn’t get what he loved and because he wanted to be the number one agent.

    Letting her die if he couldn’t receive her love, that was Zuo Yu Chen’s style.

    The two who had the same goal naturally came together, they wanted the previous host to die.

    Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath as she sorted through the relationships. There were many people who appeared in the previous host’s memories.

    But most of those memories were about Zuo Yu Chen and Luo Zi Jun.

    Damn, it can’t be that the male lead is Zuo Yu Chen, right! It seems like it’s not, the system wouldn’t give her this kind of scumbag male lead!

    But the system had said that this mission was very special, it didn’t say it was this special!

    Humph! But so what?

    Even if she failed the mission, even if she lost experience points, if she didn’t slap this kind of scum man and woman, it really was hard to get rid of the anger in her heart!