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Chapter 16

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 16: Borrowing Money

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    Tang embroidery was basically an embroidery technique that represented Yun Tang. The embroidery technique was so famous that it had become the thing that best represented the dynasty. It was known as Tang embroidery.

    Even the most notable Cloud embroidery was slightly inferior to it.

    Many historians and folk artists had once lamented that the embroidery field in Hua Nation would definitely be able to strive for further development if Tang embroidery still existed today.

    Owing to the fact that Tang embroidery was one of the few embroidery techniques that could breathe life into the design.

    Many people could not master the technique as it took a lot of time to learn the skill due to the abstruse and complicated stitches. This was also the main reason why Tang embroidery became a lost art.

    Back then, Su Cha was not really used to it when she first traveled to the place. However, she was fortunate enough to have been born with good genes. Every girl at that place learned to sew Tang embroidery since they were children and so did she. The embroidery technique was engraved in her mind.

    Even if she was reborn, Su Cha was certain that she did not forget this embroidery technique.

    What if she makes this lost art of embroidery reappear?

    Su Cha’s eyes were beaming as she thought about this. She figured out what she wanted to do in an instant.

    First, she could become a designer, a blogger who specialized in custom-made clothes by using Tang embroidery. Her customized clothes would definitely become a great vogue.

    Of course, she was still at the idea stage. In the end, Su Cha had to try to embroider to see if she could still utilize the embroidery skill perfectly.

    Su Cha immediately suited the action to the word, she fished around in her bag but she could only find a few hundred dollars.

    This few hundred dollars straight away threw a wet blanket on Su Cha’s initial enthusiasm.

    Another reason that Tang embroidery became a lost art was that it had a high-quality standard for the fabrics used in embroidery. The most basic fabric that could be used must be high-quality cotton.

    The top-notch fabric was the already extinct Heavenly Cloud silk. Anyone who donned the outfits embroidered by such material would look like a goddess who had descended from the heavens; though obviously, this was highly depending on the appearance of the wearer as well.

    Su Cha pulled a long face as she thought about the two already non-existent things.

    It seemed like she had underestimated the situation.

    Anyway, she could absolutely buy the basic fabrics from the market, but the few hundred dollars that she had were definitely insufficient.

    Su Cha pursed her lips as she thought about the 10,000 dollars debt that Di Yao owed to her. In the back of her mind, she remembered that it was impossible for her to save money. Thus, she was left with this few hundred dollars only, which was the living expenses that Mr. Su gave her not long ago.

    No matter how she scrimped and saved, she still had two more weeks before next month.

    Borrow money from Bo Muyi?

    The thought flashed through her mind for a second but Su Cha discarded it very soon. She could not bring herself to borrow money from Bo Muyi as they just started a relationship. After much consideration, the only way available for her was to…

    “Su Cha?”

    Mr. Su was still in shock when he received a call from her.

    This was because Su Cha rarely called her father. Back then, she felt like a stranger to her father after knowing that he had a new family. Thus, she tried to contact him as little as possible and became even more dependent on Di Yao, which was why Di Yao was fully in control of her.

    Being a girl who had nobody to fall back on, who else could she rely on other than depending on her boyfriend?

    Su Cha was taken aback by her father’s voice. It sounded unfamiliar to her, as though a few decades had gone by. She took a long moment to find a sense of familiarity with her father, from this middle-aged man’s lethargic and shocked voice.


    To her surprise, she found it difficult and felt an inexplicable sadness when she called out her father.

    Trying her best to ignore the feeling of sadness, Su Cha said straightforwardly, “I want to borrow money from you. Give me two months to make money after the national college entrance exam and I’ll return the money to you. I’ll pay you back double, or even triple.”