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Chapter 14

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 14: I Used To Struggle Trying To Survive Half An Episode

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    It was Sang Shishi who tricked Su Cha into going to the bar last night.

    At the moment, Su Cha remained oblivious to the specifics of her plan, but she came to a realization that she was up to no good when she found herself left alone in the bar, drunken.

    For some apparent reason, at some point in the previous night, enlightenment dawned on her and she managed to call Bo Muyi’s cell and had him pick her up.

    According to what she learned later, Sang Shishi was in fact following instructions given by Di Yao, and subsequently, Di Yao was under the command of Lian Chi…

    Thinking of Lian Chi…the murderous intent tumbling in Su Cha’s eyes gradually grew out of control.

    Su Cha had not at all expected her childhood sweetheart to grow up into a person of this sort.

    Having been titled the Third Young Master of the Lian family abruptly, he could have simply acted as if he never knew any commoners such as themselves. Why did he have to manipulate Di Yao into approaching her and even ruining her entire life?

    Did he consider her a stain in his life as the third master of the Lian family?

    Still, Lian Chi was nothing more than the man hiding behind Di Yao, and even Sang Shishi was unaware of this.

    Anyhow, one thing Su Cha knew for sure was that Di Yao would never have the guts to hurt her, at least not in the sense of deceiving her into bed.

    Since Lian Chi would never allow that.

    Which was why, up to the present, Di Yao had only managed to swindle money from Su Cha and had never dared to touch a single pore on her. However, this simply posed an opportunity for Bo Muyi to take advantage of the situation…

    Nevertheless, she felt absolutely lucky!

    The mere thought of being touched by people like Di Yao made Su Cha feel sick in the stomach.

    The one thing Su Cha could not figure out was the events of the previous night. Since Lian Chi had not permitted Di Yao to touch her, it was quite likely that it was Sang Shishi’s own idea to abandon her in the bar.

    Well, it did not matter anymore. She had to get even with the whole lot of them anyway.

    Sure enough, Sang Shishi turned a little flustered when she heard her statement, “Wh-what? Su Cha, I got drunk too. A friend sent me back, I don’t know what happened next…”

    Su Cha could immediately tell that there was something fishy in her tone. Her past self might not have been able to recognize it, but she could surely tell for now.

    Her brows crinkled, impatience sprawled across her face. She thought she was a fool before, but so was the present Sang Shishi, and she did not fancy the thought of wasting excessive time on such a fool. “Why did your friend send you back alone? Why didn’t they send me back as well?”

    “No…” Su Cha’s pressing aggressiveness left Sang Shishi stunned in place. She did not comprehend the direction in which the situation was progressing. Why did Su Cha turn her back on her so ruthlessly?

    Seeing the person standing next to her, Sang Shishi’s face lost its color. She suddenly began stamping her feet as she cried aloud, “Su Cha, you’ve crossed the line! It was you who stumbled off by yourself last night after getting drunk. I had no idea where you went! Why are you blaming me now? When I woke up this morning, I felt so worried and afraid that something could’ve happened to you. You insisted on going to the bar, and there was no way I could stop you! How could you blame me for getting yourself drunk!”

    After letting everything out in one breath, Sang Shishi then proceeded to hang up the phone, ridding Su Cha of the chance to continue questioning her.

    Uninformed people would undoubtedly believe Sang Shishi was severely wronged, being the clear victim.

    Having heard Sang Shishi place the blame on her, Su Cha snorted.

    “She just keeps sticking to the same old trick.”

    To be honest, Su Cha had had her fair share of Sang Shishi’s dirty tricks during her second lifetime in ancient times.

    Not to mention those that were many times more vicious. She had to learn the hard way that women in the palace would do anything they could think of for a position.

    If she were a character in a drama, Sang Shishi would barely even crawl out of the second episode alive.

    Of course, her past self would probably struggle, trying to survive even half an episode.

    Somewhat amused by the rare occurrence of her humor, Su Cha brushed a finger across the tip of her nose, and indifference started clouding her eyes again.