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Chapter 4

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 4: A Familiar Phone Number

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    “Su Cha?”

    Di Yao felt that something was off with Su Cha.

    It was at this moment that he realized Su Cha was acting differently ever since he stepped into the room.

    The girl who had always been compliant and submissive no longer had a timid look on her face. There was an indescribable intensity that arose from the way she spoke.

    Di Yao refused to acknowledge the tension. He felt like Su Cha was being insufferably arrogant.

    This is so strange. She went drinking last night, right? Why is she acting like she is possessed?

    Di Yao had a feeling that he could not just let her be and spoiled her.

    He raised his voice promptly, “Su Cha, I brought you breakfast as a good gesture and this is how you treat me? Whatever, it is none of my business.”

    Right after he finished his words, he turned around and acted as if he was leaving.

    Nothing happened even after five seconds. Di Yao felt his body stiffen up as his steps slowed down. Suddenly, a question broke the silence, “Were you the man who sent me home last night?”

    Di Yao chuckled to himself, this woman could no longer hold on to her pretentious act.

    The corner of his mouth curled up into a smile as he turned his head. Though the smile turned numb as soon as he gave the question some thoughts.

    She is saying that a man sent her home last night…

    He opened his eyes wide in surprise as he looked at Su Cha.

    No wonder he felt Su Cha had a distinct look. She clearly looked more charming than before. A hint of womanly charm could now be seen on her fine and innocent face. It was even more appealing than before.

    Noting the changes, Di Yao knew what had happened.

    At that moment, he felt like a stone was stuffed into his chest as if he had to gasp for air.

    But, he was definitely mad.

    His fists were clenched and his face was stiff as he tried to endure the pain.

    On the other hand, such a reaction would never be left unnoticed by Su Cha.

    The corners of her lips slightly curved into a smile. How could I not notice this in my previous life?


    For some unknown reason, he admitted to the deed.

    The smile that Di Yao was putting on was rigid and unnatural. His eyes looked as if they were going to release fire.

    Su Cha lowered her eyes as she curled strands of her hair with her finger. Naturally, the action was understood by Di Yao as a lovingly shy gesture.

    He had an impulse to hit someone but he could never lay a hand on the woman in front of him.

    Suddenly, Su Cha raised her head and looked at him as she said, “You may leave. I want to rest for a while.”

    Di Yao pulled a long face. He did not expect Su Cha to drive him away like this, “Su Cha, are you not feeling well, let me get you some medicine…”

    “I want you to leave!”

    The five words came out stern and cold. The moment was so intense, the intense left Di Yao feeling uncomfortably disheartened.

    He was inherently a master with pride and ego. He could never tolerate the way Su Cha fell out with him out of nowhere. He sneered as he left without looking back.

    He closed the door with force as he left. The slam left the walls shaking.

    Su Cha looked at her old bedroom. It consisted of nothing but a room, a living area, a bathroom and a simple kitchen. That was all.

    As she looked around, she felt more desperate than she was happy or excited.

    She came to her bed, where she saw a mobile phone lying on the nightstand. She hurriedly took it.

    It had been several decades since she had seen one of these things and she was clearly unpracticed. Fortunately, she was able to perform the basic operations.

    She unlocked the phone and clicked the contacts. No scrolling was needed as she saw a familiar combination of numbers on the first entry in the contacts.