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Chapter 11

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 11: Let’s Break His Legs If He Does Not Return The Money

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    After Bo Muyi left, Su Cha had some time to do simple planning of what she wanted to do now.

    The first thing was to follow Wu He’s advice. To participate in that talent quest and to make sure that she was absolutely outstanding.

    After going through the hoops of her second lifetime, Su Cha could no longer tolerate failures.

    But now, there was something else that needed to be done. She needed to break up with Di Yao.

    She had told Bo Muyi that she had broken up with Di Yao. Now it was time to make it a reality.

    It was no longer the present Su Cha’s style to do things sloppily. She did not need to rush on her revenge toward Di Yao, instead, she wanted to torture him slowly. However, the break up had to be resolute. She could not bear having a person like him carrying the title of her boyfriend.

    Su Cha quickly found Di Yao’s name from her contacts and sent him a message.

    It had been a long time since she used modern communication technology. She had to tap the words letter by letter, her actions were slightly clumsy.

    [Di Yao, we are no longer together.]

    It was simple and straightforward.

    Then, she dragged his phone number into her contacts’ blocked list.

    After she has completed this, Su Cha squinted as she looked at the sky with cool eyes.

    The sun was shining bright, the sky was blue, everything looked great.

    Even the air made Su Cha feel wonderful.

    Everything had been really really awesome!

    Her lips curled up in a sneer as she sat on her bed once more.

    The break up was just the first step. The second step was to earn money.

    Su Cha remembered that her financial situation was not good. Sometimes she had to ‘lend’ money to Di Yao which caused her to live on a shoestring budget.

    Instead of lending, it was just an excuse for Di Yao to get money from her.

    At the time, she had fallen in love with Di Yao. She had thought nothing of her unscrupulous sacrifices.

    Su Cha did not think that she did anything wrong. When you liked someone, you would wholeheartedly do anything for that person. There was nothing wrong with it. She just hated that she had fallen for Di Yao so blindly.

    Now that she no longer liked him, that was not how it would work anymore. He had to return the money he borrowed!

    As she was reborn, she had probably returned with the blessing of memory. She remembered everything very clearly. In a few minutes time, she managed to add up all the money she lent to Di Yao.

    Su Cha was not that stingy, she did not include daily expenses such as meals and groceries.

    The total was 10578 yuan. Su Cha’s eyes squinted. If she excluded the small changes, the remaining 578 yuan could be used for his funeral funds. Rounding it up, Di Yao owed her exactly 10000 yuan!

    Unfortunately, there was no I.O.U for this sum. Only a few thousand yuan was lent through WeChat from Su Cha to Di Yao. He was extremely cautious, most of the time he asked for money directly by mouth. He probably wanted to avoid gossips or the possibility of Su Cha chasing his debts down with conversation records.

    He was not wrong to be cautious. Su Cha was really turning against him now.

    However, Su Cha never expected Di Yao to admit to his debts. Even if they had an I.O.U. it would not help matters much. But now, she had plenty of ways to make Di Yao pay his debts back.

    What if he does not return the money?

    Let’s break his legs!

    After experiencing a brutal world in her past lifetime, Su Cha had become cold-hearted. She was savage down to her bones.

    Did Di Yao not break her leg in her first lifetime?

    All her past pains, they had to be enjoyed by Di Yao and the others.

    If not, it would be a waste of her god-given chance to start again.