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Chapter 5

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 5: Failing Miserably With Assets To Be Proud Of

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    It was familiar, but not really. After all, a few decades had passed and her memories were dim.

    Though she was certain that his number was always the first entry in her contacts.

    Bo Muyi must have called her before he came to fetch her last night.

    She could remember how she felt toward Bo Muyi. She was hardly appreciative of his efforts. In fact, the way Bo Muyi was always around had given her some slight creeps.

    She lost memory of how her feelings changed later on. All she knew was that Bo Muyi died because of her. She could never let him down again in this lifetime.

    Her hands trembled for a moment as she dialed the number.

    Over the years, Bo Muyi might be the only person who could make her feel this way.

    After being constrained for so many years, she was still unable to let bygones be bygones.



    The phone kept ringing. Her heart thumped every time the phone rang.

    Until…”Su Cha.”

    That deep and husky voice always felt so warm and cozy, like a blanket that wrapped around a person and touched that person’s heart.

    “Bo Muyi.”

    To her surprise, Su Cha felt her eyes welling up as she heard the familiar voice of Bo Muyi.

    After several decades, she could finally hear this voice again. He was alive, talking to her across the phone.

    In fact, they had an intimate encounter just last night.

    “Yes, I am here.”

    The man was going along with her as usual, “Su Cha, is there something wrong?” It seemed that he had not noticed anything unusual.

    If you listened close enough, the warmth hiding beneath the surface of his cool voice could be noticed.

    In that instant, her mood altered.

    Does he really think that I was so drunk to the point until I couldn’t remember anything?

    Of course, she failed to remember clearly in her very first lifetime. But, she was certain that she never regained consciousness during the night. By the time she did, she was back home and she saw Bo Muyi right away.

    She only realized that the person was Bo Muyi afterward. Once she knew about it, Bo Muyi was already dead.

    However, it was obvious that this man was trying to act as if nothing had ever happened.

    “Last night…”

    A deafening silence ensued as soon as she started her sentence, “It was you last night, right?”

    Silence filled the air like it was poison. For a moment, Su Cha even thought that no one was on the other side of the call.

    It took a long while before he heard a man replied with a calm voice that was clearly forced, “What do you mean by it was me?”

    “Stop acting, Bo Muyi.”

    Su Cha felt like letting out a laugh.

    She did but for some reason, her eyes were weepy. Her eyes gleamed as they welled up like a galaxy was confined within her eyes.

    “I saw it last night, it was you. Could it be that you want me to think that it was Di Yao? How would that benefit you, Bo Muyi?”

    She was completely baffled. He clearly loved her, so how could he not have the courage to acknowledge what he had done.


    She was cut off. It left her dumbfounded for a moment.

    That should be the first time, no, it was the first time ever Bo Muyi had hung up on her.

    Was she too hasty?

    She had just reborn to this lifetime. Regaining her composure was a difficult thing to manage in itself, how could she even spare the mood to throw curveballs with Bo Muyi?

    She decided not to make another call. She stood up and walked right to the mirror.

    The young lady in the mirror was beautiful. Her face was like the petals of a tender flower, charming and delicate. Her exquisite lips stood out with a full and glossy red tone.

    She was this attractive young lady at the very beginning. She had the finest assets, yet she still failed miserably.