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Chapter 10

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 10: Congratulations Master, What A Match Made In Heaven!

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    As expected, when Bo Muyi heard that Su Cha wanted to join the entertainment industry, his chiseled facial features showed signs of struggle.

    He seemed unwilling, but he was also afraid that Su Cha might get mad. In the end, he could only mutter a faint ‘alright’.

    It was said so lowly that it could not be heard clearly.

    This tickled Su Cha.

    She used to be afraid of him because the oppressive aura from Bo Muyi was too strong, on top of that, he was very controlling of her.

    Now, she was no longer afraid. Furthermore, she had fallen in love with him. Her feelings toward him had totally changed.

    She was suddenly curious about what Bo Muyi was working on right now.

    However, she was not entirely clueless about it. She recalled that Lian Chi once told her with a complicated expression, “You are so lucky, you even got the heir to be interested in you.”

    It was likely that his comment was referring to Bo Muyi.

    Lian Chi’s background was already astonishing enough, yet he had spoken of Bo Muyi so highly.

    The heir.

    Now that she thought about it, she could even tell that there was a hint of jealousy from Lian Chi’s remark.

    Jealousy. A man that could even make the third master of Lian’s family envious. Su Cha seemed to have figured out something.

    However, she did not venture to ask. Even if she knew the identity of Bo Muyi now, it would not serve any purpose.

    The Su Cha in this lifetime was no longer the Su Cha that she used to be.

    She wanted to rely on her own capabilities to achieve a status that was as powerful as her past life.

    She wanted to be worthy enough to match with Bo Muyi fair and square.

    She squinted and smiled as she rubbed Bo Muyi’s ears gently. “I’ve taken part in a talent show that will broadcast in summer. I have to go to the audition tomorrow afternoon.”

    “Alright, I will send you there then.”

    He responded quickly as he had other appointments, so he needed to leave after this short conversation.

    Su Cha understood that he was a busy man so she walked him to the door downstairs.

    This man who was as handsome as Apollo stared at the girl as she went upstairs. A black Mercedes Benz drove out slowly from a corner, the window wound down and a man with a pair of sunglasses said respectfully, “Master, we may leave now.”

    Bo Muyi turned his head, his tender expression was long gone. He was emitting a cold mysterious aura.

    After he entered the car, he leaned back on the backseat with his legs crossed and his mouth was slightly curved. There was no tenderness in his eyes, but somehow there was a peculiar expression of satisfaction. He was like a lion who had just feasted and drank, although he remained fierce, he was nonchalant yet pleased.

    His posture was distinguished and elegant, like a noble descendant from another century. He looked exalted.

    The man in sunglasses watched Bo Muyi from the rearview mirror, he smiled and asked, “You seem to be in a good mood, Master. Did anything good happen at Miss Su’s?”

    At this moment, the man who was in a posture of contentment changed his gaze to stare at the man in sunglasses viciously like a ferocious ghost. He gave off a deadly aura as if he had thousands of blades ready to spill some blood.

    The man in sunglasses could feel a chill running down his spine.

    He could feel his throat tightened, it was even hard for him to swallow. Under such a gaze, he felt like his bones might even be dislocated.

    He almost thought that his master was ready to kill him.

    Just when this terrifying feeling was peaking, the man suddenly resumed his normal behavior with a slight icy air, he said, “She is now my girlfriend.”


    The man in sunglasses took a deep breath in his heart. As he reconciled what he heard, he thought it was beyond belief so his fingers trembled. However, he quickly realized that his attitude might get himself in trouble. As he was afraid that his master might get mad again, he quickly added, “Congratulations Master, what a match made in heaven!”