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Chapter 12

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 12: Su Cha, Why Did You Break Up With Di Yao?

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    After she had done calculating her debts, it was time to figure out a way to earn money.

    Su Cha’s family was not in good shape. Her parents divorced early due to incompatibility. After her mother remarried they were no longer in contact. She was not close to her mother.

    She had always been with her father. Her father had married her stepmother and had a son. The stepmother was never happy about a stepdaughter like her. After her father was transferred to work in a neighboring state, Su Cha who was studying in the local state could not follow him. Her stepmother took the chance to encourage her father to leave her behind.

    Although they did not take care of her, she still received an amount of 1000 yuan for monthly living expenses.

    1000 yuan was not considered as a generous amount. She had to use this amount for rental and utility bills. There were also other necessary expenses for a girl. Even if she did not use makeup, there were other things she had to consume.

    She lived with difficulties almost every month, as a result, she did not eat well, thus she looked malnourished and was very skinny.

    Other than going for classes, she would work part-time jobs on weekends to earn some extra living expenses.

    Due to this, her academic results were not good. The national college entrance examination was approaching but she did not look like a student who was ready for exams. If not for her kind class teacher, Su Cha would have been expelled long ago.

    On top of that, all her hard earnings went to Di Yao. He was a university student yet he relied on his high school girlfriend for financial support. If people around him knew about it, they would have reprimanded him severely, however, Di Yao acted justly and remained adamant about it.

    It was all because Su Cha was such a soft character. She was a pushover and could be controlled easily.

    Every single dumb thing that happened in the past made Su Cha sigh as she covered her forehead.

    Now that she had a chance to be reborn, she would not follow her previous methods if she wanted to earn money and improve her life.

    In this era, what could a girl who was about to take her national college entrance examination do in order to earn money?

    That was too easy!

    She had a pretty face!

    Of course, it did not mean that she was about to do something bad with her pretty face. Since she had made up her mind about the entertainment industry, then she had a very good choice right now.

    The internet.

    In a modern era of rapid development, all kinds of mobile applications were coming out one after the other. Celebrity or not, there was a chance of going viral overnight. Internet influencers could accumulate followers just with their pretty faces. Since Su Cha was going to enter the entertainment industry, she could prepare herself in that direction.

    However, she was not planning on earning fame solely by her looks. Her physical appearance was just an additional beneficial condition. If she could draw attention with other talents first and reveal her face after, she could gain a greater impact.

    Su Cha had yet to figure out what to do. She had learned a great deal in her past life in ancient times and this had become an advantage to her in this lifetime. However, there were many things she was exposed to but not adept at. She needed to find something she was capable of doing it well so that she could draw the attention of the people in this era.

    While she was thinking, her phone rang, interrupting her mind.

    As she was too focused, the ring startled her, making her oddly cranky. She took one look at her phone and the name ‘Sang Shishi’ appeared.

    All of a sudden, a cold look came over Su Cha’s eyes.

    Great, it was her first day being reborn yet her enemies were coming out one by one. It was as if they did not want to be forgotten.

    Sang Shishi was her best friend. Yet, she was also the one who dated Di Yao behind her in the past lifetime. They also broke her legs together later on.

    However, she did not remember receiving a call from Sang Shishi the day after her affair with Bo Muyi.

    Then, could it be the breakup text she sent out just now?

    As expected, once Su Cha picked up the call, a hurried high-pitched female voice sounded from the other side of the phone. “Su Cha, what’s wrong with you? Why did you suddenly break up with Di Yao?”