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Chapter 2

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 2: What’s The Date Today

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    “Su Cha, are you at home?”

    The rather strange yet familiar voice which resounded from a distance appeared as though it had traveled through space and time. Su Cha opened the bedroom door to notice a dashing, bright man carrying a bag of steamed meat dumplings.

    At first, he appeared to be frowning, looking displeased. However, once he lifted his head and laid his eyes on Su Cha who opened the bedroom door for him, he was taken aback by her appearance.

    The lady standing by the door was still as exquisite as she was before but in comparison to her usual pale and simple look, the lady in front of her was standing with a straight back posture. She was filled with an inexplicable appealing yet…intimidating aura from head to toe.

    Her tousled hair was slightly cascaded down, looking a little messy but was carried with a sense of beauty.

    Wearing a plain white cheongsam, she revealed her long legs and thin ankles, barefooted.

    An ordinary look yet it exuded a deadly tempting aura as such of an alluring woman, causing others to have the urge to hold her in the arms.

    His heart skipped a beat, thinking that he was not head over heels in love with her but at this moment in time, he could not stop himself from walking close to her, saying, “Why are you not wearing your shoes? The floor is so cold, beware of catching a cold…”

    “Di Yao?”

    Su Cha blurted out his name. He walked toward her, showing a smile on his face. “Yes? Why? Do you miss me already?”

    As he was uttering his words, he extended his arms, having the intention to hug Su Cha.

    Su Cha pushed him away immediately.

    Di Yao stood still in bewilderment.

    Su Cha turned around, her eyes revealed a hint of endurance. Her body was quivering, even her palms were shivering.

    It was all due to excitement.

    She never expected this to happen, like seriously!

    I am back in my first lifetime!

    A lifetime that left her deep regrets, and of course, hatred toward some individuals. She felt a strong desire to witness these people reap what they sowed!

    Su Cha experienced two lifetimes. During the first lifetime, she was merely an ordinary girl named Su Cha. Although she was born gorgeous, her life was a real tragedy. Di Yao who was standing right in front of her was one of the culprits of her misfortune.

    If it was not for them, Su Cha would not put in so much effort to reach the highest position in her second lifetime.

    After the death of Su Cha in her first lifetime, she was reborn as a princess in ancient times. During that time, the era lingered around martial arts and the royal court. She relied on her luck and cultivation of martial arts, not forgetting her great capabilities to climb up the ladder and became the supreme dowager empress.

    At such a young age, she had already become a dignified, highest-ranking woman in the world.

    However, in her countless dreams at midnight, she still could not let go of her past in the first lifetime that caused her a tragic death.

    She would avenge regardless of the consequences.

    The man who died in front of her was the root of her remorse.

    Due to this reason, she did not tie the knot with anyone in the olden days.

    Thanks to her good luck, the son she adopted became the emperor, and she ended up being the dowager empress.

    She remembered that she did not manage to live past the age of 30 in her second lifetime, how could she possibly return to her first life in a blink of an eye after awakening from a night of sleep?

    “Su Cha?”

    As Di Yao came to his senses, he directed his gaze at Su Cha’s back, exasperated due to embarrassment. “Why did you push me away?”

    This woman was never daring enough to raise her voice in front of me previously, and yet today she dared to push me away!

    Upon hearing the voice, Su Cha turned her face away indifferently. The cold expression carried a tinge of murderous intent. Di Yao was not aware of that, but the looks on Su Cha’s face had indeed frightened him at that moment.

    He unconsciously lowered the volume of his voice as he spoke, “Are you okay, Su Cha? I heard you were drunk last night. Have you had breakfast? Which part of your body feels uncomfortable?”

    “What’s the date today?”

    Su Cha did not respond to his question, but instead, posing a sudden question.