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Chapter 116 - Nothing’s Wrong, It Smells Grea

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 116: Nothing’s Wrong, It Smells Great

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    She was telling him to call her by her name.

    “Momo…?” His heartbeat increased inexplicably.

    It was only a form of address, and yet, it had wholly consumed his thoughts. His entire world had stopped for her and her alone.

    These two words were also his name, but why did they feel so heavy when he called her that? Earlier, he was unsure whether he would ever use these words that went through his mind numerous times but could never say them out aloud. However, when he did, could the words just flow out easily like this?

    “I am still not that satisfied, but… let’s make do with it.” People close to her called her that. But she had always felt he was special. The address should be more intimate, like how he addressed her in her previous life.

    However, his psychological illness was not healed yet, so she couldn’t force him. She could only make do and accept it.

    Yu Changmo gazed at her intensely, having no idea why she was saying that. However, he had a hunch that it might be… wasn’t that bad a thing.

    “Remember this, Black. It doesn’t matter if someone else calls me Goddess, but you cannot do that. I have to be a human, a woman. You are a man, and I don’t need you to look up to me. We should exist in equal importance to each other. Do you get what I am saying?”

    She stared straight at him. Although she had always been proud, she was willing to lower her ego for him. Because he was worth it.

    He gave her a lifetime of love and stood by her for two lifetimes. She was fully prepared to take this step.

    “I don’t want to be just your doctor. I think we should go a step further. I hope to hear you call me by my name the next time we see each other.”

    Yu Changmo stood at the same place as her lovely voice reverberated around his ears. The naughty rosy clouds had let the shy moon go, and the moonlight spilled on her.

    Their eyes locked upon each other. Those things that were always left unsaid slowly became clear at this moment.

    The surroundings were not romantic, but she was reluctant to go.

    “Help… me… Senior is… beating me! Senior is… bullying… me! Senior is beating me and bullying me…” Xuanyuan’s screams could be heard from the distance, as if he was put on a chopping board by Ma Jingtian.

    Even though the yells pierced through the night sky like a pig was getting killed in the middle of the night, Yu Changmo still felt everything that happened on tonight was too dreamy and magical.

    It was like a spring breeze just came through, and all he didn’t dare to dream about before had turned into reality.

    “Yu Changmo, you have to be confident of yourself. After all, I have the best taste. This bottle of yours… I’ll keep it. Very good, I am very… satisfied.”

    She shook the thermal bottle in her hands, her voice soft and gentle.

    Yu Changmo only reacted after a few seconds.

    This cup (Chinese word cup rhymes with lifetime) of his, this lifetime of his… she was keeping it.

    A cheerful firecracker popped and confetti was scattered all over in his heart. His wildest dream had become a reality. Yu Changmo was beyond ecstatic. He wanted to scream out loud as he stood on the hill under the starlit sky.

    However, he saw a few men slowly appear around him from the corner of his eyes…

    Qianmo was walking away from him, so naturally, she didn’t see the newcomers, who were dressed in camouflage uniform like Black, appearing out of nowhere, surrounding him in the center.

    Everyone was holding their personal thermal cup and shaking it at Yu Changmo.

    Yu Changmo raised his fist; these fellows hiding in the dark were such moodkillers. This world was really unfriendly to the singles. The mission was supposed to be serious and conscientious. But why were they subjected to the lovey-dovey exchanges that made them salivate?

    Qianmo had goosebumps all over her body. This type of affectionate confession was truly not her style. She still preferred to use actions to demonstrate her feelings. She liked this kind of refreshing man who was not mushy at all.

    Yu Changmo was still standing there when Qianmo was already gone.

    He would make this green plum juice every year, and he had done the same this year too. He hoped he could give it to her personally when he got a chance to get together with her.

    This year was the first time he had managed to give it to her.

    As it turned out, opportunity favored the prepared mind. He finally got what he wished for, even though it was only a small step.

    She didn’t express her thoughts directly. Anyway, he didn’t want to read too much into it, so his disappointment wouldn’t grow with expectation.

    However, she asked him to call her by her name, which implied their relationship had moved a step closer?

    Black smiled mysteriously and passionately. The single men almost couldn’t stand him.

    If the two leading authorities had witnessed this scene, their jaws would drop to the floor.

    It couldn’t be helped either. Although they could read minds through people’s characters, they couldn’t guess that… Qianmo was reincarnated. Yup, just like… they were.

    Qianmo walked out of the shadows of the forest and heard a commotion in front. She focused her eyes and saw Ma Jingtian dragging Potato Xuanyuan, who was walloped, out. There were two people standing at the side.

    They were Boss Lu’s team. The other two teams had retreated out of the forest and were waiting at the foot of the mountain.

    “How could a person disappear out of nowhere?” Boss Lu interrogated Ma Jingtian unabashedly. “Mr. Instructor, how did you lead the team? Where is my roommate?”

    Ma Jingtian was so scared that he started to sweat. He had only spared a little time to teach that recruit a lesson. How did he lose the school belle?

    “She was just here earlier…”

    This was absolutely horrifying.

    A person playing tricks wasn’t scary, but a living person who simply disappeared sure was.

    Potato Xuanyuan, who was thrashed, said sheepishly, “She was taken away by a Mandrill, I guess? Sigh, let me tell you the adventure I had when I followed my parents into the ancient tombs.”

    “Get lost!!!” everyone almost screamed in unison.

    This kid had such a carefree character. How did he even manage to enroll in the police academy?

    Ma Jingtian would get into big trouble if he lost Qianmo.

    Maybe because he wanted to pay back his senior for his physical punishment, Xuanyuan Xu rolled his eyes and began to stir trouble.

    “Sigh. Have you heard that story of the old lady with purple fingers before?”

    This kind of story that would suddenly startle the listeners was trendy recently.

    Ma Jingtian was already scared once by Qianmo on their way up, so he wasn’t going to fall for it again. Besides, he was unhappy about this playful junior. How could he even joke at such a worrying time? Then, he saw a slender hand slowly reach out behind Xuanyuan Xu. Along with it came a voice that had a green plum scent.

    “Have a look, what’s the color of my hand?”

    “Ah… Mommy!!!” Xuanyuan Xu jumped up one meter high, scared out of his wits.

    Although he had been to many tombs, he had never met such a situation before. He had wanted to tell a ghost story, yet in the end, he was the one who got spooked.

    Xuanyuan Xu wasn’t even this scared when he was beaten up. He jumped so high, it was as if he really was a ghost, and took a few steps back after he landed. Unfortunately, he sprained his foot accidentally, let out a scream, and then sat on the ground.

    The others were also spooked by that scene. However, they were relieved after they saw Qianmo, who was standing behind Xuanyuan Xu.

    “Qianmo, where did you go?” Boss Lu was happy to see that she was safe.

    Qianmo replied calmly, “I heard some noises over there earlier, so I went to take a look. It’s nothing, just a little black dog.”