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Chapter 109 - Let Me Become the Hostage

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 109: Let Me Become the Hostage

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    Jian Qi squatted down and opened her medical kit nervously. She scanned through the wound on the kidnapper.

    The bullet was shot into his belly, and they had helped to stop the bleeding.

    Jian Qi looked at the kidnapper beside her and said, “For his wound, we need to take out the bullet…”

    That man glanced at his leader.

    “Ask her to do it in under twenty minutes!”

    Jian Qi had always done it for herself when it came to taking out bullets and bandaging her wounds. This was because she was the only one there when she carried out her missions from before. As such, she had to rely on herself when she was injured.

    Therefore, she knew what to do when it came to bandaging one’s wounds.

    The others who were initially watching her closely were no longer suspicious of her identity anymore when they saw her proficient bandaging skills.

    The kidnapper beside her got up when he saw that she was doing her job obediently.

    “Boss, what about the hostages later?”

    “Tie them all up. Once we depart, this place will be grazed to the ground. The police officers outside would not be able to escape as well!”

    “How do we get out of the building?”

    The leader looked at Jian Qi who was bandaging the kidnapper’s wound. “Bring that doctor along since we need her to take care of him. We’ll not kill her until we reach the hospital! They won’t make any sudden movements as long as we have the doctor with us!”

    Jian Qi bandaged the wound calmly. She took out a bottle from the bottom of the kit and opened it before anyone could see what she was doing.

    She took out a micro camera from under the lid of the bottle secretly.

    Then, she glanced at the kidnapper who had fainted. After that, she stuck the micro camera in her hand onto a hanging ornament on the wall swiftly.

    She calmly finished bandaging the wound when she was done with her task.

    The command room outside of the building had now received the signal.

    Lightning grabbed the walkie-talkie and said to the others, “There are seven kidnappers in the room and one of them is hurt. Moreover, there are thirteen hostages and two of them are kids. Boss, what about your situation there?”

    “We’ve tackled everyone upstairs!” Tang Jinyu said. “We are reaching the second floor now… Crocodile, what about your end?”

    “We have full control of the CCTV room.” Crocodile said and scanned the monitoring screen.

    “Everyone get ready! Move out!”

    Tang Jinyu gave his order swiftly.

    The lights in the building went out all of a sudden.

    “What happened?” They heard a loud crash the moment he said those words. The glass window had been smashed into pieces and a few people deftly entered from the window.

    Jian Qi took a scalpel and killed the kidnapper beside her in a swift move under the dim light.

    Her action was smooth and sudden. She killed the man in one swift move.

    Then, she grabbed his gun and closed her eyes. She aimed the gun at the spot where she remembered from just now and fired her gun.

    The situation was under control in just ten seconds.

    The lights came back on again and everyone had been subdued.

    Jian Qi looked around her and frowned. “There’s one missing…”

    “How dare you trick us!” The leader’s eyes darkened and said while holding a kid as a hostage. He was aiming the gun at the kid’s head.

    “Let go of that kid! Let me be your hostage!” Jian Qi said.

    The others frowned when they heard what she said.

    Did she know what she was doing right now?

    At that moment, Jian Qi clearly felt that the man was stalling for time. He knew that he could not run away given that his leg was injured.

    He wanted to kill everybody there and then.