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Chapter 8

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 8: I Ended My Relationship With Di Yao

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    Seeing Bo Muyi again, Su Cha doubted her previous insight by looking at his face alone.

    What was wrong with me? To give up on Bo Muyi and fall in love with Di Yao?

    Perhaps she was afraid of Bo Muyi from the beginning because he seemingly emerged from nowhere. He seemed to know all her preferences and was always by her side. Although he always devoted silently, his meticulous care made Su Cha feel intimidated.

    Sometimes, she could feel the aggressive madness in Bo Muyi’s gentle eyes which appeared like the symptoms of paranoia that scared her off.

    It was probably during that time, she decided to escape from Bo Muyi.

    But now that she knew this man truly loved her, regardless of what he really thought about, Su Cha would still find him adorable.

    Seeing this person at this moment, she felt the urge to rush into his arms instantly, smelling the familiar scent of him, like last night when they were so intimate.

    His body was stiff as a result of the embrace, but after a few seconds, he gradually softened down. He was a little not used to it but he slowly hugged her back.

    When she was fully wrapped by him in his arms, Su Cha felt an instant satisfaction.

    She had been living her entire previous life cautiously because taking one wrong step would prevent her from reaching the peak of her life.

    Once one was used to take precautions against others, it would be hard to slack off, not to mention to relax oneself completely.

    The embrace of this man made her feel as though she was protected by the whole world.


    The feeling of being hugged tighter bothered Su Cha when it seemed as though she was buried completely in his arms, gasping for air. Hence, she had no choice but to pat Bo Mu Yi twice. “Let go of me, you wrap me too hard…”


    Bo Muyi who appeared to come to his senses quickly released his arms. The usual domineering him lost his composure when facing the person in front of him.

    Once he let go of his arms, he was a distance apart from Su Cha. A moment later, his thin lips started to move, saying, “Su Cha, I’m sor…”

    “Why are you apologizing to me again? Is it because of what happened last night?”

    Su Cha tilted her head, staring at him with her bright, gleaming eyes. Such an enchanting and radiant side of Su Cha was Bo Muyi’s first encounter.

    As for the incident last night, recalling some scenes unexpectedly caused Bo Muyi’s handsome face to redden a little. As he was about to say something, he unintentionally caught sight of the steamed meat dumplings on the table.

    That was left behind by Di Yao when he stomped off furiously.

    Looking at the way Su Cha dressed up, it was impossible for her to purchase it on her own. Obviously, it went without saying to tell who actually bought it for her.

    Bo Muyi looked as though he thought of something all of a sudden, his eyes darkened, feeling an inexplicable tension in his heart. It was an awful feeling, one that caused him to be irritated up to a point of having murderous intent.

    The aura of darkness surrounded him became increasingly stronger.

    This was him, a person who might lose control of himself anytime when dealing with matters concerning Su Cha.

    Especially when he came to a realization that Su Cha did not belong to him. The sense of jealousy almost killed him.

    As he fixed his gaze on the table, a pair of slender hands swept past his face, causing him to alter his focus to a pair of serious eyes. “Bo Muyi, I ended my relationship with Di Yao this morning.”

    Bo Muyi’s pupils constricted, an overwhelming joy engulfed his initial grumpiness. Out of curiosity, he, who was not in the position to voice out his opinions, further prompted, “Seriously?”