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Chapter 15

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 15: Tang Embroidery

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    The issues in relation to Sang Shishi could not stir Su Cha’s heart or spin her mind at all, but Su Cha would like to see how Di Yao could keep calm in this situation.

    It was impossible that he would agree to break up with Su Cha as he would not be able to explain himself in front of Lian Chi.

    He had been together with Sang Shishi right after he approached Su Cha.

    Sang Shishi looked pure and innocent like a white chrysanthemum in front of people, but she also knew how to have fun when it was time.

    She was weak and gentle in front of others, but she never had stage fright on many occasions. She was the goddess with a thousand faces in the eyes of all the men.

    Although she was not as pretty as Su Cha, she was more sociable.

    Back when Su Cha hung out with her, Su Cha would receive many compliments on her beauty at first. However, eventually, people would look at her with a sense of indifference in their eyes as time passed. Sometimes, they would even look at Su Cha in disgust.

    However, Su Cha never did anything.

    Now that she thought about it, it could clearly be seen who was the person meddling behind her.

    Just like what happened during the phone call before, Su Cha reckoned that Sang Shishi must have updated her black history to the others, saying that she cheated on Di Yao.

    Anyway, she did not care about it!

    She continued her meditation and began her boxing practice at the same time.

    Although she could not practice martial arts anymore, she could still strengthen her basic skills. She was a weak lady in this society anyway. There was no harm in learning some self-defense skills.

    While she was practicing boxing, she pondered about what she should do in the future.

    The sky was blue. The sunlight poured in from the window sill and shattered on Su Cha’s body, forming a long and slender shadow.

    She retracted her hands in a move and kept her back straight. She was bathed in sunlight, looking like a portrait that was plated with golden light.

    Su Cha gently let out a sigh of relief and opened her eyes that had been closed for a long time. She accidentally turned her sight to the wardrobe.

    There was a slight change in her expression when she walked to the wardrobe.

    She opened the simple wooden wardrobe, there were only a few clothes inside, most of which were T-shirts and jeans. She did not have any taste in fashion, so most of her clothes were simple and casual. Besides, T-shirts and jeans were cheap too, which were why they had always been her mainstream.

    Su Cha felt a prick in her hand when she touched these cheap fabrics.

    She had stayed in ancient times for a long time. All the silk and satin that she used were of the finest quality, thus it was difficult for her to remember how she lived her life previously.

    She took out the plain white T-shirt that was made of rough fabric and looked at the surface of it with a frown. It did not have any decorative pattern, it was just an ordinary white T-shirt.

    However, her eyes lit up very soon.

    She looked more energetic due to the change of her expression, as if her face was covered by a layer of shiny spring light, people could hardly take their eyes off her.

    Her beauty was beyond words.

    She knew how to embroider.

    She even knew about the Tang embroidery that had already extinct.

    Embroidery was common in Hua Nation. Those unremarkable garments would turn into gorgeous and beautiful costumes after being embroidered by those ingenious hands.

    The embroidery in Hua Nation was the best in the world.

    It was simply because of the development of the high technology industry that many traditional arts of embroidery had gradually become a lost art.

    Especially the Tang embroidery during the most prosperous period of the Yun Tang dynasty, it was the most common embroidery method that had become the representation of Yun Tang. Nonetheless, it had become a lost art.

    At least from what Su Cha could still remember, from the history book she read, she found out that Tang embroidery had become a lost art in the 21st century.

    While she was in the ancient times, she could not confirm whether it was really related to Yun Tang dynasty. The culture was very similar to that of Yun Tang and the only difference was the name of the dynasty. However, every woman in the dynasty must learn Tang embroidery, which was known as the top embroidery skill in the world.