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Chapter 6

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 6: Wild Ambition After A Rebirth

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    The girl in the mirror had a chilling expression. Beneath the expression was a thirst for blood, highlighted by her tightly clenched fists.

    Absolutely awesome!

    The lifetime filled with bitterness and regret, the lifetime that she could never move on from. And now, she was back!


    The phone that was just disconnected rang again. Su Cha turned around and glanced at the phone with a piercing cold gaze.

    Could it be Bo Muyi?

    Her expression softened at the thought of it. She walked to the phone and saw that it was a contact named ‘Sister Wu He’.

    Wu He?

    Su Cha had already forgotten most of the insignificant characters in this life. However, she was able to recall who Wu He was without much effort.

    Wu He was the only person she knew who had connections to the entertainment industry. They bumped into each other in a gift shop and became friends over some small talk.

    Wu He knew that Su Cha dreamed of a career in the entertainment industry. In fact, the opportunity to star in the girl group talent show was a recommendation of Wu He.

    She even signed Su Cha up for the show. The call was probably made to inform Su Cha about it.

    Wu He was kind to her. Though it was clear that she had a personal agenda, she was a big help to Su Cha when she got into trouble later on.

    Su Cha was a person who distinguished kindness and hatred clearly and she knew that Wu He was friendly to her.

    Su Cha regained her composure as she picked up the phone, “Sister Wu He.”

    “Mm-hmm?” Maybe it was because she was hurrying, Wu He did not recognize the subtle differences of the voice at the other end of the phone. She started saying hastily, “I finished arranging your registration for the show. You are contestant number 351, there will be a long wait before your turn comes. You should head over tomorrow to check and see when you are scheduled to go on the show. This is a good opportunity, Su Cha. Even if you don’t end up being the champion, squeezing into the top ten would land you a significant amount of screentime on television. You have a melodic voice, it is a major advantage that you have over the other contestants. Find a challenging song, practice it and get into the top ten. With that appearance of yours, it shouldn’t be hard.”

    The guidance given by Wu He was on point.

    Su Cha could sing and she had a pleasant voice. Her voice was of distinctive qualities, it was melodiously rich yet airy and spacious at the same time.

    It was by chance, the fact that Wu He knew that Su Cha could sing. She was surprised by the revelation. In fact, it was the main reason why she signed Su Cha up for the program.

    There was an issue though. Su Cha lacked self-confidence.

    It would not matter how advantageous a voice might be if its user was insecure.

    Not only that, Su Cha was never trained professionally.

    In addition to her advantages, Su Cha was also loveable. Yet, she still managed to come to nothing.

    Su Cha curled her lips as she pondered, “I know, Sister Wu He.”

    It was as if she had absolute control over the situation. She was dignified.

    Wu He was stunned, caught off-guard by the response she had just gotten.

    Caught up in her thoughts, she continued, “It’s good that you know. You should practice well. It’s easier if I send the address over to you on Wechat. You must remember! Go over and ask the staff about your schedule, then arrange your time, pick a few songs and practice them. If you need money just let me know. I have things to do, so I’ll hang up first.”

    She hung up as she finished her words.

    The entertainment industry…

    It had been a dream of Su Cha all this while. Though the dream seemed insignificant after her second lifetime, it was one of the better choices Su Cha could make now.

    She wanted to do more than just singing. After all the glorious moments that arose with power, what Su Cha wanted was far more than this.