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Chapter 7

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 7: Unbelievable

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    Her second lifetime brought upon many benefits.

    In addition to the taste of power, she learned ancient martial arts.

    In that era, fallen leaves or petals could be used as weapons. In fact, the martial art was one of the major reasons how Su Cha kept her foothold in the palace as a woman.

    Her understanding of martial art was of the elite level, even during that era.

    However, it was not without disadvantages. The martial art she practiced back then rendered her infertile forever.

    It was not a big deal for Su Cha in her past life. But, this lifetime was another case altogether.

    Anything that was even slightly non-science would be deemed superstition. It was especially true during modern times, in this twenty-first century.

    Fallen petals and leaves as weapons?

    Stop joking around, it would only exist in the movies.

    However, Su Cha had to give it a try.

    Even if she was unsuccessful, she could use the techniques to train her body. At least she would be able to defend herself in this modern society.

    She had some spare time to try it out, now that Di Yao was gone.

    She sat down, cross-legged as she gathered her breath. Sure enough, she could not sense the vitality of heaven and earth. The reasons were unclear, maybe it was the difference in time or something else.

    Su Cha then stood up as she prepared herself for some training. She planned to throw some punches after that.

    But the doorbell rang again.

    She opened her bedroom door and went to get the door. Through the peephole, she saw the silhouette of someone tall.

    It was a familiar figure. Her eyebrows twitched as she opened the door hurriedly.

    Outside the door was a man who was rather thin. He stood tall and straight.

    He was clad in a black shirt. Maybe it was because of the blazing May weather, sweat droplets could be seen running down from his pale neck to his exquisite collarbone. It was an enticing scene.

    Yet, with the way the man looked, a person could only focus his or her attention on the charming features of his face.

    The facial features of the man were unbelievably perfect as if it was a sculpture. It was a face that would make people scream out of magnificence.

    Combined with his graceful figure, he could very well be the masterpiece of God.

    Though at this point in time, he was a brooding presence. He looked at Su Cha with his deep-set dark eyes, it felt like an aura of emptiness struggled within him as he said the name, “Su Cha…”

    The woman was standing in front of him and it drove him crazy. He could barely hold himself together as he reminisced of what had happened last night.

    They were so close to each other. Her voice was so appealing, like the songs of a siren. He could not help but succumb to it, to the point where he was unaware of his surroundings.

    He was hollow. The emptiness was violent, it was a void that felt like it could only be filled by crushing the person into pieces and blending her into his flesh and blood.

    But he could not.

    He even lacked the courage to touch her with his hand.

    He just looked at Su Cha, exactly the way she was looking at him.

    That was until he saw the shine in her eyes. The glitter grew brighter as she smiled elegantly and said, “Bo Muyi.”

    Her sweet and clear voice. At the same time, he felt a breeze of fragrance throwing itself into him.

    His body was immobilized. He could not believe what had just happened.