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Chapter 3

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 3: Hatred

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    “8th! Are you still asleep?”

    Di Yao furrowed his brow as he extended his hand to see if she had a fever.

    Su Cha took a step back, the murderous intent hidden in her eyes became less subtle as she asked, “What year is it?”

    Di Yao shuddered as he came into contact with her cold glance. He held his hand back as he subconsciously answered the question, “2017. It is on the 8th of May 2017. Have you lost your mind during your sleep? Can you not even remember what time it is?”

    Year 2017!

    Her pupils constricted.

    She could remember clearly, it was at this exact moment where her life was turned around completely.

    As it was the beginning of her first nightmare, hence, she could recall the events with clarity.

    She was supposed to participate in a girl group talent show scheduled to be broadcasted in the summer. Instead, she was deceived and they plied her with liquor. Intoxicated and bewildered, she made love with another man.

    Her other half at the time was Di Yao and instinctively, she thought that the man she made love to was Di Yao. In fact, when she asked him about the night and what had happened, he confirmed that it was indeed him for unknown reasons.

    Di Yao turned furious as he admitted the deed. He stopped Su Cha from going out. Consequently, Su Cha never made it to the talent show.

    It was her first step into a career in show business and it was taken away from her. Di Yao became a heartless man thereafter. Not only did he start an affair, but he also broke her legs with the woman he was having an affair with when Su Cha found out.

    She was crippled. Whenever the day was gloomy, an excruciating pain would take over her legs.

    Her friends went to the police for her. Yet, someone was protective of Di Yao though he was a nobody. She subsequently found out that the person who was protecting him was actually her childhood sweetheart, Lian Chi.

    Lian Chi and her were always on good terms. They had been playing together since they were young. He moved away without informing Su Cha during high school. His departure left Su Cha heartbroken for a long while.

    By the time Lian Chi showed up, he appeared as the third young master of the Lian family, the most elite in Hua Nation.

    The only thing Su Cha could remember the last time she saw him was the look of disappointment on his face. “Su Cha, you are filthy.”

    They were once childhood sweethearts, yet now it seemed like they were enemies.

    She was pissed off with the accusations of being filthy.

    Her encounter with Bo Muyi was nothing more than an accident. Furthermore, Di Yao was purposefully sent by Lian Chi to get close to Su Cha.

    How could Lian Chi be disappointed? She had no idea why this man did this to her, yet not knowing his intentions did not stop Su Cha from wanting to murder this man.

    Bo Muyi was a man who loved her more than he loved life itself. He died saving her later on.

    She could never forget the way Bo Mu died in front of her. For countless nights, dreams of the scene haunted her relentlessly. Her face was often as pale as a ghost whenever she sprang up from her nightmares, drenched in sweat.

    Across her several lifetimes, Bo Muyi was the only person she felt remorse for.

    She had thoughts of massacring these culprits who hurt her every time she thought of everything that had happened.

    She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, holding her urge to choke Di Yao to death.

    Her hands were already dirty since ancient times when she throned her son. It had to be done, powerless peasants were worthless at that period of time.

    However, she was glad that she came back to this very moment. It meant that what had happened last night with Bo Muyi was not a dream.

    As she was caught up in her thoughts, she felt unforeseen happiness. She wanted to make it up to him, she must do it, provided that he still loved her.

    If he stopped loving her, she would disappear from his life and let Bo Muyi spend the remaining of his life in peace.

    Since God allowed her to return, if she failed to let Lian Chi and Di Yao pay for what they had done, she would be letting herself down.