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Chapter 17

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 17: Weakened Father-daughter Relationship

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    Mr. Su was stunned for a moment.

    He never expected that this was actually the reason Su Cha was calling him right now.

    Besides, she used to speak carefully with a sense of hope but she no longer did. He could feel a sense of indifference and alienation in her voice instead.

    Somehow, Mr. Su felt a jolt of inexplicable shame upon listening to her words. It seemed like it had been very long since he took the initiative to call his daughter.

    “Ah… Ah… How much do you need to borrow?”

    Perhaps it was because of the sense of guilt, Mr. Su never thought of discussing with his current wife before directly asking Su Cha the amount of money she wanted to borrow.

    However, he continued to ask curiously, “Why do you need to borrow money? Is it because you don’t have enough living expenses?”

    My little daughter is now in her senior year, but I don’t know how… how she is doing in her studies.

    He was speechless of himself after he realized that he did not know whether his daughter was doing well in her studies.

    “I need it for something else. Don’t worry, I don’t owe money to anyone and I’m not using it to do something bad. I just need it to learn something.”

    Mr. Su felt slightly awkward for a moment as Su Cha directly dispelled his further doubts. “I’m not…”

    In truth, he was really afraid that Su Cha needed to borrow money from him because she had done something bad outside.

    “You want to borrow… How much do you want?”

    Mr. Su was going to say about borrowing money at first, but on second thought, there was no need to talk about borrowing money as she was his daughter.

    Judging from his tone, Su Cha gave him a number, “5,000.”

    5,000 was equivalent to her cost of living for five months.

    As for Mr. Su, it was his half a month’s salary.

    Mr. Su had gained some achievements and his salary was quite high. He usually gave most of his salary to his wife. However, Su Cha knew that he must have secretly stashed away some money.

    Of course, if he were to tell his wife about this, Su Cha reckoned that it would be impossible for her to successfully borrow the money.

    Now that he was alone, there were still hopes for her.

    She did not really want to borrow from Mr. Su, but this man was her father after all and she was unable to borrow the money from anybody else. Besides, she would return the money.

    From the moment she put him in the position as a creditor, she knew very well that she had drawn a clear line between both of them. There was no need for them to communicate with each other if it was not necessary.


    Even Mr. Su was startled by this figure.

    5,000 dollars was a stupendous sum for a student nowadays.

    As for Mr. Su, perhaps he would not be too concerned with the money. Nonetheless, he slightly wrinkled his eyebrows at the thought that Su Cha needed such a huge amount of money. “What exactly are you going to do with it?”

    “As I said, to learn something. It will take two months at most, then I’ll pay you back double.”

    Mr. Su felt ashamed when he heard the word ‘double’. He then murmured, “I’m not asking you to pay me back. I’ll transfer the money to you.”

    Su Cha remained silent for a few seconds and said, “Thank you.”

    Her tone was so courteous and alienating that even Mr. Su could feel it.

    The image of her father had faded from her memory after decades. Even when she was in the royal family in her past life, she never had the experience of being cared for or being loved by her father. This was because the Old Emperor had too many children that she became unremarkable in the eyes of the Old Emperor, even if she was the Eldest Princess.

    Now, she did not yearn for such things at all.

    However, she realized that she still felt bitter toward Mr. Su after her rebirth, probably because the feeling of resentment still remained.

    She only had this father after all.

    As for her mother, she could basically treat her as a stranger.

    “I’m your father. Why are you saying thank you to me?”

    Somehow, Mr. Su was piqued by Su Cha’s words. Although his current wife was not close to this daughter and he had to take care of the feelings of his wife and son, this daughter was still his beloved treasure after all. However, their relationship had eventually weakened after so many years.