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Chapter 9

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 9: An Awakening That Came Too Late

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    “Of course, it is true.”

    Su Cha nodded her head. Even if she did not say it now, she could make a phone call anyway.

    She could feel that there was something wrong with Bo Muyi.

    However, her words had comforted him obviously. He calmed down and stood obediently in front of Su Cha. He let his face be at the mercy of her hands as he looked down at her joyfully. “Su Cha…”

    Su Cha chuckled lightly. “Bo Muyi, you need to be responsible for what happened yesterday.”


    The news of her breakup with Di Yao filled Bo Muyi’s heart with indescribable joy. The following remark by Su Cha made him feel like he could even fly now, hence his answer was prompt.

    His black gem-like eyes bore into Su Cha as he said it seriously, “Su Cha, please don’t lie to me, I cannot bear with lies.”

    He vaguely felt that something must have happened to change Su Cha’s mind, but he did not care.

    He only knew that the Su Cha in front of him wanted him to be responsible for her, and she even took the initiative to hug him.

    He could give up anything, but he could not lose her since it was not easy for him to get her.

    He did not care about the reason behind her change, as long as Su Cha was willing to stay by his side, that was enough for him.

    Su Cha nodded her head and replied solemnly, “I am not lying. If I lied, my pants would be on fire.”

    Both of them laughed at her reply.

    They seemed to have excellent chemistry, none of them would bring up what happened in the past.

    However, Bo Muyi knew Su Cha well, yet Su Cha did not know much about Bo Muyi.

    At the very least, she had no idea about Bo Muyi’s job. She only remembered he mentioned that he was an intern at an international financial group.

    Bo Muyi was young, only 25 years old. However, he was a genius, he finished his doctoral degree in just a few years’ time and returned to his home country.

    Other than that, Su Cha knew nothing much about him.

    Thinking about this, she tugged at Bo Muyi’s sleeves, “Come here, Muyi.”

    The way she addressed him had changed so naturally and so quick, it made Bo Muyi very delighted. He looked at her gently, all he could see was her. He let himself be pulled by her into the bedroom.

    The bedroom was quite small, in contrast, his tall body seemed to be at its mercy. He looked around Su Cha’s room. Although he was contented that he was allowed in her bedroom, it was really too small in comparison to other bedrooms.

    Su Cha did not think that it was a big deal. She had asked Bo Muyi in because she wanted to tell him something.

    “Muyi, I will be joining the entertainment industry in the near future. Is this something you would agree with? ”

    She was not asking for his advice, but she wanted to know his thoughts on this.

    She used to be afraid of Bo Muyi because his obsessiveness was too obvious at times.

    His overwhelming control over her often made her feel out of breath. She often felt fearful yet helpless when she was facing him. That was why she barely met him. It was as if she wanted to get rid of him but somehow she could not.

    To be honest, she could not recall how she met Bo Muyi. It felt like he had popped out of nowhere and that was how they knew each other.

    She often thought that a man like Bo Muyi was so unreal as he should not have anything to do with her.

    Even Di Yao who had only seen Bo Muyi once had expressed animosity toward him.

    Bo Muyi’s existence was indeed an enemy to all men.

    He did not even need to do anything. Just by standing there, women would still chase after him.

    Unfortunately, he could not get to Su Cha’s heart in the previous life because, by the time Su Cha came to a realization, it was too late.