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Chapter 104 - I’ll Marry Her If You Break Her Hear

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 104: I’ll Marry Her If You Break Her Heart

    Looking at the money that Su Ye had transferred over to her account, Ning Meng’s face was grinning like an id*ot.

    Opening the door in the garden, she let Little Tian Tian into the house. Then, as the two of them were playing in the living room, the butler delivered her meal to the door.

    As soon as he entered the house, the butler was shocked to see Little Tian Tian sitting in the middle of the living room.

    He took a few steps back and anxiously said, “Missus, may I ask you to lead Little Tian Tian away?”

    Ning Meng looked at him curiously, “Why? Little Tian Tian is quite cute. Don’t worry, it won’t bite.”


    Cute? Cute how?! Tibetan Mastiffs were known to be quite aggressive and fierce.

    He quietly and cautiously placed the food at the front door. “No, missus. Little Tian Tian is really fierce. It only allows Mr. Huo and Qi Shan to go near it for feeding. Please take extra caution when staying near the dog, Missus.”

    After finishing his words, the butler fled the house.


    Lowering her head, Ning Meng took a good look at the supposedly “really fierce” Tibetan Mastiff who was looking back at her with a pair of cute, sparkly eyes.

    Ning Meng was stunned.

    Qi Shan was afraid of Little Tian Tian.

    The butler was also afraid of Little Tian Tian.

    Yet, why was Little Tian Tian so quick to open up to her? In fact, it was quite obedient to her. Why?

    Did this have anything to do with the “Original Ning Meng”?

    Rubbing her lips, Ning Meng was not able to figure out the answer to that. Thus, she walked over to the front door and brought in the food.

    After having her meal, Ning Meng brought Little Tian Tian to the garden to feed it before heading upstairs to her computer.

    She had promised to play PUBG with that puppy boy. As his “sis”, she had to keep her promise.

    Ning Meng sent a WeChat message to Huo Beichen: [Wanna play a round of PUBG?]

    Huo Beichen quickly replied: [Sure.]

    Hence, she invited “God” and formed a Squad in the game once again.

    Ning Meng took a glance at Huo Beichen in the game and opened her mouth lovingly. “Hubby~~”


    In the presidential suite of a 5-star hotel.

    Having just finished his bath, Huo Beichen sat in front of his computer wearing a bathrobe.

    Drying his hair with a towel, his hand movements jerked to stop when he heard the girl’s sweet voice.


    Was she referring to him or to that little boy?

    Huo Beichen pulled a long face and remained silent.

    Then, they leaped into the game world.

    The girl sprinted to him with a smile. “Hubby~ a Med Kit for you~”

    Ah. She was calling out to him.

    So, the issue with the boy was settled, then?

    A smile started to spread over Huo Beichen’s face.

    He did not pick up the Med Kit. Instead, he dropped the SMG that he had looted earlier in front of her and ran away.


    The night, hence, went by pleasantly.

    11 pm.

    “God” suddenly said, “Sis, bro, I might not be able to play video games with you anymore.”

    Ning Meng asked anxiously, “What? Why?”

    “God” explained, “There was a call from an E-sports club. After giving it some thought, I’ve decided to begin a professional career in E-sports. Sis, could I ask you to take care of my aunt as a favor? I want to break the news to her only after I’ve gotten some substantial achievement.”

    “… okay.”

    As “God” was voice chatting with Ning Meng, a private message popped up on Huo Beichen’s in-game U.I. It was a message from “God”.

    “God”: [Bro, promise me you will never never never bully sis. If you break her heart, I’ll come and marry her.]

    Huo Beichen sneered at the message.

    At first, he wanted to ignore the kid.

    However, after pondering for quite some time, he sent a reply: [Don’t worry. I won’t give you that chance.]

    Moments later, everyone had logged out of the game.

    Huo Beichen sat on the sofa lazily when his phone suddenly rang.

    It was a call from Su Ye.

    “Boss, I’ve checked. Missus’ blood type is A. I can’t believe she thought she was an O-type. How could she get her own blood type wrong? How silly.”

    Hearing this, Huo Beichen was so shocked that he stood up suddenly from his seat, his phone slipping out from his shaking fingers and dropping onto the floor…