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Chapter 103 - I Am A Loyal Fan

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 103: I Am A Loyal Fan

    After sending the message on Weibo, Ning Meng went back to the “Is Boss Angry Today” WeChat Group.

    Ning Meng: [Someone owes me 10 million yuan.]

    She had a habit of typing one sentence at a time. Before she could finish typing the next sentence, the Group started to get noisy.

    Su Ye: [Do you need help, Missus?]

    Qi Shan: [Holy sh*t! Hey, stupid woman! If that’s the case, aren’t you about to get rich now?]

    Fei Bai: [Kill him?]


    Ning Meng quickly sent out the next sentence.

    Ning Meng: [But I don’t want them to know my name. So, would you all kindly gimme a bank account number? After the transfer is over, please transfer the money to my account.]

    Qi Shan: [Use my bank account! Use my bank account!]

    Su Ye: [Missus, I have sent you a private message. I’ll transfer the money for you.]

    Ignoring Qi Shan, Ning Meng swiftly opened Su Ye’s private message.

    After saying her thanks, she copied the bank account number and switched back to Weibo.

    Su Tiantian Studio had not given her any response yet, they seemed to be thinking about what to do next.

    Ning Meng was not in a hurry. She casually read all their chat history and took screen-shots.

    As she read the chat history, she found out that most of the money the “Original Ning Meng” had spent for Su Tiantian was all the studio’s idea.

    Here were the examples.

    Su Tiantian Studio: [Tiantian will be organizing an event at the stadium today. We are short on money to rally all the fans, moreover, Tiantian doesn’t want her fans to crowdfund for her, saying that she is more than happy to have fans who love her and doesn’t want them to spend money unnecessarily.]

    sourandsweet: [How much? I’ll pay.]

    Su Tiantian Studio: [500,000 yuan. Could you please pay first? We’ll return the money to you later.]

    sourandsweet: [Don’t sweat it.]

    There were numerous exchanges of communications like these.

    Ning Meng had, essentially, held strong leverages against Su Tiantian Studio in her Weibo account. She did not need to worry if they would not heed her demands.


    Tianxin Entertainment.

    After seeing these screenshots, Su Tiantian was so pissed that her head was spinning and she was hyperventilating.

    She knew about all these exchanges of communications—she had been the one who was handling the Su Tiantian Studio Weibo account back then.

    She had only just recently quit the company to start her own studio at the time, and she had no fame or money. Thus, after finding a filthy rich and foolish super fan, Su Tiantian had thought that she could take advantage of “him”.

    Now that she had acquired a substantial amount of wealth, she had practically forgotten about this part of history in her life.

    Her manager shook his head, “How could we borrow money from our fans? If this gets out, this will not only adversely affect the studio’s reputation, your reputation will also be ruined.”

    Su Tiantian put a hand in front of her face and said, “Fine. We’ll pay him back the money. If we do that, even if this gets out to the media, we still have the records of us paying back the money.”

    She then furiously clenched her teeth. “Then, we’ll begin to ignore this fan. Make sure to have the management stir up a drama around this guy, so that way, even if he leaves the fanbase, this will all appear to be his own issues.”

    The manager nodded in agreement.

    Thus, they carried out the repayment of the money.

    Su Tiantian Studio: [Now that we’ve paid you back the money, we suppose our relationship has come to an end. We are remorseful for your departure but please know that we are most grateful for your contribution as Tiantian’s fan.]

    sourandsweet: [Oh, no, I’m not leaving the fanbase. I am, after all, Tiantian’s most loyal fan.]

    Su Tiantian Studio: [??]

    sourandsweet: [I will always support Tiantian. Her face is quite terrifyingly good at scaring off evil spirits.]

    Su Tiantian was speechless after reading this.

    This felt so familiar… why?

    Thus, she took her manager’s account and sent a message to the fanbase management.

    [Due to some recent unfortunate events, sour might be leaving the fanbase. Do take note.]

    The management’s reply was quick: [No, that can’t be true! Sour recently bought a lot of posters and gifted them to the fans. He even kindly advised us to put them up on the front doors of our homes! He’s still the same generous person as ever!]


    Wait… putting her posters on the front door as an evil spirits repellent? Like a fulu 1?