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Chapter 13

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 13: Who Sent Me Home While I Was Intoxicated Last Night?

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    Upon listening carefully, the voice was particularly soothing and feminine. Whining, it seemed to relax every tense muscle in the body, bringing comfort to any listener, but flustered and exasperated from anxiety as of now, it seemed to lack the original beauty laced within.

    Plopped down by her bedside with her lips curled up in a smile that did not reach the bottom of her eyes, Su Cha said in a tone cold enough to freeze a living person, “Shishi, it has only been a few minutes since I sent Di Yao a breakup message. Why are you the person calling me?”

    Coming from nowhere, in particular, this statement would easily send shivers down anyone’s spine. Sang Shishi was confident that she would be utterly terrified by the ferocity dancing in Su Cha’s eyes if she were to be standing right before her.

    Still, she could not see her through the phone and could sense that Su Cha’s voice was out of sorts. Though guilt clouded her conscience, she quickly found the reason, and she stammered as her tone began to fill with slight resentment, “S-Su Cha, what do you mean?”

    Speaking, Su Cha heard the distant, light tapping of a set of nearing footsteps over her cell phone. It was evident that someone was approaching Sang Shishi.

    The stiff smile on Su Cha’s lips remained frozen on her face, but the look in her eyes only grew increasingly indifferent.

    “Have you misunderstood Di Yao and me? Di Yao has, in fact, received your text and couldn’t believe his eyes. He is totally devastated, so he told me about it. I’m your best friend, and if I don’t advise you, who will? Su Cha, Di Yao treats you so well, why do you want to break up?”

    Over the weeping voice threatening to crack, the hurtfulness, in the beginning, was made barely audible.

    Su Cha heard someone whisper to Sang Shishi by her side, “Shishi, there is no need to talk to her. That woman is simply ungrateful. She doesn’t even want a man as outstanding as Di Yao. I bet she’s blind.”

    The voice was extremely soft, but it was probably due to Su Cha’s peaked sensitivity at the moment that she heard it as clear as day.

    It must be a friend of Sang Shishi’s, someone who knew Di Yao and her, someone who was a man…

    Su Cha narrowed her eyes. Before the sneer could leave her throat, she heard Sang Shishi pulling the phone away from her face as she said, “Don’t talk nonsense, Su Cha must have just been a little impulsive.”

    After saying that, she placed her phone near her ear again. “Hey, Su Cha, tell me, what has happened between you and Di Yao? Could it be that…”

    All of a sudden, the pitch of her voice hiked up an entire octave as she exclaimed, “Is it something to do with the man who has been around you a lot lately?”

    Su Cha was rendered speechless.

    Su Cha pursed her lips as she felt the air in the room cool and clump together, weighing down on her. If someone else was around, it would undoubtedly feel as though she had fallen deep into an icehouse.

    Sang Shishi had never actually seen Bo Muyi.

    Although Bo Muyi frequently appeared around Su Cha, he did not like to interact with the people around her. Su Cha had only told Sang Shishi that she had a man surrounding her out of fear, but Sang Shishi had, in fact, never seen Bo Muyi.

    If she had, it was unlikely that Sang Shishi had a mind to be fooling around with Di Yao.

    However, now that Sang Shishi had brought it up in the presence of a person who was not fond of Su Cha and held impure sinister intentions, it seemed like she was deliberately trying to defame Su Cha by letting others know that a man was courting Su Cha, making her dump Di Yao.

    In other words, implying that Su Cha was two-timing him.

    How could Su Cha not realize how vicious a person Sang Shishi truly was?

    Anyhow, she could not even see through Di Yao in the past, so it was totally reasonable for her not being able to read through Sang Shishi’s mind.

    Su Cha strongly felt remorseful for her past foolishness. At this moment, the corner of her lips hooked up into a playful smile, a hint of mischief laced in her tone as she began, “Shishi, I went to the bar last night. Who did you get to bring me home after I got drunk? Didn’t we go together?”