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Chapter 18

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 18: Purchasing White Cotton

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    Su Cha’s father, Su Mingzhe transferred the money to her very soon.

    There was nothing to worry about since he had Su Cha’s card and the money transfer system was so convenient nowadays.

    It was impossible that he would tell his wife about this as it was a huge amount of money.

    Su Cha had no intention to put him in a difficult situation. He just had to hide the matter from his current wife for two months. Two months later, she would be able to return 10,000 yuan to Su Mingzhe.

    She would surely act on what she said.

    After taking the money given by Su Mingzhe, Su Cha took a bath in a small bathroom and headed to the market after changing her clothes.

    She had to go to the niche market to buy fabrics.

    Su Cha lived in the city center, the transportation was very convenient around here because there was actually a school nearby.

    Yonggu Town was not a small town and the city was very prosperous. It basically had everything. There was a huge wholesale market nearby Su Cha’s house.

    Every kind of product could be found in the market. It was basically the favorite place for the hawkers and wholesalers.

    The goods were very popular among the buyers as they were of good quality and reasonable price.

    However, Su Cha had never been here before. Thus, she could only try to get a bargain by following her instincts.

    The market was situated next to a tall building. There was a huge underground market after walking through the underpass in the middle of the building.

    The place was teeming with shoppers because it was the weekend.

    It was full of different kinds of goods, such as household items, home appliances, and wholesale clothing that was most commonly found in a market. It had everything that one expected to find.

    A pretty girl who dressed casually like Su Cha was the retailers’ favorite. Normally they would greet a girl like her when she was passing by.

    However, Su Cha put on a poker face today. Although she dressed casually, she walked through the crowd with an extraordinary imposing manner. Even the passers-by around her would subconsciously avoid her and gave way to her. This seemed a little surprising.

    The retailers were muttering and whispering when they saw Su Cha, they did not greet her warmly as usual.

    Su Cha soon reached the fabric market after passing through the apparel market.

    The fabrics were mainly for the making of curtains. Sometimes, there were people who would buy the fabric and make the clothes themselves, but those people were of the minority. Nowadays, people would usually buy clothes directly.

    Su Cha stopped in front of an unattractive shop.

    With just a glance, she saw the white cotton that she could not find in other shops. The white cotton was placed in the most inner part of the shop. If it was not because of the special color of the cotton, she would have missed it even if she owned such sharp vision.

    White cotton was one of the most basic fabrics in China and it showed fine workmanship. The clothing which was made from genuine white cotton was normally sold in middle-high end stores.

    Su Cha had no idea of the market price of white cotton, but it should be higher than that of other fabrics.

    The owner of this shop was a woman in an old floral gown. She was wearing an orange cropped pants and a pair of sandals. Her skin was dark, and her hair was messy. She was crossing her legs inelegantly while smoking cigarettes.

    Most of the customers were unwilling to stop in front of her shop due to her image.

    When Su Cha stopped in front of the shop with her eyes fixed on the white cotton inside, the lady boss took a short look at Su Cha in surprise. She quickly puffed out the cigarette smoke and smiled. “Girl, you’re quite discerning. You could still see it even though I put it deep inside.”

    Su Cha went straight to the point while pointing directly at the white cotton. “How much does it cost for one meter?”

    This type of cotton was usually sold per meter, she even had to measure the width of the fabric by herself.

    The lady boss was slightly surprised. “Why is a little girl like you buying the white cotton?”